Saturday, May 28, 2016

Never Again

Kelsey aimed the gun straight at Brian.

“What are you doing?” Brian gasped.

“I’m sorry to do this to you,” She said, “Well, actually, I’m not sorry. We’re going to try out a little magic...a little body swapping. I tried casting the spell last night, stealing your body in secret, but there was a problem. It required the other person to agree to the swap, but it didn’t say anything about that agreement being willing. So, will you swap with me?”

Brian realized he didn’t have a choice. It seemed impossible, but with a gun at his head, he had no choice. “Yes,” he eked out.

The next thing he knew, the gun was in his hands, pointing at his former body. As he realized what Kelsey had done, and what she could potentially do to someone else, he realized he had no choice. He squeezed the trigger and shot his former body. Sure, she stole his body, but she’d never steal another one...

Friday, May 27, 2016


It didn’t matter how long he seemed to spend in Krista’s body, Doug still made the mistake of going into the men’s room from time to time. He didn’t know why anyone would get so upset when he did though. Was seeing a hot woman in the men’s room from time to time really that much of a big problem? He offered to show them he was all woman. In fact, ever since becoming Krista, he had no qualms about showing off his body. He knew Krista would never do anything like this, but this wasn’t her body anymore, was it? Heck, maybe when some of these guys left the restroom and came back into the bar, he’d ask them if they were up for a little fun tonight. Doug sure knew that he was.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Even though he was the one that invented them, Thom was still pretty impressed by his nanite technology. They were able to cover his body and over the course of an hour, completely change his DNA. He was now an exact copy of Ami. The nanites even managed to modify his clothes. He couldn’t help but stare at his reflection; he’d probably be able to fool anyone...except for Ami herself. He decided it was probably best to avoid her as the nanites recharged. He didn’t want to have to explain his new technology to anyone until he had the chance to have a little more fun with it. And now that he was for all purposes Ami, he decided he could have his first bit of fun.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It'll Last Longer

Ben wasn’t quite sure why he wanted a picture of his former body. He could’ve probably just gone onto Facebook and taken some from his profile. But the idea that someone else was now inside of his body made this photo unique to him. It might be the last time he ever saw his own face; he wanted a picture. The woman now in his body thought it was strange, but she agreed as he pulled a camera out. The whole experience helped him cope with his own new body; he was trying to not think about how different it felt. And, quite frankly, they were both doing quite well reacting to the Great Shift. While a few others around were calm, most were panicking about being in new bodies. Ben couldn’t blame them, but he tried to keep a level head.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Filing a Complaint

Josh had just finished calling the taxi commission to register his complaint, but instead, they laughed and hung up on him. Now, he was trying to call the cab company. He knew it was a crazy story about having his body stolen, and how he ended up stealing another one. In fact, when he just said it aloud, he almost didn’t believe himself. And if not for the woman’s body he saw every time he looked down, he probably still wouldn’t have. But maybe, just maybe, someone else had filed a similar complaint in the past. Maybe there were more records than that weird journal in the cab driver’s place. Maybe he could find out more. Of course, the taxi commission had been no help, and so far the taxi company phone number just seemed to be an endless string of automated choices. He didn’t imagine anyone in his situation ever spoke up, but he had hopes that a few did. Maybe if they all did, they could figure a way to reverse the chain of swaps, returning everyone to normal. It was a remote hope he clung onto as he finally started to hear some hold music...

Monday, May 23, 2016


Daniel had been fretting about getting a gift for his girlfriend Gwen for her upcoming birthday. With only a few days left, he turned to her best friend Kaya for ideas. She didn’t have any thoughts on gifts, but she had an idea that might help him out. Kaya mentioned a trip to the mall that she, Gwen, and a few other friends had planned. Then she talked about black magic she had learned and about switching bodies with Daniel for the day, so he could tag along and observe Gwen to figure out something. Daniel thought she was crazy! Swapping bodies seemed impossible. She told him it would work, and that he should expect to be swapped about 1PM tomorrow. Daniel agreed reluctantly.

The next day, it wasn’t until about 1:30 when it happened. He actually thought it wasn’t going to, but then he suddenly found himself standing outside the mall in Kaya’s body, and he could see Gwen approaching from the distance. He felt so uncomfortable in Kaya’s leather skirt; he wished she had worn something else. At least she wore flats instead of heels! He tried to stay quiet the entire time, attempting to pick up anything that might be useful from Gwen’s shopping habits or from her conversations with the other girls. By the end of the trip, he still didn’t have any clue about what sort of gift to get Gwen.

He expected to swap back at some point, but when night fell, he was starting to get a little worried. He called his own number, hoping Kaya would pick up in his body, but she didn’t answer. He drove to his house; she wasn’t there. For the time being, he was stuck! He hoped she turned up soon. She couldn’t have stolen his body, could she?

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Oliver sighed. It had been a few days now since he swapped bodies with his sister. He kept trying to think about what the worst part of being swapped was. He certainly hated having to wear her clothes. The only thing of his own he was able to get away with wearing were his favorite band t-shirts. They still fit (although a little loose), but nothing else really did. That meant he had to wear his sister’s clothes. Just about everything she own was a little weird, crazy, sexy, or all of the above. And speaking of sexy, he realized it may have been easier if his sister wasn’t quite as attractive as she was. It wasn’t just strangers making comments on the streets, but also his own friends -- fully aware of who he really was -- making an inappropriate comment from time to time. He was really getting impatient. He hoped they’d be able to swap back soon. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to deal with this much longer. And, of course, if he did stay in her body much longer, there’d be another part of being a woman coming up that he’d definitely NOT enjoy.