Saturday, May 7, 2016


When Jim woke, he first noticed the fact that the body he had was not his own; this was followed quickly by another observation -- that he was strapped down to a table. He looked to his right to see his former body tied down; he looked to the left to see a man in a white lab coat. From what he could see, it seemed that this mad scientist wasn’t going to be satisfied by simply placing Jim’s brain inside the body of a woman. The man in the lab coat appeared to be cutting up animal parts and splicing them on to other animals. Something told Jim that he’d soon be a human victim of the same technique. Being a woman was bad enough, but being a woman with the feet of a pig or wings instead of arms would probably be worse. He needed to break free from these restraints and escape!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Hair (Part 2)

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After squeezing into the swimsuit and putting his hair into a bun on his head, Tim still stood in front of a mirror feeling uncomfortable. He stretched his arm behind his head and rubbed his neck; it was one of his nervous habits. He knew this body looked good, but he just felt so exposed in this swimsuit. He knew that was a bit strange since, technically, the swimsuit covered more skin that what he would have shown if he were still a man. After all, if he were a man, he’d just be wearing trunks with his chest exposed. Why did he feel so modest simply because he was a woman now? He tried telling himself that he’d only spend five more minutes on self-doubt, and then he’d head down, but then five turned to ten, and ten turned to fifteen...

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Taking some time adjusting to one’s new body is fairly common on Exchange Island. After all, the resort is famous for swapping the bodies of each and every visitor. Tim swapped into his new body an hour ago and spent the past hour in his room. Figuring out how to unhook a bra and shimmy into a woman’s swimsuit was a fairly large challenge, but what he was really having trouble right now was the fact that his hair was so long. After finding some elastics and barrettes among this woman’s belongings, he managed to tie it up. He wished he could just cut it off, but he knew that such an action would be against the resort’s rules. Breaking the rules could be pretty dire. For instance, he might be stuck in this body until the hair grew out, and considering how uncomfortable he felt right now, he wasn’t sure he was going to want any reason to extend his stay. For the time being, he tried to take a deep breath to build up enough courage to leave the room and head down to the pool.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


It had been hard for Maria to watch her colleague Theodore begin to lose his mind. He was a brilliant inventor in his youth, and his many contributions had brought a countless amount of good into the world. She thought about a way to save his genius while looking over one of her own works in progress.

It wasn’t hard for Maria to convince Theodore to a late night at the lab, getting one of her friends there was a bit more difficult. After a few failed attempts with some of her male friends, she called up Katie, asking if she could come pick her up for some drinking after a late night at the lab. Katie was a bit of a party animal, and always loved to take Maria out for some fun.

But Maria had other plans. She brought Katie inside and knocked her out. Then she used the invention she had been working on, a body swapper. She hoped that switching Theodore into a younger body would help rejuvenate him. It made sense. His neural pathways mapped onto a younger brain; there shouldn’t be any reason for any further deterioration.

However, even in Katie’s younger body, Theodore’s mind continued to slip away. When Maria found him one morning a few days later outside the lab sleeping in a grocery cart, she knew she hadn’t helped. He was just more confused than ever. He wasn’t sure how he got there. He had forgotten the last few days and even the body swap. It was all so weird for him. His brain would forget about the swap, and he’s wake up having to adjust to this body anew again and again. Maria thought about swapping him back, but Katie in Theodore’s body had already been committed to an asylum.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Long Week

Ethan still couldn’t believe that he was going to be stuck in his sister’s body for a full week. It was only day two, and he was already stick of this body swap. It might not have been so bad, but his sister was pretty controlling about the whole thing. In a way, he couldn’t blame her; it was her body, after all. But she had also laid out each and every outfit for him to wear for the week, given him strict times on when to wear each, and demanded that he take a photo of himself and send it to her to prove that he was actually wearing what she asked. And she would often ask again at random times for a second photo, just to prove he hadn’t changed out of it. That’s what really got to him; he didn’t enjoy wearing any of her clothes. They were too tight, or revealing, or they just pinched him in the wrong way. It was going to be a long week.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sending to a Friend

It took Chris a minute to adjust, but once he did, he couldn’t be any happier with the body he had possessed. He recognized her; she was not only gorgeous, but also a celebrity. The first thing he did was whip out her phone and take a selfie. He thought about texting it to his best friend, but all his numbers were stored on his phone -- this was hers. But he COULD remember the email. Chris knew that once his friend got the photo, he’d be jealous. Of course, he’d have to explain who he really was? Or did he? Maybe it would simply be fun to see his friend’s reaction after getting a personal photo of one of his favorite movie stars.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Exploring (Part 2)

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Every good sense in Malcolm’s new body told him he should leave, yet he still kept exploring the halls -- hoping to find the secret experiment that he was now absolutely sure was taking place somewhere in here. He knew he was at a huge disadvantage if he was discovered. They probably knew exactly what he looked like with this body, and this body was still unfamiliar to him. His weight distribution was now different, and he was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to be able to run in these heels. Speaking of the heels, they were making a loud clicking as he walked. Even if he managed to find out what was going on before they found him, could he really sneak up on them without being found out? The heels alone would probably give him away. Despite these thoughts, he still kept going, hoping to find what had caused him to swap bodies. Of course, if he hadn’t been so curious about breaking into this building after hours, he probably wouldn’t have swapped bodies in the first place. He should just cut his losses with this body and make a break for it, yet he kept walking, hoping to find...something/