Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sprite (Part 2)

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With seeing no real option to immediate return to his own body, Adam decided to find something to cover this body. He had locked his door on the way out, so he couldn’t get back inside, but he started to feel quite natural being outside. In fact, simply by grabbing a few leaves from trees and draping them around himself, he was able to fashion a dress quite easily. Upon doing so, he noticed something on his back that he hadn’t seen before --- wings! Could he fly? He took off and landed soon after in a neighbor’s yard. A large bug following, falling right on to his back. He let out a shriek.

“Is everything alright?” The bug asked.

“Everything is...” Adam hesitated, “...Fine.” He was able to talk to bugs too? This was all so weird! But he was starting to think that with all of these new found abilities, maybe swapping bodies with a sprite was one of the best things that ever could have happened to him!

Friday, August 21, 2015


When Adam discovered a woman with barely any clothes sitting in his yard, he wasn’t happy. He yelled at her to leave, but she just smiled back at him, explained that she was a forest sprite and that she was magic. Adam thought she was playing some sort of joke and told her to get lost. Her mood quickly soured, and she decided to show off her magic to teach Adam a lesson. She did so by switching bodies with him. He was downright shocked. He looked down and felt very exposed; he seemed to be wearing little more than a few leaves to cover up the most private areas. Then he looked up to see his own body dancing around. He wasn’t even able to open his mouth before his own body mysteriously disappeared, leaving him clearly stuck in the body of this sprite. He certainly was no longer skeptical of her story, and no longer doubted her magic. However, his big concern now was now to get his body back!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Business Major

“So, now, let’s discuss this plan of yours again,” Professor Maxwell Sharp lectured to his student, “You came in here with a gun to my head, yelling and demanding I use the body switching spell that I told you all about in anthropology class earlier today. So now our souls have switched, Sarah, but do you see the problem? Of course you do. You had the gun in your hand, so once we swapped I now have the gun in my hand. I could, of course, in theory, point this gun right back at you, making sure you don’t run away as I recite the spell again. But then we would be in a perpetual standoff, wouldn’t we? Constantly swapping back and forth.

”You should actually consider this your lucky day. I’m not going to fight you on this, Sarah. You want my body? Good luck with it. Are you aware at how little a teacher makes at this school? Particularly an adjunct professor like myself? All you student complain about the cafeteria food and ramen noodles. Wait until you see how terrible the apartment I live in is...or rather, the apartment you now live in is. I don’t know why you thought this was a good idea; I really don’t. But now I have your life, a fresh start. It shouldn’t be hard for me to refocus your major, make sure I can do something with your life now. Teaching was a dead end, but that’s now your dead end. I’ve got a new life as you Sarah, and you no longer have the tool in your hand to force me out of it.

“Better get started on your next lesson plan. You have a lot of catching up to do. As for me, I am dropping your class and taking up a business major.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Messed Up

Trey had a hard time adjusting to his new body after the Great Shift swapped him with a woman. He had been a large guy before the Shift, and now he just felt so small and weak. He just couldn’t feel safe walking around his own neighborhood anymore. In fact, now when he did go out, he was sure to bring something in case someone tried to mess with him. It didn’t matter what. It could be a taser, a gun, or just a blunt object. Today he grabbed a bat. He still sat down and took a deep breath before heading outside. He hoped no one messed with him, but if they did, he was sure he’d mess them up!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Carter stumbled through the thick brush, investigating some smoke he saw from afar. He kept his distance when he saw three women surrounding a cauldron. He watched as they danced around it and chanted. He was so focused on them that he didn’t notice the changes happening to him at the same time. As the women became more and more feminine with each repetition of the chant, so too did Carter. By the time the women were done, they were bombshells. Carter was merely a woman, not nearly as beautiful as the others, but certainly feminine. And that’s when the women noticed Carter spying. Instead of getting upset, the women smiled at him, and one said, “It looks like we have a fourth.”

Monday, August 17, 2015


Henry’s wife had suggested he take the class. He wasn’t sure about it at first. He had been hesitant to even leave the house ever since the Great Shift, but he decided it might not be bad to meet people in the same situation as him. He had found himself in the body of a woman, and he had just felt so uncomfortable. The class aimed to help men deal with their new bodies. The first class was all about walking in high heels. But before they began, everyone had to strip down to their bra and panties. Henry felt so awkward doing so, but the instructor said the class was about feeling more comfortable in their bodies, and there was no better way to do this. Then the heels came out. But it wasn’t just walking they had to do. By the end of the class, everyone was forced to do some jogging in place, a little stretching, some yoga, and so much more. Henry was surprised at how quickly he adapted. He had tried heels at home to no avail, but being forced in this sort of situation was different, and he was now picking it up like a natural. He couldn’t wait for the next class!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hit the Showers

Jason hit the showers after a visit to the pool. A little bit of spilled soap, and he ended up falling and hitting his head of the shower wall. Waking up a little bit later, the water was still running over him, but he jerked back a little when he saw the other people in the shower. They were women in various states of undress. At first he wondered why so many women were in the men’s locker room. Then he realized that he wasn’t in the men’s locker room, he was in the women’s, and -- even stranger -- he was in a woman’s body! He tried his best not to panic. He just dried himself off and removed the swimsuit. He really had no way to tell which set of clothes just outside the shower actually belonged to this woman, but he took his best guess and told himself someone would yell at him if he was wrong. He questioned if he picked correctly. The bra felt too tight and the skirt felt way too short. Still, there was no one screaming that he had stolen their clothes. But who was he? He thought about waiting around to see if anyone recognized him, but he wondered if that might be even more awkward.