Saturday, June 20, 2015


George just needed a minute to think. None of the landmarks around him looked familiar. He was looking up at street signs and they were written in a language he didn’t understand. And his body -- well, it wasn’t even HIS body. It was the body of some woman. He tried to take a moment to assess, eventually selecting a spot to sit down by a fountain. Nothing in the woman’s purse was particularly helpful. It too was in a foreign language -- her ID, any information, even a small map he found. He took a deep breath as he put his hand on his head. Someone had to be able to explain what was going on to him. He couldn’t be the only one in a strange place and in a strange body, right?

Friday, June 19, 2015


Adam squatted down in order to look his girlfriend straight in the eyes. He sighed, awkwardly shifting on the high heeled shoes he now wore.

“You’ve really done it this time. First, you use that new body swapping invention of yours to put me inside of your body. Now you’ve somehow swapped yourself with our dog while he is running around in my body. You’re the only one who knows how to use the machine, yet you are unable to with those little paws of yours.” Adam sighed again, “This is a mess.”

His girlfriend barked as though to acknowledge her screw up. But maybe she was saying something else. Adam wondered if she had a plan, but then he realized she would never be able to communicate it to him as long as she was in the body of a dog!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Dr. Miguel Cuervo looked at a sample of his blood under the microscope. Something was definitely changing about it, but he was still having a lot of trouble figuring out exactly how. The fact that he was changing was obvious. Over the past hour, he had found himself transforming into a woman. He clothes fell off him and he had to steal some things that his colleagues had left behind just to find something that fit and cover up. He knew if he could pinpoint the cause, he could likely reverse it. He was just having so much trouble finding the cause. Then the thought dawned on him, what if his mind was also transforming? This shouldn’t be an difficult problem for him, was the transformation affecting his intellect? He had to admit that he felt a bit more bubbly, and he was even starting to forget things -- or maybe he was just remembering them differently. He still remembered being a man, but he was thinking now that his name was Michelle, which certainly didn’t seem like a man’s name.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


“Are you sure about this?” Jason asked as he shifted uncomfortably in the leather pants he wore.

“Absolutely,” Ethan replied, “You saw how these nerdy Asian chicks dressed before they stole our bodies. They probably had no idea how hot they could look. Once we show off to them like this, they’ll be begging us to use that strange machine of their to switch our bodies back.”

“I don’t know. They seemed pretty happy to be in our bodies.”

“That’s because we were cool, and they were nerds. Trust me, they just need to see us.”

But when Ethan and Jason finally saw Ming and Amber, they simply laughed.

Ming turned to Amber, “Thank God we never, ever will be expected to wear anything close to that ever again. I like being a guy, don’t you?”

Amber nodded.

Ethan’s jaw dropped.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Very, Very Difficult

Clint sighed. He had no idea how women wore such uncomfortable shoes! The ones he picked barely had any heel to them, but they were still pinching his feet to an extreme degree. He had only walked three blocks, but he was thinking about heading back home to change into some sneakers. He honestly was putting in good effort to adjust to being plopped into a woman’s body as a result of the Great Shift -- heck, he even wore a dress today for God’s sake! But life in general (or at least women’s shoes) were certainly conspiring against him to make adapting very, very difficult.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Let It Begin (Part 3)

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It didn’t take long for Mark to upgrade Lucy’s tomboyish style. Within a few hours, he had hit the mall and purchased an entirely new wardrobe. Just about every piece in it made him feel so feminine and beautiful. He knew Lucy’s body was a good purchase, with even greater potential. As he turned to admire his new body in a mirror, he was sure that it was absolutely perfect. He still couldn’t imagine why she would want to give up such a great body, but then again, he supposed every single person on the planet had their own unique preferences. There were probably many that couldn’t imagine he preferred being a woman to being a man. He shrugged; he was just glad he had found someone willing.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Let It Begin (Part 2)

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Based on what Lucy had told him before the swap, Mark knew exactly what to expect when he arrived at her home. Her wardrobe was mostly bland and tomboyish. He sighed as he put on a few outfits, not quite getting the thrill of a truly feminine experience that he had been hoping for. Of course, with plenty of his money set aside after paying Lucy to switch bodies with him, he knew he had a lot to be excited about. A smile started to form on his face as he thought about shopping for new clothes and trying them on in the store for the first time. Maybe he’d get his hair done too! It was going to be a great experience, he just needed to give it some time.