Saturday, January 9, 2016

Signed (Part 3)

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Aaron continued to look around Kayla’s apartment, and soon stumbled into her bedroom. A part of him felt strangely at home here, though it was much better decorated than his own place. As he explored further, he found her closet. Well, he quickly discovered that he would have no problem with certain parts of the contract. Pants didn’t seem to be an option in her wardrobe, nor were there any shoes that didn’t have heels. He passed by a full length mirror and admired Kayla’s body. It didn’t make any sense; why would she ever give this body up? Even if it was just for a little while; this body was perfection! And Aaron was so happy it was his, at least for the time being.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Signed (Part 2)

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Things were looking up when Aaron arrived at Kayla’s apartment. For starters, she lived in a pretty nice part of town, and her apartment fit along with that. Though he wondered why she had agreed to swap bodies with him for a week. It certainly wasn’t for the money; it didn’t look like she needed it one bit. The other thing he could do now that he was in her home was get out of this skirt or these heels, but for some reason he didn’t feel the need to do that quite yet. In fact, he wanted to walk around in them for at least a little bit longer. After all, if he was going to be in a woman’s body for a week, he should appreciate and enjoy all the various aspects of being a woman, no?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Signed (Part 1)

Aaron felt so stupid. He had been so excited about the prospect of swapping bodies with a woman, he didn’t read the contract until after the swap. While he was sure he was going to enjoy his time in Kayla’s body, some of the clauses were absolutely crazy. There was a whole section about what he could eat and another about what he could wear in public. Apparently, any shoes worn had to have a three inch heel or taller, only skirts and dresses were allowed (no pants). He wasn’t allowed to leave her apartment without makeup. And this thing went on and on. Further, it seemed the consequences by not abiding by any of these conditions were vague and left entirely up to Kayla’s discretion. He took a deep breath in. He hoped this week was going to be an amazing break, but it looked like it was going to be much more difficult than he imagined.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


After buying a new car, Will had wanted to donate his old car to charity for a tax credit. After dropping it off, as soon as he got home, he realized there must have been some sort of strange mix up. Instead of donating his car, somehow he ended up donating his body, and he found himself in the body of a woman instead. Of course, even donating one’s body didn’t usually mean swapping bodies with someone; usually it meant giving your organs to someone in need after your death. Will, quite frankly, was confused. How was any of this even possible?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Minimum Fare

Alex hailed a cab and jumped into the back, but taking one look at the driver and a curse slipped from his lips. He recognized the guy behind the wheel. It had been his body a few weeks ago, after a previous ride in this same cab had caused him to swap into it. He had driven various passengers around until Melissa got into the back of his cab. He used the magic of the taxi to steal her body without hesitation upon her exit. He had never expected to see that cab ever again, but here he was. However, thanks to his previous time in the magic taxi, he knew the rules. He looked at the meter and screamed, “Let me out! NOW!” The cabbie seemed surprised. Alex reached up to the front seat and grabbed his throat, “I SAID NOW!” Alex left the cab thankful the meter was still a few cents shy of the minimum required to swap. There was no way Alex was going to lose this body.

Monday, January 4, 2016


No, this isn’t possible. It had to be in here. Jay was sure he had put the medallion in here after he had accidentally used it and ended up switching bodies with Allison. Okay, he told himself it was possible that Allison took it out of here. Maybe she had it with her. He sure hoped so. He could do over a single day of high school, but he didn’t want to go through an entire senior year again, especially not in someone else’s body! He wanted an excuse to get out of class, so he could call her, so he could check to make sure she had it. But what if he called only to find out she didn’t have it? If she didn’t have it, they were both in trouble.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


The young woman stood in the corner of the arcade. For about a month, no one ever questioned her as she came in at opening, played, and stayed until closing time. She was good, too; barely ever putting in more than a few dollars into the machine each day. But one day, Mitch got curious. He’d never seen another pretty girl in the arcade, and he actualy sort of wondered if he had a chance with her. He was cautious as he approached.

“Excuse me,” He asked.

“Leave me alone; I’m so close,” She snapped back with a voice that shocked Mitch. It wasn’t a voice he expected. It was more masculine. In fact, he could’ve sworn it was a man’s voice.
Then he watched as she lost her last life, coming just shy of the high score.

“Damn it,” She said, “If I ever hope to get my body back, I need to get the high score. I was so close until you came and broke my concentration.”

Mitch just looked dumbfounded.

“The game’s magic,” She continued, “You get the high score, and you end up swapping bodies with the person who got the high score before you. I ended up with this woman’s body a month ago. I guess she had the high score before me, and she was happy with whatever body she got. If I can break my record, my body is still stored in here, and I can get it back. Now just leave me alone.”