Saturday, January 2, 2016


It seemed innocent enough when Michael was invited over by his neighbor. He actually thought it was quite refreshing. The old man had lived next door to him for five years, and he seemed secluded. He hadn’t seen him out once since the day he moved in. Upon entering the living room, Michael saw two odd chambers. One was closed, the other was empty. When his neighbor offered him a seat, he didn’t seem to have much choice. As he sat down, the chamber closed. There was a flash of light and smoke. It all cleared rather quickly. At first, Michael didn’t notice anything was wrong. It wasn’t until he asked what had happened when he noticed something off about his voice. It was higher pitched than normal. He looked over to the other chamber, which was now open, and he saw his own body sitting inside. Then he looked down. He recognized her; she lived on the other side of the old man. This guy must have invented some sort of body switching device, and without any friends to test it on, he used his two neighbors! This was freaky!

Friday, January 1, 2016

In Front

“Hey, Richard, could you maybe walk in front of us instead of behind us?” Mike asked as he turned around, “You’re kind of creeping Jerry and I out. When those two women came up to us, you were lucky; they didn’t swap bodies with you. They did swap with us, and now we’ve got to find them and force them to switch back. We appreciate your help, because we can’t move very fast thanks to these awkward shorts and difficult-to-walk-in heels. But it’s also kind of weird now that we are women; it just feels like you’re sort of glaring at us in a rather uncomfortable manner, especially our asses. Maybe we can split up and help us find the women who stole our bodies? Or maybe you can just buy us some more reasonable clothing?”

Thursday, December 31, 2015

After Class

No one in school knew why Miss Patel was so mean. Many thought it was because she was the youngest teacher and felt the need to prove herself to her colleagues. All the students wanted her fired, but none ever came up with a plan. None, that is, until Henry. Henry was, quite frankly, a genius. He always aced everything, but Miss Patel threatened to give him his first B. This wasn’t acceptable. He hadn’t tested out his latest odd invention yet, but figured Miss Patel would be the perfect test subject. Right at the end of class, he aimed it at her and shot. Miss Patel would’ve yelled about the distraction in her class, if she was still in control. But Henry’s invention allowed him to possess his teacher as his own body felt limp at his desk. There was a feeling of power he now had, and his original plan had been to ask to see his nerdy friend Kevin after class, he decided instead to ask a popular, unsuspecting student, Luke. As the other kids filtered out, Henry began to put the moves on Luke, thinking the indiscretion would get her fired. He hadn’t counted on Luke being into it, and soon the two started making out. As things got really out of hand and Henry found himself straddling Miss Patel’s desk, he wished he had asked Kevin as planned instead. He just got so carried away. Then as Luke began to caress his body, he realized why Miss Patel acted the way she does, she simply liked the power.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


As Rick was working out at the gym, his eyes kept focusing on a woman running on a treadmill. He watched her ass in tight leather shorts and was practically hypnotized by the way it moved. After staring for a good twenty minutes, a bright light engulfed everything and he lost his footing. He soon found himself falling on his ass, but it felt strange. It was like he was more cushioned. He started to lift himself up an the strange feelings continued. There was a weird brushing on his shoulders, which he soon discovered was long hair. There were dangling earrings and large breasts hanging from his chest. And then there was the ass. Then he realized, he was now the woman he had be staring at. They had swapped bodies; everyone in the gym had swapped bodies. In fact, everyone in the world had. It was the Great Shift, and his stare had a consequence. He would probably now be the one stared at by many men who would want to get into these tight leather shorts.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

All This

“I know you’re watching, Maria,” Tony said into the security camera, “When you swapped bodies with me, you thought I wouldn’t have the guts to get your body dressed and head out into the world. You thought you could control me. Well, I’m not afraid to be you, or to be seen in public as you. In fact, I’m actually enjoying my time as you. Once I leave here, you’ll never see me again. I’m taking your body. You wanted my body. Fine. But that means you lose all this!”

Monday, December 28, 2015

Work in Peace

Devin was wondering how he had gotten himself in this situation. He thought he had kept his body swapping secret, but a man knocked on his door one day inquiring about it. The man laughed, explaining he was rich and money could buy anything (even finding out secrets). He made an offer. He wanted Devin to use his machine to swap bodies with his daughter for a day. She was out of control, and he wanted a full report of her activities. Devin didn’t want to do it, but he could really use the cash. He brought the device to the man’s mansion, and aimed it at the daughter. The next thing Devin knew, he had swapped bodies with the twenty-something Asian woman and was about to head out on her date. The woman’s boyfriend was aggressive; he often moved before Devin even had a chance to say no. All he wanted to do was get through the night, report back to the man, and collect his money. Then he could continue working on his inventions in peace.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cycle (Part 3)

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Several hours later, and the woman in the cabbie’s body still hadn’t returned. Nathan was getting tired and bored. He was starting to think that leaving the taxi might just be the best option. Sure, it was possible that someone might steal it, but then if they used it to pick up a passenger, the cycle would end up just starting over again with that person, wouldn’t it? He hoped so, he didn’t want to just sit here anymore.