Saturday, June 18, 2016

Walk In

It all happened about an hour ago, the Great Shift. That’s when Trevor found himself in Jennifer’s body wearing a low cut white top and a micro black leather skirt. Feeling awkward, he dug through her drawers for a while before opening a door to find a huge walk-in closet. The clothes were all laid out so elegantly, but it was almost all dresses and skirts. It took nearly forty minutes to find a pair of jeans. He was thankful, but he still felt awkward about the top. He didn’t know Jennifer well, but he had seen her around the neighborhood. She almost always wore incredibly revealing stuff. He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to do much better. He sighed. He did NOT want to be a woman, and he certainly didn’t want to be Jennifer. But judging from the news reports he was hearing on the radio in the background, he might just end up stuck like this for good.

Friday, June 17, 2016


It was unusual for anyone to watch the team during drills, but Kevin was there in the stands. He was there at every game and every practice. He needed to keep an eye on his body, to make sure sure Ashley was doing everything right. No one on the team knew about the body swap between the two of them; he was there to make sure she did everything exactly as he had told her to do. He didn’t want her screwing up and risking his scholarships. Of course, Ashley was worried too. Her break from classes would be over soon. If her idiot brother Kevin was still stuck in her body at that time, she’d be worried as well. Her scholarship was dependent on her grades. If he couldn’t keep them up, she’d be in trouble. She just hoped they’d find a way to swap back before than; Kevin hoped so too as he watched her fumble a play during practice.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


With the freedom of college now before them, many freshman discovered that skipping a class here or there had far fewer consequences than when they were in high school. When the winter months came, early morning classes became an easy one to miss. But Neil made sure to attend his 8AM statistics class every day. The lessons weren’t particularly engaging; he just spent the time staring at a girl who sat in the front row of the class. He kept trying to build up the nerve to talk to her; he hadn’t even yet figured out her name. With December closing in and the semester soon coming to an end, he knew his window to build up the courage to say hello was closing. He couldn’t take his eyes off, thinking about what he was going to say. That’s when the teacher called on him. Neil knew he wasn’t paying attention; he didn’t know what was asked. He fumbled for a bit...that’s when the world changed forever.

It would come to be known as the Great Shift, but that wasn’t something Neil knew yet. He was still sweating being on the spot. The teacher suddenly felt closer and more in his face. Then he realized he WAS closer; he was sitting in the front row. But he hadn’t moved chairs; he had moved bodies. And it seemed like just the luck that he ended up HER body, the body of his crush. The teacher canceled class, and all the students rushed out. His nerves were shot. Should he talk to his former body? Before he could think about it, it was too late. He walked the campus nervously. He didn’t want to take off her winter coat, even inside. He wanted to stay covered up. If he had been shy before, he felt even more shy now. He didn’t want to speak up. But now he had no choice. He had to find about her; he had to find out who he was now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bikini (Part 3)

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Richard tried to head downstairs without Amy noticing. Fortunately, she had seemed pretty occupied exploring the finer points of her new body that he may have actually succeeded. He was still a bit shocked after seeing that. He decided to wait for her to come down; he’d only bring it up if she said something first. It was about ten minutes before she finally came down the stairs. He noticed her looking him up and down; he thought she was going to yell at him about the bikini.

She just smiled at him. She grabbed him by the hand and began to lead him upstairs, “What I was doing earlier was fun, but I wouldn’t mind trying this new thing of mine our for real. Judging from what you’re wearing, I’m guessing your curious too?”

Richard was at a loss for words. Was he really going to make love to his own body while he and Amy were swapped?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bikini (Part 2)

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Richard soon decided he was going to apologize to Amy for prancing her body around in a bikini. He walked back over to his own house, next door. He figured she’d be in a panic about being stuck in his body, likely somewhere scared and curled up in a ball. Instead, he found her upstairs. He opened the door and found her a rather awkward position. Amy was full on exploring her newfound manhood intimately. Richard could only look on with extreme discomfort before backing out of the room slowly. He no longer felt quite so bad about his own actions.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Extended Stay

Mistakes didn’t happen very often at Exchange Island’s resort, but when they did, those who suffered the consequences were greatly compensated for the inconvenience. When Vince first landed with his wife Layla, he didn’t notice the mistake at first. He looked down to see a very familiar body -- his wife’s. He didn’t think swapping with his wife would make for the most exotic swap, but he shrugged. Then he saw his wife. He had his body, but she still had her own head. He quickly rushed to a mirror himself. Sure enough, he might have had her body, but he still had his own head as well. The staff knew something went wrong, and immediately began to offer the couple ways to compensate. Their entire stay would be refunded, and become all expenses paid. Plus, they could extend their stay for as long as they wanted. Vince and Layla couldn’t be too upset. This seemed like a very good deal. In fact, on their now extended stay a year later, they were as happy as could be and didn’t plan on ending this vacation any time soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


At some point in Brad and Ella’s relationship, she got sick of his wandering eye. In fact, she got so tired of it that she paid to have Brad cursed. If he stared at any part of a woman for too long, Brad would swap that part with that woman. Ella knew it had worked when Brad came home one day sporting a large pair of breasts. She found it funny at first, but they both soon learned that Brad could only seem to swap with women -- not with men. Once a part of him was feminized, it stayed that way. Sure, he could swap out one set of breasts for another, but he was always still stuck with breasts. This eventually put a strain in their relationship, especially after one trip to the gym where Brad spent a little too long staring at one particular part of a woman in tight yoga pants -- the part that truly makes a woman a woman.

Now single, Brad was adjusting pretty well to being a woman. He was also finding new ways to use this curse to his advantage. He found he didn’t even need to see a woman in real life for the spell to take effect. He would open fashion magazines and take parts from models on a daily basis. If he got bored with any part of his body, he’d just swap it out with something better, or sometimes just different. Part of him still wished he could go back to being a man, but if he had to be a woman, at least he could be any woman he wanted...