Friday, July 3, 2015


Just before his car accident, the only thing on Jim’s mind was the argument with his wife. He had been pressuring her to get a boob job, but she was offended by the mere suggestion and flat out refused. Jim was angry, so angry he didn’t see the stop sign resulting in a crash. He awoke in a strange room, but that wasn’t the worst part. He had awoken in what was clearly someone else’s body. He looked down to find that it was a woman’s body with rather enormous breasts. He was convinced he had died and that this was some sort of unique ironic hell after the argument he had with his wife. After a few hours of panic, he started to settle down. A different thought came over him. He realized he had exactly what he had desired right below him. He didn’t have to pressure his wife, and he could enjoy breasts any time he wanted now just by looking down. They were a bit larger and heavier than he expected, but he really wasn’t complaining. He started to think that this may not be hell at all; maybe this was heaven!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Free Vacation (Part 4)

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By the end of the week, Nick was sulking about checking out. He groaned as he went to the front desk, expecting to be swapped back to his own body instantly. However, the clerk just made a tsk sound and told Nick to wait. After about an hour, a manager came out and inform Nick about all the rules he had broken during his stay. As a result, the woman whose body he had was allowed a punishment or reward of her choosing. She had chosen to extend her stay, which would leave Nick trapped in her body longer. She hoped a little more time as someone would else would get Nick to appreciate it better. But Nick just shrugged. He was going to be stuck on a tropical paradise inside of a gorgeous body for a little while longer? It didn’t seem much of a punishment at all to him. He immediately put back on a bathing suit and went back to the beach.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Free Vacation (Part 3)

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“...And I swear no one told me to expect anything like this.” Nick concluded telling his Exchange Island experience to a woman on the beach that he had found particularly attractive.

“I still can’t believe you didn’t read the rules before coming. Just about everyone that comes here does so because of the body swapping. I’m actually a guy myself.” Sam confessed.

“So, Sam’s not short for Samantha?”


“So if we’re both guys in gorgeous women’s bodies, why don’t we go back to my room for” “You really haven’t read the rules, have you? If you keep talking like that, you’re going to get us both in some big trouble.”

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Free Vacation (Part 2)

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After a rather nervous check-in where the desk clerk answered many of his questions, Nick returned to the beach. He decided he could deal with this. It was, after all, only for a week. Sure, he was a woman, and he did feel rather exposed wearing a bikini, but at least he was a hot woman! Nick didn’t even want to think about how he would’ve reacted if he ended up in a body that was fat or old -- he saw a few around and he shuddered as the thoughts did cross his mind. Ultimately, he decided this would make for a pretty good week. The desk clerk had lectured him about rules, and had given him a pretty thick stack of papers to read. But he just sort of ignored them, threw them in his room, and signed on the line.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Free Vacation (Part 1)

Nick had been quite proud of himself for winning the sales competition at work and winning a free trip to Exchange Island. He hadn’t read any of the details about the resort, he was just excited to go on a free vacation. Before he checked into the hotel, he hit up the beach...and that’s when the swap happened. He felt odd, but the first thing he noticed was a man. A man who looked exactly like him, wearing the exact same trunks. Nick was confused. Then he looked down to see his own body, now wearing a bikini and very feminine. Nick screamed -- the odd high pitch of it just made Nick all the more terrified.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Unpredictable Results

Richard was excited as he turned on his machine for testing. It started to hum. Then he heard a knock on his door and he began to panic. With another person so close, the results of the test could be skewed. He reached over to plug it, but before he could, he was now suddenly outside. He looked down to see breasts in a green shirt and leather pants. He recognized the outfit; it belonged to his neighbor, Katherine. The proximity must have resulted in a body swap. He banged on the door. When no one answered, he used all his strength to break it down (not an easy task in Katherine’s smaller body). He saw his own body now laying unconscious on the floor. He reached out to his machine and unplugged the main power until. He sat down atop it, having no clue how he was going to fix this.