Saturday, March 5, 2016

Constructed (Part 4)

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It took about an hour before Jason finally decided on a course of action. And the first thing he knew he needed to do was walk in these heels. He picked himself up and began to teeter. He grabbed firmly on some of the construction equipment and began to walk around with his hands still firmly secure on the rigging. The heels themselves actually weren’t as bad as he expected, but any sort of debris on the floor seemed to easily dislodge his footing. And, of course, there was debris everywhere, which also guaranteed that when he fell, he was sure to get a cut that would likely require a tetanus shot or something. Still, he was starting to feel more and more confident that he could at least make it to the wall without much problem.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Constructed (Part 3)

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Jason was able to sit himself down on a nearby bucket, but he was at a loss about what to do next. He thought of screaming, but he was worried that it might draw the couple he had been spying on back. If they had magical abilities that could swap bodies, who know what else they could do? They might turn him into an animal or an insect. Then again, they were also probably the only ones who’d be able to help him get back to his own body. Of course, maybe he didn’t want to do it so hastily. After all, this was a once in a lifetime experience. Not many people can say they spent time in someone else’s body -- let alone anyone of the opposite gender. However, the way this body was dressed did present some problems. He wasn’t sure how he’d get back over the construction site’s fence while wearing this tight skirt, and he was sure to fall walking around in these heels. He decided to just give himself a bit of time to think about this all right now; waiting around might not have been the smartest move, but he needed to clear his head.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Constructed (Part 2)

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Jason waited quietly until the couple stood up and made their exit. He still couldn’t believe that they had transformed into each other before his very eyes. When they were safely out of view, Jason took a step. But something was wrong, his balance was off and he couldn’t quite catch his footing. He began to fall, but he grabbed onto one of the poles of the scaffolding. That’s when the realization of his own change sunk in. Instead of the beat up sneakers that were once on his feet, he was wearing fancy high heels. In fact, his whole body was different. He had a skirt, long smooth legs, breasts, long hair...He was now a woman. He correctly guessed that he had somehow been close enough to be sucked into being a part of the couple’s spell, and he presumed that the body he now had once belonged to another woman who had been close enough as well. As if seeing the couple swap wasn’t strange enough, being swapped himself was even weirder!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Construction on the site had been halted a year ago and security had stopped coming shortly after. Just about everyone in the neighborhood was pretty sure the building would never be finished. While many considered it an eyesore, Jason enjoyed sneaking in and checking out the half-complete structure. He knew it was probably illegal, but he doubt anyone cared. One day as he was exploring around the site, he heard voices. He crept quietly and peaked around a corner to see a man and a woman sitting on the floor with their legs crossed. There eyes were closed and they were chanting. Jason figured he wasn’t the only one who liked the fact that this building was abandoned.

But then it got weird. As the couple completed their chanting, they began to change. The man became a woman and the woman became the man; in fact, they each became the other to be more specific...even down to the clothes. It was weirdly fascinating for him to watch as their bodies morph. Jason was so engaged in it, in fact, that he didn’t notice a change was happening to him as well. He was close enough that he was sucked into the couple’s spell. He was swapping bodies with the next closest person, which just happened to be a woman passing by. It would be quite a while before he noticed his own change...

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Boss

Ever since the Great Shift swapped him into the body of his own daughter, Max was having trouble commanding respect at the company he ran. He tried pretty hard, but he was sure the guys that worked for him just saw him as a pretty young girl fresh out of high school instead of the boss that had been in charge for years. He contemplated his options. Maybe it was time to hand the family business onto his daughter. He had always planned on doing so, and he knew she was smart enough to do it. Now that she had his body, he was sure the guys would take her seriously too. Of course, it would be weird when she finally did retire; she’d probably end up giving it right back to him. It was a weird thought, but the Great Shift had made the whole world sort of weird.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Curse (Part 2)

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It was sort of weird, but Sam actually enjoyed being a woman. He started to go by Samantha, and he could only describe the days he spent as a woman as pleasant. He enjoyed wearing women’s clothes, putting on makeup. Heck, he even started dating and found a boyfriend. It was the nights when the hunger came over him that was the problem; the times when he would transform others. It was during those times that he no longer considered himself a woman; in those times, he was a monster. Part of him hoped he could find a way to break this curse, and the other part of him hoped that if he did, he’d still remain a woman.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Sam always regretted that night. He and his girlfriend had a huge fight, and he went to a bar. That’s where he met Maria. It only took about 15 minutes of flirting before he convinced her to take him back to her place. Sam thought it was the best revenge possible; that is until Maria bit him. Within a few minutes, Sam started to change. His dark hair grew beyond his shoulders, his features became softer, his body began to curve; he was becoming a woman. Maria began to apologize. She couldn’t help herself. She explained that she had once been a man named Mark, and a long time ago he had been seduced by a woman. During their love making, she bit him; thus changing him into Maria. It was a curse -- a bit like being a vampire. Sam would become a woman now, just like Maria, he’d crave making love to men, and he’d have desires to turn them, just like Maria had turned him. Sam couldn’t deny that he was now a woman, but he thought he could fight the desire to curse others. He only lasted a single night. He found himself at the same bar just two nights later, picking up a guy, biting him, and then having to explain the situation to the new woman, just as Maria had done for him. As the blood dribbled down his lips, he was far less apologetic than Maria had been. He just kept thinking about his girlfriend, and wondering if this all could have been avoided if he had not gotten into that fight in the first place, or not tried to get revenge by sleeping with someone else.