Saturday, September 12, 2015

Subway Swap

Ivana looked on in horror as the subway doors shut in front of her face. This wasn’t her stop, she didn’t even remember getting out of the train, and why was her body still sitting there? The body she had now when she looked down wasn’t her own; it was older, overweight, and male. She couldn’t do anything to stop the train before it zoomed out of the station.

Bill, meanwhile, certainly didn’t have any objections to his new body. As he removed the ribbons from his shapely legs, he thought about the body he now had. He wondered if she was a dancer and where she lived. He realized he had absolutely no clue. Luckily, a purse lay next to him with some of the answers. The others he’d just have to wing. He thought briefly about his own body. He had just gotten out of the train when this unexpected swap took place. But he didn’t want to think about it too much. Mostly, he was happy to leave that old life and body behind and he hoped to never even give it another thought.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Shoe Selection

Vince didn’t think swapping bodies with Emily for a few days was going to be a big deal. Sure, they were stuck until that crazy mad scientist fixed his machine, but he was sure it would only be a few days and he could cope with being in her body. However, there were a few weird things he didn’t expect. When getting out of the shower, his hair was a mess. It took him a while before he got even reasonably manageable. Then there were Emily’s shoes. She had SO many. It took him forever to find something that wasn’t heeled or didn’t pinch his feet. Among the entire wall, he only found one pair of sneakers. He was trying to fathom what she even needed all these shoes for! She could probably wear a different pair each day and still not get through these all in a year. Of course, that was something he hoped he didn’t have to worry about. This should all be fixed in a few days, right?

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Sam wasn’t sure how he swapped bodies with his neighbor Carla, but he was hoping whatever happened would reverse itself somehow and do it soon. He just felt so uncomfortable. It wasn’t that he was in Carla’s body, he could deal with being a woman. It was her style that turned him off. He worked nights as a bar when he wasn’t touring with his punk band. Carla worked at an office in PR. It didn’t make sense for either of them to buy an entirely new wardrobe, so he had to just deal with the things she owned. They had each taken a few sick days when they first swapped, but today he actually had to head into her office. She picked out his outfit; he felt even more awkward than when he dug through her clothes himself. He didn’t like getting up early. He bought a big coffee to help him deal with that; as he walked from the coffee shop to the office, he could only get more nervous. She had given him a good rundown, but he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to do her job! He felt a little better thinking how Carla would have to go to his job later. She’d be mixing drinks and up late. He hoped she was having just as much trouble being him as he was being her!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Entry Level

Joseph was supposed to be excited; he was supposed to be preparing for his senior year of college next week. Instead, he was stuck in a crammed bus during rush hour, coming home from his sister’s entry level job. It was all thanks to a machine their dad had made, which swapped their bodies. Now he was stuck in the body of his sister, Mary, until their dad could fix the machine. Joseph had been quite miserable each day since the swap, but today had been particularly bad. He sat on the bus home; his sister was sure taking her sweet time to answer. He groaned when she told him that their father still hadn’t fixed the machine. Joseph snapped back that he had better do so before his classes started on Wednesday. Mary was a little more relaxed. She enjoyed the time off from work. All Joseph could do was give her a sour face as she tried to tell him to make the best of the swap.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Teaching Assistant (Part 5)

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After three months, Jason was finishing up the semester, still in Li’s body and still having yet to learn his lesson. He was close to obtaining Li’s degree, and he was adjusting to her life quite well. He had bought some clothes that felt less prudish, and he was really thinking he might want to stay in Li’s body forever. In fact, on the final day of the semester, she approached him about it. He was a little confused. Couldn’t she just undo it? Li explained that Jason had to be willing. His initial thought about how he could teach class better than she could was considered enough at the time they first swapped. Jason couldn’t help but laugh. Li wanted her body back, and he was going to do everything in his power now to prevent it. Of course, as long as he was content being in Li’s body that would be no problem.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Teaching Assistant (Part 4)

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Jason tried his best to make it through the night and into the next day with Li’s body. Getting dressed in he clothes the next day was an awkward experience. Almost everything she owned felt like she was prepping for a day at the stock market. It was all so frumpy. Still, he remembered the only way he was able to get the attention of the class yesterday and added fishnets to what would be an otherwise conservative outfit. He thought about how Li had yelled at him for that approach, but he figured as long as he kept the top buttoned up, he’d be okay. However, her warnings faded from his mind as he froze up while standing in front of the class. It was an odd feeling, but the only way Jason could get comfortable up there was to make sure he had the attention of the class, and the only way he could figure out how to get the attention of the class was to show a little skin. He began to think that Li was never going to give him his body back if he kept this up, but he was also starting to think that might not be the worst thing.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Teaching Assistant (Part 3)

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After class, Jason approached his own body. They stayed silent until everyone else left the room. “What the hell was that?” Li asked from inside Jason’s body.

“I know!” Jason replied, “How did we switch bodies?” Jason saw his own body nearly laugh. “Oh, THAT! I have a bit of magic in me. I heard your thoughts. I figured you could learn a bit of a lesson by seeing how hard it is to be me. It’s tough when you have no support from the professor and he’s supposed to be training you, but instead leaves you to it. So you thought you could better? And then you put on a practical strip show with my body!? We aren’t switching back until you learn how tough it is to be me.”

Jason looked at Li with a bit of a shock. She had done this? How is that even possible? Magic seemed absurd. Still, as she turned to walk away, he grabbed her, trying to look longingly.

“Please switch us back!” He pleaded.

“Not until you learn...”