Saturday, February 13, 2016

Light (Part 2)

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Despite the fact that his head was still throbbing, he managed to pull himself to his feet. Of course, once he started standing, the full impact of the fact that he now had someone else’s body was now felt. His boots had a heel on them, so it felt as if his feet weren’t quite touching the ground. He also realized that without them, he’d actually be a little bit shorter than he had been. His new body was also quite skinny, and the tight clothes he wore emphasized this fact. He felt like he was so thin that the wind could blow him away. Then there was the matter of the breasts and long hair. Those were probably the most awkward parts of this thing -- at least until he further explored his new anatomy. As it all sunk in, he heard some screams way off in the distance, and he realized he wasn’t the only one who had swapped bodies with someone else.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Light (Part 1)

What was that? An earthquake? Some weird localized storm system? Whatever it was, it packed a punch. Mark had been knocked off his feet and onto the ground; there was also this strange flash of lightning. But there didn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky, nor did it feel like an earthquake. He did seem to have a headache though, as if someone had tried to suck the brains right out of his head. As he reached to rub his temples, he couldn’t help but feel strange. That’s when he saw how thin his arms looked. In fact, his whole body seemed too skinny, and the clothes were wrong, and the curves...the curves? This wasn’t his body! He was in someone else’s body; a woman’s body. How was that even possible? Could it have been that flash of light?

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Rick assumed that there had been a woman at some point in his life that complained to him about how hard it was to wear high heels, and Rick, in all likelihood, probably dismissed that complaint. Of course, now the shoe was on the other foot -- literally -- thanks to the Great Shift. Rick found himself constantly having to look down just to not fall over. He couldn’t wait to be some place where he could take these things off or change into flats. On top of that, he knew things could be worse. These heels weren’t even that high, and they were pretty thick. He wondered if he’d be expected to wear heels now that he was a least some of the time. Though he hoped he could get away with this first day or wearing them also being his last day wearing them...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Alternate Reality

Larry had only learned yoga because of his wife’s pleaded. He had considered it, like most things, to be a waste of time that distracted him from his inventions. Of course, he never expected the skill to come in handy when his latest device went awry. The thing he had made was nothing short of incredible. It was a device that allowed him to travel to alternate realities. It wasn’t until the fourth reality that he discovered it’s flaw. Only his spirit was traveling -- neither his body nor the device were going with him. In this reality, he had an extra X chromosome, and was, therefore, born a woman. As a woman, he was never pushed to study science. As a result, in this reality, he was never an inventor and never made the device, which meant it didn’t exist here for him to use to return. Worse still, he could feel his mind slipping, adjusting to this reality. That’s where the yoga came in handy. He was able to use it to focus, to remember who he really was and the skills he had. He needed to focus to be able to reconstruct the device in this time line in order to return to his own reality. It would take several months to build the device again, and he each day his yoga session got a little longer in order to achieve that focus. He couldn’t have been more thankful that his wife had forced him to learn.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


To celebrate the latest Star Wars film, Ben and Walter had decided to attend the comic book convention dressed as their favorite two characters. Ben, being tall and lanky, had crafted a spectacular C3PO costume, and Walter, as the short and stocky one, went as R2D2. The pair had such fun attending the convention, taking photos with other cosplayers, and hearing all the latest news. Though near the end, the two began to complain that there weren’t enough women in attendance (though it’s not as though two nerdy guys complaining about women stood any chance), but an odd man nearby dressed as a wizard decided to help the two out. The next thing Ben and Walter realized, there were two new women now in attendance at the convention. Of course, thanks to the wizard’s magic, those two women were Ben and Walter themselves. They were shocked at their changed bodies, and even more shocked by their ramped up sexuality. Of course, their needs could only be fulfilled by a certain type of man, so they both went looking for the nerdiest guys they could find -- which wouldn’t be a problem considering where they were...

Monday, February 8, 2016


“Any luck fixing that thing?” Manuel asked.

“I’ve looked over the power specs three times; I can’t figure out why I can’t restart this body swapping machine of mine,” a frustrated Lily replied.

“Well, don’t rush of anything. Tonight IS ladies night down at the bar, and if we’re still stuck in each other’s bodies at that point, I’m going to go down and grab myself some drinks. Free for ladies does include any guy stuck in the body of a nerdy lady who invented a device that can switch bodies. I am not going to complain about free.”

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 5)

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Tim told Randall that he would think about it. He knew that would buy him a week at most. Over the next few days, Tim still couldn’t believe it. He had been in a car accident that resulted in his brain being placed in the body of an Asian woman. The doctors told him not to tell anyone, and despite their advice, he had spilled the beans to his best friend, Randall. And now Randall wanted to go out with him and threatened to tell people about the transplant if he didn’t. Tim really did have to think. Maybe this was a big part of the reason the doctors had given him that advice about not telling anyone. It wasn’t about them and keeping their procedure a secret; it was about keeping people from exploiting Tim, and Tim had screwed it up! And he had been so sure he could trust his best friend. How could Randall do this to him? And what would stop Randall from making other demands of him? Even if he did agree to be Randall’s girlfriend, Tim was sure that starting off a relationship under the threat of blackmail would just lead to worse demands down the line, and he could never break it off, of course, because the threats would just continue. But what if he stood up to Randall? What if Randall did tell the world his secret? Who would he tell? Who would believe him? Tim knew he was Randall’s only friend. Would he tell the media? What proof did he have? Would they even take the tip seriously? Tim was starting to think standing up to Randall was a pretty good option...