Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fenced Off

Malcolm didn’t know quite how to react when he rode his bike passed the lab and saw that the driveway had been fenced off. He had shown up a bit early for his appointment, but the place just looked downright abandoned. It was a very, very important appointment as well. He was scheduled to get his body back from the woman he had swapped with last month here. With little other choice, he waited. It finally started to get dark and he finally decided that no one was coming. There was no scientist to swap him back; no technician to operate he machine; not even the woman who now had his body. So many emotions ran through his head. He had felt great wearing the bikini on his bike ride; when he went out, it was a warm day and he thought it would be his last opportunity to feel so sexy. On his ride home, he felt stupid. The bikini felt so exposing on a body he was now stuck with for good and the cool night air made him feel so cold.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Earning It

As Emily looked nervously over at her husband, she was starting to have second thoughts about her plan. When she had the opportunity to apply for a new job, she jumped at it. But how to go on the interview without her current boss knowing? She scheduled the interview for first thing Monday morning, then after pulling an old medallion out from a box buried deep in the closet on the Sunday before, she asked her unemployed husband for a favor. She used the medallion to turn him into her exact double. He’d go to work for her while she went on the interview. She had expected him to put up a fight or object, but he seemed rather happy to help out. It had only been a few minutes after the transformation, but she couldn’t help but be weary. Then again, maybe she should leave him like this. After all, if she got the job, he could keep working at her old place for a bit, finally earning his keep.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to Get Ahead in Business

Justin had just started interning last week, and suddenly he found himself CEO of the company. Or, more accurately, he found himself inside the CEO’s body. It was all thanks to a strange device being tested to rejuvenate a person’s youth. Not that CEO Melissa Johnson needed it -- she looked great for her age -- but she still insisted on testing it in front of the entire company. Justin hadn’t been an intended target; he was just in the room at the time. Everyone pledged to keep the swap a secret. If anything leaked, it would be sure to spook many of the investors. As a result, Justin had to keep up appearances as Ms. Johnson, which meant a lot of public appearances. However, behind the scenes, he got to relax while she continued to make all of the important decisions. He hoped they were able to reverse this swap soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BodyCaching (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Another year passed and Ted hadn’t even thought about BodyCaching again. In fact, it wasn’t until he walked by a very familiar tree that he remembered his time swapping from body-to-body. He was even wearing the same outfit he had worn the day he found the Cache with this body. For a while, he thought about digging it up again, swapping again, and continuing the long journey again. Many people traced the data back to their original body. It was all very tempting, except he had really enjoyed this body. The past year of his life had been one of the best he could ever remember. He never wanted to give this up. That BodyCache could stay in the ground for a long time as long as he was concerned.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BodyCaching (Part 1)

Once a body swapping device had been created, all sorts of inventive activities soon began. BodyCaching quickly became quite popular. Using a GPS, BodyCachers would find a buried swapping device and soon switch bodies with the previous person who found the cache, leaving the code for their body for the next person. Ted had been enjoying BodyCaching for about a year now, never regretting giving up his original body. Most of the time, he usually swapped with other guys -- most other BodyCachers were male -- but upon digging up the latest device, he was quite surprised by the female body he ended up in. It wasn’t the first time he considered quitting the whole BodyCaching scene and keeping a body for good. However, the activity was quite addictive. The longest he had gone without swapping was about two months. He told himself he was going to keep this body for good, but in the back of his mind, he wondered how long it would be before he got sick of it and started on a new Cache.

Monday, August 10, 2015


When Bruce cast the spell to swap bodies with Anne, he didn’t expect the change to be immediate. He expected to have to fall asleep for the night first or something, not that he minded not having to wait. He took immediate pleasure at the gorgeous female body now before him. He tried to imagine what Anne must be thinking now in his body; he was sure she was freaking out. Then he saw a glowing light on the desk in front of him. Anne was calling her own cell. Bruce just ignored it; he was too preoccupied...

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Peter hadn’t exactly taken it seriously when he was told he was cursed by his ex-girlfriend, doomed to switch bodies with anyone he slept with. It wasn’t until he first one night stand after the relationship ended that he realized the curse was real. He woke up inside the body of the woman he had slept with the night before. He begged to sleep with her again, but she seemed far too happy to be in Peter’s body. Desperate, Peter hit up bars and clubs looking for people to swap with. He felt so uncomfortable flirting and hitting on guys, but they never seem to notice the disgusted look on his face. And then, after teasing the guys for a while, he could never seem to go through with bringing them to bed. The thought of sleeping with someone as a woman just seemed too weird to Peter. But until he did, he’d be stuck as a woman!