Saturday, August 29, 2015


Amber and Tim considered themselves pretty liberal people. In fact, their whole reason to visit Exchange Island was to swap bodies with people as different as possible. In fact, they were initially pleased with the bodies they ended up with upon landing on the island. Both of them ended up as African American women.

It only took about a day before Amber started to express just a little discomfort. “I know you're my husband,” She told him, “So for the week I suppose we are lesbian women of color, but I’m not feeling attracted to you. What if this body is straight!? I was already a straight woman before! That’s not that different!”

Tim took a bit of a pause. “I think I may be in the body of a straight woman too. I’m not sure I feel comfortable about how this body even reacts when I look at men.”

“Tim! How could you be so intolerant!”

“Hey! I’m still a man beneath all this! And this is a lot to wrap my head around!”

Friday, August 28, 2015

Physical Therapy

The invention of body swapping had some big implications in the medical world. Cliff had never dreamed of body swapping with anyone until he got into an accident at work and required physical therapy. Instead of going through the grueling ordeal himself, he simply swapped bodies with his physical therapist for a while. She knew exactly what to do to get his body back on track and she had the psychological training to get herself through it at a rapid pace. Cliff, meanwhile, was pretty amazed by the physical therapist’s body. He was able to do things he had never even dreamed of in his own body. He was wondering if what sort of condition he’d get his own body back in. Would it be passable? Just as it was before? Or maybe even better than ever? Of course, at this point, he wished he never had to go back to his own body at all. But he knew this swap was only temporary.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Date

It was a little weird for Lucy to be going out on a date with her own body, but maybe after the Great Shift nothing was weird anymore. She had a one-on-one swap with her friend Todd. They had never considered dating before, but now that they were each other, both of them thought it felt sort of right.

Lucy arrived right on time and Todd’s roommate answered the door, explaining that Todd was still getting ready. After about 15 minutes, Todd came down the stairs. Lucy was shocked.

“Do you dress like that all the time?” She asked. “Sometimes. I like the way it feels.” Todd said meekly.

“It’s just...I didn’t know my body could look like that. It’s this weird mix of slutty and hot.”

Todd felt a little awkward being called slutty. He hung his head.

“No, it’s okay.” Lucy quickly correctly, “I like it. It’s seem to be already so good at this whole being-a-woman thing, and it’s still a little weird that I am looking at myself.”

Todd perked up and the two went off on their date.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The bright light of the Great Shift hadn’t even subsided before Andrew noticed that he wasn’t in his own body anymore. He could clearly tell that he was a woman, but he never realized how one’s own eyes were at a really odd place for being able to identify oneself. It wasn’t until he looked in a mirror that he realized he was in the body of his neighbor, Lola. He had a big crush on her, but he could only manage to blurt out a few awkward words when speaking with her. As he looked at his new body in the mirror, he was finding himself at a loss for words once more. She was a vision of perfection to him, and now he was that vision!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reality (Part 3)

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It took several months, but Kyle had started to think of this virtual reality world as simply “reality.” Maybe he hadn’t even entered a virtual world at all. He had explored it so extensively, and there didn’t seem to be an end to it. He enjoyed his new body and his new life. He really liked modeling. But the thought about being stuck in a virtual world still nagged at him. He had thought about the time he visited the center where he had tested the helmet. They claimed they were glad to see him, telling him there was a weird accident at the time of his testing. That he hadn’t even entered a virtual world at all -- that he had swapped bodies with the woman for real. He didn’t believe it at the time. He realized there was no way for him to know if they were telling the truth or if that story was just part of the programming. It wasn’t something he thought about often any more, but from time to time, it had such interesting philosophical implications that he just couldn’t help it.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Reality (Part 2)

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The fashion show seemed to be over, but the virtual reality world continued. People started to head off to after parties or home, but Kyle still stood there. He wasn’t quite sure where to go. Maybe if he explored this world out to it’s edges, a program fail safe would initiate and kick him out, back to the real world and his own body. However, thus far, he had to admit the programming seemed quite extensive. After all, he had been waiting around for over an hour after the show, observing so much small detail enacted by each individual person. Every single thing he touched had a unique texture. The catering had distinct smells. He couldn’t imagine the number of lines of code that had gone into making this. It seemed almost unfathomable. For the next few hours, he wandered the streets, he took the subway out to the extreme reaches of the line. Every single thing was flawless, as reality as reality itself. He was starting to think that there was no way out.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Always eager to test out the latest tech, Kyle was quick to put on the virtual reality helmet. As soon as he did so, lights started to flash in his face. It was so strange -- he literally felt like he was in a different place. Even looking down, it actually felt like he was in a totally different body. As he was being rushed out, he soon discovered that in this virtual world, he was a fashion model walking down the runway. He was taken aback by how real it all felt. Not only could he feel the dress pushing in on his frame and the heels on his feet, he also felt the smoothness of his new body, the taste of lipstick on his lips, even the heat from the lights and the smell of perfume. Walking down the runway was so natural for him; he figured that was all in the program. He went down and back, and soon several pairs of hands changing him out of one dress, putting him into another, and sent him down again. Upon returning for a second time, the hands were at it again. But this time, they also reached for the helmet. He sighed, thinking this was the end of the whole thing. But he was surprised. Even once they took off the helmet, he was still backstage at the fashion show, and he still had the body of a model. But if the helmet was off, how was he ever going to escape this virtual world?