Saturday, September 5, 2015

Teaching Assistant (Part 2)

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As Jason stood in front of the class in Li’s body, he felt pretty nervous. Sure, he now knew enough to teach the class, but he lost much of his grasp on how to properly communicate that information in English. He began to sweat a little. As a guy, this was when he’d unbutton the top of his shirt and loosen his tie. Li didn’t have a tie on of course, so he just undid a button on her blouse. Suddenly, he noticed many of the students pay a little more attention. In particularly, the male students were now much more attentive. He soon developed a plan. He undid a few more buttons -- just enough to reveal a bit of cleavage. Then, instead of running through the lesson plan, he offered to go through any questions an individual may have. When a person asked, he got really close as he explained. When he approached the first questioner, Jason could hear the guy’s heart beat faster, particularly when he leaned over to look in the student’s book for reference. Jason knew he could probably get away with this for the rest of class, and he hoped he would then swap back with Li --He did glance over to see what seemed like an angry look on the face of his old body. Heck, it may have been unconventional, but he was pretty sure this method was actually way more successful than any attempt Li had made all semester.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Teaching Assistant (Part 1)

Professor McLahlan never showed up for his classes. He just skirted the responsibility, forcing one of his teaching assistants to teach the class for him. For Advanced Geometry, this meant Li would be teaching. She was good at math, but struggled with her English. Jason groaned as he sat through her lessons. He often wished Professor McLahlan would actually show up for once. Heck, he was sure that he could do a better job at teaching this class than Li was doing. Just as he had this thought, a strange thing happened. Suddenly, he found himself at the front of the class, looking at a notebook filled with things written in Japanese. It took him a moment to figure it all out, but he soon realized that he had swapped bodies with Li. He literally now was teaching the class. With the eyes of the other students on him, he froze up. He was a good student and knew some of this stuff, but he hadn’t been paying enough attention to where Li had been and her notes were of no help. He could tell the class was growing impatient with him. He glanced at the notes again, but this time, the Japanese characters actually made some sense to him. He breathed a sigh of relief, but as he spoke, he did so with a thick accent. He was having trouble forming his words. He realized that he now may have understood Japanese, but now he was struggling with his English!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Wishing for Different

Calvin was so so much in debt that he often went to bed in tears. One night he wished things were different. The next morning he discovered his wish had been more ways than one. Instead of being a poor, white guy, he awoke in the body of a rich, black woman. Then he heard a voice from the other room ask, “Honey, are you awake?” He gasped. He had been single before; was he married now? And judging from that voice, he was married to a man. He cringed at the thought of sharing a bed with another dude. He felt even weirder when he realized what could now happen to his new body in that bed -- what, in fact, had probably happened in the past to this body many times in that bed. He had wished for things to be different, but he certainly didn’t want things to be THIS different.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Chris held the remote gently in his hands. He was actually amazed that it worked. For his first test, he had swapped his own body with a woman he knew named Amanda. He had never actually built up the confidence to talk to her, but he knew who she was. Now he WAS her. But he wasn’t done testing the remote by any means. He developed a smile on his face as he pressed another button, causing his former body to gain 200 pounds -- swapping out twenty pounds each from ten different people around. He swapped his former body’s age with an elderly man. He was nearly breaking out laughing now, seeing his old body overweight and old. It wasn’t until he stepped outside the shop he had been in when he pressed the final button, which made everyone inside aware of the changes he had just made. Many were pleased to be down a little in weight; Amanda was horrified by her new body. All Chris could think of now was how to cause a bit of havoc with this remote elsewhere!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It was Kevin’s last day on Exchange Island. He had been having such a good time, but he was looking forward to swapping back to his own body again. As he walked on the beach for one last time in his borrowed body, he looked down the shore to see...himself. It had been the first time in two weeks he had even seen his own body. He tried to get a good look, but it was difficult with the sun shining in his eyes; plus, his body was quite a distance away. He watched as his body went off into the water for a swim. Then he noticed something was wrong. His body was going under. Kevin knew he was too far away to help, so he started to scream for someone to save his body. Except this turned out to be a distraction. Instead of anyone going out to help his body, they turned their attention to Kevin screaming his head off. He quickly realized his mistake and started pointing and keeping quiet, but it was too late. His body was gone. He had a good time in this body, but he didn’t want to be stuck in it! And it seemed like there was no way to go back now!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Water Aerobics

Jim had vacationed each summer on Exchange Island. It was usually pretty relaxing and being in someone else’s body was truly an escape from his troubles. This year was different. At almost the instant he swapped, his own body approached him with a set of rules. The woman whose body he was now in demanded that he keep her body in shape for the two weeks that they were swapped. This meant attending things like the resort’s water aerobics class, visiting the hotel gym, and keeping to a strict diet. Jim hadn’t expected anything like this. He asked the front desk if he had to do everything the woman demanded. Apparently, based on the contract he signed, he would. He groaned as he put on a bikini and went to the first water aerobics class. He just stood there confused for a while. However, by the end of class, he was really enjoying himself. Maybe he should stop thinking about these demands as a chore and start thinking about them as just another opportunity for new experiences!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Very Little to Do

As Hank got dressed for the day, he kept wondering why Nicole would ever give up this body. Of course, what he didn’t know was that she didn’t exactly give it up by choice. The body swapping store he had gone to had hypnotized Nicole, convincing her that she wanted to swap bodies with any interested customer, which just happened to be Hank. While he would continue to enjoy this body for the rest of her life, Nicole’s hypnosis would soon wear off, and she would be horrified to be in Hank’s body. Of course, by that time, there would be very little she could do about it.