Saturday, November 14, 2015

Award Show

Graham didn’t know why he watched so many award shows, he was just really into them for some reason. It was one night when he was watching one when he suddenly felt his body shift and he realized he was no longer on his couch watching, he was sitting in a chair at the arena where the ceremony was actually being help. On top of that, he was pretty close to the stage. He was gasping in awe until a long strand of black hair fell into his vision. He brushed it aside, but he knew having long hair was wrong. He didn’t have long hair. Then he looked down to see two very large breasts shown off in a very revealing gown. He was a woman! Soon he couldn’t stop looking down at his new body. He had stopped paying any attention to the ceremony whatsoever. He wanted to enjoy the rare opportunity of being at an actual award show live, but he was far too distracted by the even rarer opportunity of being inside the body of the opposite sex!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday Shopping

Alex was itching to figure out what his mom was going to surprise him with this Christmas. She always bought him some big gift not on his list, and it was always really impressive. He had always tried to figure out what it was in advance, but she was very good at keeping a secret. This year, he had a rather elaborate plan for finding out. Any time his mom said she was going out, he would go upstairs and log on to his computer. He loaded the odd program that he had found on the internet. After loading in a photo of one of his mom’s friends, he clicked on the “activate” button. In an instant, the program would turn his body into a spirit that would immediately fly across town to possess his mom’s friend. He was actually getting a little tired of hanging out with his mom -- getting coffee, going grocery shopping, and so on. However, today they were all going to the mall. He smiled, thinking this was the perfect opportunity for her to buy his gift. Of course, instead it seemed like a shopping trip for her. They bought women’s clothes and household items, nothing that seemed like a gift. Alex sighed as he tried to continue to pretend to enjoy himself.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Samuel had never asked to travel back in time; he never asked to end up in a woman’s body upon doing so. However, when he found himself stuck five years in the past in a woman’s body, he soon had a very good plan. He made a lot of very smart investments in the stock market and was son richer than he could ever dream. He had a huge apartment downtown with a grand piano and many other expensive things. He wore pricey, fashionable clothes. Sure, he was a woman, but he could deal with that.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Call for Help

“Hello? Hello?” Gus was sounding ever more desperate with each word, “If anyone can hear me, please help! I was transformed into a woman somehow. I don’t...I know it sounds crazy, but please help!”

What Gus didn’t realize was that his sister was morphing his body from her computer using a rather unique program. While she made him fully aware of all the physical changes to his body, he was completely oblivious to the mental changes she was also making. In essence, he had no idea he was using a toy phone to dial 9-1-1 instead of a real phone!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Randal couldn’t believe he could be so careless! He knew the words “Have a nice day” would swap him with a passenger leaving the cab -- just as it swapped him into the driver’s body a few days ago -- but his sense of courtesy just kicked in as the pregnant woman stepped out of the vehicle. He was shocked as the cab drove away; he asked himself if he had said what he thought he did. Of course, considering he was now standing on the side of the road instead of sitting in the driver’s seat, the answer was obvious. He didn’t want to be this woman! He didn’t want to be a woman at all! He certainly had no desire to be pregnant! He started to feel anxious. Then he felt a dripping down his leg. At first he thought he had peed himself, but he had seen enough movies to know -- his water had just broken!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Workers' Comp

When the Great Shift hit the factory, it only caused minor chaos, as most workers just swapped with another co-worker, who was equally capable of doing the job. Rick, however, swapped with the boss’s daughter, a fancy woman from the City who was on break from college. He wasn’t sure if her body was capable of any of the heavy lifting that his job required, and he was sure she wasn’t dressed for doing it either. However, as soon as the boss caught Rick working, he was called into the office. He didn’t want his daughter’s body working on the floor; it was just too dangerous. In fact, Rick realized if he played this right, he could get the ultimate worker’s compensation. The boss would pay to keep his daughter’s body safe and Rick wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Lewis couldn’t believe what he saw when he looked down -- leather pants, a pink jacket, and was that a purse in his hand? Were those high heels on his feet? How did this happen? Then there were a bunch of screams that he heard off in the far distance. He wondered that if he wasn’t the only person who had just experienced some sort of weird body swap. Of course, there was only one way to find out. He teetered on the heels as he walked to the neighbor’s house to ask if they also experienced something strange.