Saturday, May 2, 2015


Charles knew other people from his nursing home that complained about the effects of the Great Shift. Now that they were all in younger bodies, they were being kicked out of the home and expected to get jobs. Charles, however, was not complaining. How could he? He was young and full of energy again. Plus, this body was more fit and agile than he had ever been. Unlike many of his friends, he was eager to get back to work. It didn’t even matter to him that he was now a woman. The only people he felt bad for were those now stuck in the former bodies of his old friends. They were finding themselves in a home for the elderly long before their time. Of course, he never dwelt on this feeling too long. He was glad to be out of there and able to enjoy fresh air again.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Dreams (Part 2)

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Tony was attempting to calm himself down. He might not be able to get back asleep right now, but he’d have to sleep eventually. Perhaps he should just enjoy this opportunity until that happens. Of course, he realized that merely going back to sleep might not revert him to normal, but if it did, wouldn’t he feel a little silly if he didn’t take this chance to truly experience life as a woman? After all, few people (if any) ever get to live on both sides of the gender fence. It would seem a shame to waste his time...

Thursday, April 30, 2015


It wasn’t common for Tony to take a nap in the middle of the day, but some reason he had felt overwhelmingly tired. His dreams were strange. It felt like he was being tortured with his body being bent and pulled in odd ways by some unknown person. He awoke in a cold sweat, but something about his body still felt off. He looked down and gasped. His legs were now smooth and shapely. His entire body was completely feminine. More than that, his whole body was completely female! There must’ve been something about that dream. Maybe he could go back to sleep? He tried, but he certainly wasn’t tired. Plus, the fact that he was now a completely different person added anxiety that didn’t help him get into a sleepy mood.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Same on the Inside

“We’ve both been fully aware of our bodies since the Great Shift. You can stop staring at me. I’m still your old buddy, Marcus, on the inside.” Marcus explained to his friend Ted.

“Yeah, I know you’re in Connie’s body now. I’ve gotten used to that, but why did you have to dress so hot?”

“Like I said, I’m fully aware of my new body. I’m hoping to create a little distraction so that I can finally kick your ass at this game. You thought me being in a girl’s body was going to be a disadvantage? No way! I’ve got the edge now.”

Ted sighed, “Yep, you are definitely still the same on the inside, Bro.”

Monday, April 27, 2015


Sam didn’t know how or why he woke up in the body of a woman one day, but he made his way through the morning and afternoon as best he could. Then he got a phone call on his cell. A distorted voice on the other end told him to empty his bank account and bring the money to a disclosed location if he wanted to be in his own body again. Sam just shrugged and told the voice he didn’t mind this new body. Simply put, trying to extort him just wasn’t going to work. If anything, he was actually quite happy with this new body, maybe he could even drop a few bucks off as a thank you. The voice on the other end just seemed bewildered.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Roy had spent much of his free time over the past few months looking in magazines. It had all started one day when a version of himself from another dimension gave him a device that allowed him to swap lives with anyone. He had used it to switch with a fashion model from a magazine that his roommate, Sarah, owned. It was weird seeing his own body posing on the pages, but it was even weirder seeing the hot body in the mirror reflecting his actions. He figured it would be fun to spend the day like this and switch back at night. However, he hadn’t paid enough attention to which issue he used before returning it to his roommate’s collection. Finding the single page in all those magazines proved quite difficult. After three long months, he was overjoyed to finally find it. He couldn’t finally go back to being himself. But then he thought about it. Did he really want to? The last few months had actually been pretty good. People smiled at him on the street, he got a promotion at work, and he was actually happy. Why should he go back? Why had he tried so hard? He should embrace this body, embrace this wonderful life.