Saturday, November 28, 2015

Behind the Wheel

Herbert hadn’t been behind the wheel in years, ever since his eyes had gone bad. Of course, thanks to the Great Shift, his eyes weren’t bad anymore. In fact, his entire body was in perfect shape since he swapped bodies with that young woman. He was pretty excited about his second chance at life. There were so many things he hadn’t gotten to do the first time around that he knew he wasn’t going to waste his second chance at youth. And being able to drive again meant that he could get out in the world. Of course, despite his young, female body, there were still things about his that still screamed “old.” He was sure to wear clothes that covered his body. He often screamed at young people to get out of his way. And, of course, he really knew nothing about the “female” aspect of his new self...

Friday, November 27, 2015


Paul had casually bumped into the woman on the street while heading to work. He had probably bumped into hundreds of people in the past, and he had certainly never swapped bodies with any of the other ones! Once he realized what had happened, he was frozen in place. It was her who grabbed his hand and pulled him aside. He could see the fire in her eyes. She explained that she was a model, or at least trying to be a model. She was on her way to her first shoot; she wasn’t going to miss it. That meant they could discuss this weird body swapping later. For now, Paul had to get to her shoot. She gave him simple instructions: Do whatever they ask, no questions asked. A few hours later, Paul found himself wearing a bikini in front of an elaborate backdrop while a man took pictures of him. He felt naked and awkward, but did his best to relax. The photographer seemed to feed off Paul’s nervousness, which he supposed was a good thing. At least if he pulled this off, the woman he swapped with wouldn’t be angry at him for destroying her career. Then again, if they weren’t able to swap back, this was going to be his career.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Jack was pretty thankful when he found a cigarette inside the purse he was carrying. After the Great Shift swapped his body with a woman, he felt very stressed and needed one to calm down. If she had been a non-smoker, he would’ve felt terrible about doing this; then again, if she didn’t smoke, he had no idea where he’d be able to get a cigarette from right now anyway. After his smoke, he was a little calmer, or at least calm as one could be after finding themselves in a different body.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Earning It (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

When Emily was offered the job she had interviewed for, she was ecstatic. However, since her husband was still unemployed, she devised a clever strategy. Instead of quitting her old job, she simply changed him into her double again. She’d go to her new job and leave him to the old one. She knew he probably wouldn’t be able to keep it for long, but even a few extra weeks of a second paycheck would help the couple out. Of course, considering the schedule of work and the medallion’s time limit, her husband would stay as a copy of her as long as he kept the job. It was a little weird for her going to bed each night lying next to a duplicate of her own body. She did her best to smile as she wished him goodnight, still with a certain nagging feeling. Her husband could sense something wrong, but he couldn’t quite figure it out what she was worried about.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Science Behind It

Once he had figured out the science behind body swapping, Harrison was excited. He knew exactly who he wanted to swap with, and there was very little she could do stop him. He was sure anyone else would target some blond ditz or someone like that. Harrison wanted to swap with Maris. He was sure that there was a gorgeous beauty hidden behind her conservative dress and glasses. A mix of a few potions and downing the result, he was able to transform into a spirit and possess her. He gave the biggest smile once he did. He could change her style, dress sexier, and let this body live to its fullest potential. The possibilities were endless.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Body Swap Pills

“What’s wrong, Honey?” Harold asked what he thought was his wife after he saw her gasp.

“Nothing,” Reggie lied from inside his mom’s body. However, he was panicking. The small box of body swap pills was empty. Someone must have taken them. That meant he was stuck as his mother. He hadn’t even wanted to be her; he was just using her body so that he could avoid her finding out about a meeting a teacher requested with her. He just didn’t want to get into trouble. However, if he couldn’t find who stole his pills, there was going to big trouble, because he would be stuck like this!

Sunday, November 22, 2015


It didn’t take very long for Henry to notice that someone was staring at him while trying not to be noticed. He thought about not drawing any attention to it at first, but decide a more direct approach might be better. He turned to the very familiar figure hiding in the bushes.

“You can come up and talk to me, ” He said, “After all, this IS your body, and it will be your body again once our vacations on Exchange Island are over. I realize you probably want to keep tabs on me, but I promise you that I am not going to be doing anything weird with your body. An if you want, we can just stay close our entire time here. There’s no need to hide just to check up on me.”