Saturday, May 14, 2016

Self Love (Part 2)

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The wedding had been pretty awkward for Scott, but the honeymoon was even weirder. After quickly getting down to the business of a newly married couple, Scott was pretty sure Wendy was NOT inside his body. That meant he literally was married to himself, the other half of his soul. He excused himself as he headed out of the hotel room and down to the beach. Part of him felt bad, Wendy’s soul was probably still trapped deep down in this body, helpless to do anything as long as he was in control of her body. Another part of him was excited, people talk about marrying a soulmate, but Scott knew his situation took that to a whole new level now. He couldn’t imagine arguing with himself ever. It seemed like a perfect life. He wouldn’t even have to tell his original body. Why ruin it? And he actually enjoyed being Wendy. This life could be perfect...

Friday, May 13, 2016

Self Love (Part 1)

With their wedding only a few weeks away, Scott had been begging Wendy to let him see her in the dress beforehand. She kept insisting it was bad luck and refused to let him see her in it. Scott had a little trick up his sleeve. He had dabbled in the black arts several years ago and still remembered a few spells. He waited until the day of her final fitting, then he proceeded to chant. He hoped the spell would work; it had been years since he cast it. If he did it right, his soul would temporarily split into two. One half would stay with his body, the other would allow him to possess someone else -- in this case Wendy. Neither half would be connected to the other until after about an hour, the errant half would snap back to his original body, and he’d have two sets of memories of that time. Sure enough, the spell seemed to work. The half of his soul now in Wendy’s body was standing in the shop, admiring the dress. It was gorgeous. He felt like a lucky man (even if he technically wasn’t one at the moment). The tailor made a note that the gown was fitting perfectly, and Scott was assisted in getting out of it. He changed back into Wendy’s clothes and waited, knowing it was only a matter of time before he snapped back to his own body with this wonderful memory.

Except when an hour passed, and he was still in her body.

An hour turned to a day, then a week, and finally it was the day of his wedding. Scott felt weird. He hadn’t said anything to his original body about the spell, slightly nervous of the thought that he had messed up and that it was potentially Wendy in there, waiting for him to admit that this swap was his fault. Of course, it was also possible his own soul was still in there, not wanting to tell the person he thought was Wendy about a failed attempt at magic. Now he was going to essentially be marrying himself while wearing the dress he had been so desperate to see just a few weeks earlier.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Where to Go

William collapsed onto a poolchair in his backyard. After walking home, he checked every single door and window. He usually left one unlocked by accident. Why did this have to be the one time that he didn’t? He thought about calling a locksmith or the police, but he couldn’t imagine they’d believe him. What would he even tell them? William imagined himself explaining the whole situation, “Oh, hi, Officer. I remembered my key, but while I was out, I ended up swapping bodies with this woman. Now she has my body and my key.” Even saying it to himself in his head, it sounded unbelievable. Heck, he had to look down just to remind himself that it was true; that he had swapped bodies with a woman.

And he knew the laws in this state, and he knew many of the people. If he called up the police, they might suspect him of being a hooker or an illegal immigrant just by the way he was dressed or by the color of his skin. A locksmith might think the same thing and up calling the police anyway. In fact, he was pretty sure if his nosey neighbor saw him sitting here, she might do the same thing. Which meant he probably shouldn’t stay here for long, but where was he going to go?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


John didn’t want to be late. He had just bought the flowers and took the cab from work to ensure he wouldn’t be late for his anniversary dinner with his wife. As he got out of the cab, he reached back in for the flowers, but not before the driver told him to “Have a nice day.” Suddenly, he felt himself sitting back in the cab, only now he was behind the wheel. He couldn’t stop himself from driving away. He was now singularly focused on getting home to his wife, he didn’t care whose body he was in. However, now he felt compelled to stop for a fare. It was a young woman, wanting to go downtown. John didn’t want anything more than to just go home and explain to his wife how he swapped bodies with this cab driver. Instead, he was driving this woman around. He dropped her off at her destination and repeated the words “Have a nice day” that had been told to him upon leaving. Things got even weirder. He swapped bodies with the woman! He grabbed the flowers out of the back before the cab drove away. John knew he still needed to get home; he was really late at this point. He wasn’t sure how he was going to explain this all to his wife -- particularly the fact that he was a woman now -- but he wanted nothing more than to get home to her and celebrate their special day. He hailed another cab, knowing it would be the only way to get home in time; he just hoped it didn’t result in another crazy body swapping chain reaction.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Office (Part 3)

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My first consideration was to go back to being a man, even if I couldn’t go back to my own body. Then, for a moment, I thought about staying as Leah. I had enjoyed being in her body and being female well enough. But seeing some of the bodies in that book? Well, how could I resist trading up? Leah and I both had to sign papers, saying that we wouldn’t sue. We also agreed to live the lives of our new bodies. The company would help us adjust. It was all in the paperwork. And that’s how I ended up with this amazing body. I often wondered which body Leah chose, and where she was now. And what about her body? Or my body?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Office (Part 2)

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I had tried my best the next morning to dress Leah’s body in something she would wear. I knew nothing about being a woman, but I thought I did pretty well. However, when I went downstairs to meet the man responsible for this whole body swapping, I was shocked when I saw Leah. She had dressed my body up in full drag. She said it made her feel “more comfortable;” I hated the thought of people seeing my body like that. The news only got worse when the man came to meet with us. He said that they had repaired the device that swapped our bodies, but it wouldn’t allow us to swap back to our own bodies. Rather, we could only swap bodies with someone else. To make up for the inconvenience of it all, he had assembled a book people that we could pick to swap with. Leah seemed pretty satisfied as she flipped through the book that he had prepared for her. I was sort of sad I wouldn’t be able to go back to my own body, but maybe I didn’t want to. After all, Leah had run around in my body all dressed in drag; going back to my body would've been pretty embarrassing. I look though the book prepared for me, and made my selection...

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Office (Part 1)

I sighed as a finished up my third report of the morning. The paperwork was stacking up as more came in. Then something odd happened. Instead of my cubical, there were walls -- full walls. I was in an office. I looked down and I was wearing a white dress instead of my shirt and tie. It was also unmistakable -- I was now a woman. It took me a minute, but after using her phone to get a look at my new self, I recognized her -- I was Leah from marketing. Just as I was soaking it all in, a man entered. He was a bit frazzled, and asking if everything was “normal.” It took me a second, but I answered that it wasn’t. Then he asked if I was in someone else’s body. I didn’t answer for a moment, then my own body rushed into the office. Leah was clearly in my body, and she was pissed. She started yelling at me. But the man told her to calm down, and he explained about an accident a few floors down. The body swapping was a sie effect. Ony a few people ended up being affected (apparently, Leah and I were among the lucky few). They hoped to have more answers tomorrow. Leah started spouting off more, threatening to sue. I just sat back and thought about it. It was just a night, right? I could deal with being someone else -- deal with being a woman -- for just one night. It didn’t seem so bad...