Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 4)

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The night began to wind down and Tim reflected on how much he enjoyed being able to connect a little with his old life. It also felt pretty good to see the guys who used to pick on him now drool over him, and the girls who used to ignore him now be jealous of him. As he reapplied his lipstick for the third time that night, Randall spoke to him in the same awkward manner that he used when he had asked Tim to the prom in the first place.

“It’s good to know you aren’t dead, Tim, and I had a real good time tonight,” Randall was speaking as if he had rehearsed this, “I was wondering if you’d like to make this more official and be my girlfriend.”

Tim nearly choked. This evening just went from fun to awkward really fast. “I’m not sure that would be proper,” Tim knew that sounded really lame, but it was the first thing that came into his head, “I mean, I’m not even fully comfortable in this body yet. I’m not going to be dating anyone for a long time...even you. And this body is a college educated woman; to be dating a high schooler? It’ll arouse suspicion. You know my secret! People can’t find out.”

Randall smiled, “We’ve been hanging out all the time for a while now. As far as anyone watching us can tell, they probably already think we are dating. I haven’t seen a single one of those doctors you talk about come yell at you. And you’re right, I DO know your secret, and it would be a shame if anyone were to find out, because I can tell the world...”

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 3)

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Randall had broken the silence in the car by asking Tim to prom. Tim was taken aback at first. One, he was a 23 year old woman now, going to a prom seemed beneath him now. It also felt a bit like a date, and Tim was barely used to being a woman, let alone dating, even if it was his best friend! Then he looked in Randall’s eyes. He knew Randall wasn’t asking so he could score a date. He was asking because he didn’t have anyone else to go with. He didn’t have any friends besides Tim; he certainly wasn’t popular enough to have any sort of girlfriend. So Tim agreed.

Tim felt weird wearing the fancy pink dress, but it was even weirder going back to his old high school without being able to tell anyone who he really was (well, besides Randall, of course). Tim turned many heads that night, and no one could figure out why a hot, older woman would be going to prom with Randall. Tim began to worry if any of them would figure out who he really was. After all, Randall had only had one friend, and suddenly now after that friend dies, Randall has a mysterious woman on his arm. Then again, maybe the idea of a brain transplant was so out there that it actually seemed more plausible that a hot woman would be going to prom with a nerdy high school senior. Tim smiled; he knew his secret was safe.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 2)

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Randall was overjoyed to have his best friend back; though it was still pretty unbelievable that Tim’s mind was now inside the body of an Asian woman. There was a nagging thought about the fact Tim said the transplant needed to be kept a secret. Tim promised it wouldn’t meet a problem, and said that he would meet Randall after school tomorrow.

Randall was pretty shocked the next day when Tim came to pick him up driving a car.

“Dude,” a very impressed Randall asked, “You can drive? You own a car?”

“Of course,” Tim replied leaning on the wheel, “This chick is like 23, of course she owns a car and drives. I have to take this thing to work all the time. It’s not as much fun as you’d think once you get used to it.”



There was an awkward silence as the two drove off to get burgers. Randall had something to ask Tim, but he was working to build up the nerve...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant

Roughly based on this interactive story.

Randall had never been popular in school, and things had gotten even lonelier in the past few months since his best friend Tim died in a accident. He often tried not to think about it. As he walked home alone one day, a young woman approached him. Randall thought this was odd since no one ever even noticed him, particularly not women.

“Randall,” the woman in purple said, “I’ve got a secret to tell you.”

Randall was quite surprised the woman knew his name. She continued, “I know this is going to sound weird, but it’s me. It’s Tim.”

Randall’s face went white, “You’re messing with me. Tim’s dead.”

“I know. I was in a car accident. But the doctors were able to save my life my putting my brain in this body. The only condition was that I am not allowed to tell anyone. But keeping that secret, even from my parents, it’s killing me. I needed to tell at least one person. And the doctors will never know I told you; they just won’t. We can even hang out just like before. I am having trouble living this woman’s life. I just need a small piece of who I was before. Come on, let’s go play some video games.”

Randall wasn’t quite sure. Part of him still thought he was being messed with, but playing video games with a pretty girl still seemed like a good idea.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Kyle couldn’t believe how often his girlfriend, April, complained about being cold. Even when it was perfectly comfortable, she asked if they could turn up the heat. He would roll his eyes before reluctantly relenting. But the tables turned after the Great Shift swapped the bodies of everyone on the planet, and Kyle and April found themselves in the body of the other. At first, Kyle told himself that he wasn’t going to ever complain about being cold. April, on the other hand, began to crank the air conditioner way up. Without saying a word, Kyle went into the closet to pull out one of April’s coats. He felt sill wearing the thing in the middle of summer, but that AC was so frigid. However, even with the coat, he could feel his nipples getting uncomfortable. He tried to bury himself deeper and deeper in the coat, but eventually decided to ask to turn it off. A smug look came across April’s face as she turned it off.

Monday, February 1, 2016


The Great Shift had turned out okay for Jack; he ended up in the body of a super model. Her agent had practically demanded that Jack keep up with her career. That meant a new, glamorous lifestyle, which mostly wasn’t bad. There was only one aspect he didn’t enjoy. If he wanted to keep a super model body and a super model lifestyle, he needed a super model diet. Instead of the large portion of fried fast food he had been used to eating in his own body, he was now eating small bits of fish and steamed vegetables. He supposed it was a reasonable sacrifice in order to be able to live this life, but he still often craved being able to stuff this gorgeous face full of a greasy pizza or a fatty burger.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

First Day Back

Going back to school was going to be weird. It had been a few weeks since the Great Shift had swapped the bodies of everyone in the world, and Jeremy had only heard rumors about the bodies many of his friends were now in. Of course, Jeremy was in a rather unique situation himself; he swapped with a university student at the nearby college. He wondered if he was going to be older than most of his classmates. Many of them probably just swapped with others in his high school class. Though he had heard about one of his friends swapped with the 60-year-old librarian and another one with a second grader. Yeah, it was going to be a weird first day back, that’s for sure.