Saturday, February 20, 2016

Masked (Part 2)

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John ripped off the mask and threw it to the ground before starting to walk home. He was glad to be outside again, the virus had made him a shut in for the past few months. Even if it didn’t work, the mask had given him the courage to go outside; he had missed being outside. Then he wondered if the mask wasn’t designed to prevent all transformation, just the really bad ones. After all, when all was said and done, he was still pretty normal. But he remembered the ads, they said the mask would prevent ALL transformations. It clearly didn’t do that. He felt a little betrayed, even when he thought about his transformation. He actually sort of enjoyed what happened to him; this was a huge step up. He was a gorgeous woman. He really shouldn’t be angry at the mask for failing him and turning him into this, but for some reason, he still was.

Friday, February 19, 2016


The advertisement for the mask seemed too good to be true. It was supposed to keep the wearer protected from the Transformation Virus that had been spreading across the planet, which would allow the wearer to go out in public and lead a normal life without fear of being transformed. John was happy when his mask finally arrived; he put it on and went outside for the first time in weeks. It didn’t take long for John to find out that the ads were too good to be true. He found his body changing. The initial changes weren’t so bad, he grew taller and thinner. Then they got weirder. His hair grew out and became bright pink. Then the pain set in as his gender rearranged itself -- going from male to female. Then it stopped. He was now a tall, statuesque Asian woman. The mask didn’t stop the Transformation Virus from affecting him, but at least his transformation wasn’t that bad. In fact, unlike many, he could still pretty much continue a normal life like this. And now that he had been infected, he couldn’t get infected again.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sweet Revenge

Oh no! George gasped when he caught sight of his reflection. He could tell something was wrong the instant he had switched bodies. He had looked down to see the white dress, and he knew he was a woman about to get married, but seeing his own reflection, now he finally knew who he was. He had dated her a few years ago before she cheated on him. She ended up dating that guy; George guessed she was actually about to marry that guy...except now he was her! George wasn’t sure how he had suddenly gotten into a new body, but he wished he had swapped with just about anyone else in the world. He hated Kate for cheating on him all those years ago, and now he was going to have to see that face any time he looked in a mirror. And then there was the matter of this wedding. If there was anyone he didn’t want to see even more than Kate, it was that jerk she slept with. Then again, maybe this was his opportunity to screw it all up for her. He was the bride now, after all. Maybe he should decide to get cold feet. Maybe he should figure out a way to make the whole thing embarrassing. Oh, the ideas for revenge were flowing now. After all these years, it was going to be sweet.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Transformation Pad

“How much longer do I need to stand here?” Caleb complained, “My body transformed almost an hour ago.”

“The pad transforms more than just your outer form,” Dr. Lurie explained, “If you were to step off now, you would still look like Miss Newton, but you’d still retain your own mannerism. People would question why such a lovely woman held herself like a man. Your accent would be off as well, and you’d lack some pretty essential knowledge about being a woman that you’ll likely need. If you want to properly pass as Miss Newton for this mission, you will be patient and let the pad do it’s job.”

Caleb wasn’t sure he could be patient much longer. He was sure he could fake that other stuff. He already looked like a woman, how hard could it be to act like one? Still, he knew if he stepped off this transformation pad before it was done, the higher ups might cancel his mission entirely; he’d just have to wait until it was done.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Light (Part 5)

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Standing up with these heeled boots had been difficult, but walking proved to be even more challenging. But Mark knew he couldn’t just stand around right here all day. He needed to find his friends and family, to see that they were okay. Maybe he’d be able to help some of the people that he had heard screaming out there in this crazy new world where everyone had swapped bodies. Heck, he wouldn’t mind just finding some more comfortable clothing; he really didn’t want to wear these tight leather pants any longer than he had to. Perhaps he’d even check up on his ex. Okay, so he actually hoped she didn’t end up as a rat or anything like that, but maybe she found herself in a much less attractive body now. Mark might rub it in her face about how attractive he now was; that might be a fitting revenge for her breaking up with him..

Monday, February 15, 2016

Light (Part 4)

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Mark began to drown out the panicked cries in his head, as he began to think of all the people in his life. He realized that all of them had probably suffered a similar fate. They were now in he bodies of other people. His first thought was concern. Did they luck out like him? Were they in a safe place when they swapped? Were they swapped into a healthy body? Then his thought turned to his ex-girlfriend, who had dumped him a few weeks ago. He knew it was overly vindictive, but he hoped she found herself in the body of a guy, maybe an old man. Heck, did other people swap with animals? If so, he hoped she was now in the body of a dog...or a rat! He chuckled to himself, thinking of his ex-girlfriend stuck in the body of a rat, running around the sewers. That didn’t seem too likely. In fact, he felt just a little guilty even thinking about it. There were probably people in some truly bad situations as a result of this whole body swapping thing. People were probably really getting hurt somewhere from being suddenly swapped into a body being the wheel or a car or into a cockpit of a plane. Still, he let himself laugh just a little more at the thought of his ex running around the sewer stuck in the body of a rat. He just wanted to get it out of his system...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Light (Part 3)

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Mark turned his head in the direction of the screams. People were really freaking out about this. Of course, that made a lot of sense. In theory, if people randomly swapped bodies, they could swap with anyone. A person could end up in the body of an elderly person, or in the body of a child. They’d probably have to adjust to their new bodies, which could be quite scary. Mark was still having some trouble with his new body; after all, it was very different from his own. However, he was also pretty lucky. This new body was young and beautiful. She was in shape (even if on the skinny side -- though most people, Mark included, probably didn’t think that was a bad thing). It was just a few minor annoyances like having to deal with long hair, heels, and uncomfortably tight pants. Still, he was pretty sure it was going to be okay for him; a feeling he realized the people screaming probably didn’t share.