Saturday, April 2, 2016

Secret Body Switching Machine (Part 1)

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Daryl wasn’t exactly excited when his family moved to a farm in the remote countryside. But finding a weird bodyswitching machine in a barn out back made it a little more interesting. He got a little bored switching bodies with his best friend Zack, and he couldn’t convince anyone else to try it out.

Then one day, he discovered a woman standing in one of the farm’s fields. Amongst the chickens, she complained that her car had broken down nearby, and her cell phone didn’t seem to get any bars anywhere around here. Daryl smiled, realizing he might be able to trick her.

He said he could help, but he needed to get some parts. As he brought her to the barn, she told him about her life in the city. Daryl made as many mental notes as possible. He brought her in, and told her to sit down in one of the pods while he gathered everything. She waited patiently, as Daryl sat down in the other pod. His heart beat in anticipation as he activated the machine, excited to be swapping with someone who wasn’t Zack for the first time...

Friday, April 1, 2016

Couldn't Wait

“You used the medallion while I was down at the pool, didn’t you?” Kelly asked her husband, Phil.

Phil knew there was no use trying to lie. It was obvious he used the medallion, considering he was standing there in an exact copy of his wife’s body. He had hoped just to try it, to see if it worked like he had heard. Of course, he had hoped to be able to transform back into his own body before she got back. He hadn’t planned on the twelve hour waiting period.

“Yeah,” He confessed, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t wait.”

“It’s okay. Maybe we should go back down to the pool together, and have some fun pretending to be twins? Or maybe I should use the medallion to turn myself into you? It might be fun to be the man in the relationship for a while, and, of course, I expect you would play the part as my doting wife until we switch back.”

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Turn Around

As soon as it happened, Craig turned around sharply in his seat. He was now staring right into what appeared to be his own face, but he knew the foreign chick in his class must’ve done this to him. What was her name? Ming? Ting? Ling? Something like that? He knew he should know; he had slept with her last week. His suspected this was her revenge for not calling her back, but swapping bodies still seemed like more like fantasy than reality.

As he sat there, still sort of dumbfounded and in shock, his former body spoke, “Hey, Anming, why do you got that dumb look on your face? And consider closing your legs, unless you plan on doing us all right here.”

Craig watched his former body laugh at that remark and slap the hands of some of his former friends. He wanted to say something, but he just felt himself turn red instead. Craig simply quietly turned around and decided to accept his new life as Anming. Maybe he could just keep a low profile until college was over...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Alyssa didn’t want to miss her important business meeting, so she asked a pretty big favor of her husband, Tom. They hadn’t used the strange device in the their basement for years, but Tom knew exactly what she was talking about. Before long, Tom was out the door and heading to catch a flight to go to his wife’s meeting in her place. He wasn’t sure he could pull it off. For starters, what did he know about his wife’s job? Probably not enough to pull this off. He had also screwed up when thinking about his wife to initiate the transformation, which resulted in his breasts being much too large. Otherwise, he was a nearly perfect copy of his wife.

Of course, the biggest problem wouldn’t be the business meeting, it would be when Tom returned home. After years of disuse, it would seem the morphic adaption unit in their basement only had one final charge in it, and they had used that to turn Tom into a copy of Alyssa. The couple would find it completely impossible for Tom to use the machine again once he returned.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Understanding (Part 3)

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After a year, Blake had gotten quite used to the high heels and short skirts. He had gotten used to the stares. What he still hadn’t gotten used to was Julie’s new dominating attitude. He had to wear what she told him to wear, eat what she told him to eat, and do what she told him to do. He still held out hope that she would swap back with him -- that he’d get his own body back someday. Of course, Julie had other plans...

Monday, March 28, 2016

Understanding (Part 2)

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Blake was relieved. The appointment to reverse the swap that had placed his head on Julie’s body was tomorrow. He couldn’t believe he had spent an entire month like this. He had started out in good spirits, but as the days went on, he realized being a woman had a lot of drawbacks -- especially being a woman with a man’s head. But he kept telling himself that everything would be back to normal tomorrow. That is, until Julie whispered down to his ear.

“I canceled our appointment tomorrow. But you better not panic or freak out if you ever even hope to get your body back one day,” She told him, “And on top of that, this will be your last day wearing pants. It’s all skirts and dresses from now on. In fact, you are going to do everything exactly as I say without any complaints.”

Blake was horrified. He wanted to object but he knew Julie was serious. In fact, she had gotten very aggressive and demanding in the past month. He wondered if it was the hormones from his own male body affecting her brain. He tried to relax. Sure, she was going to keep him like this a little longer, but how much longer? She did seem to offer hope that he’d get his body back one day. His heart sank as he heard someone yell “Freaks” as they snapped a photo of the head swapped couple.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Understanding (Part 1)

The girl approached Blake and Julie with trepidation. Blake knew why and smiled politely as he explained, “I know we look weird, and I know why you’d stare at us. But I consider myself a pretty progressive guy. We underwent a procedure that placed my head on her body and visa versa. It was rather expensive, but I felt it was important to better understand my girlfriend here. It’s only temporary, and we have an appointment to swap back after a month.”