Saturday, June 25, 2016


About a week ago, David woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. He fumbled in the darkness before finding the bathroom and turning on the light. The sight before him shocked him. He looked in the mirror, and his sister’s body was looking back at him...well, not entirely. Despite having his sister’s body, he still retained his own face. Switching bodies was weird enough, but only switching about 95% seemed even weirder. He expected her husband to notice immediately, but he didn’t. David told himself that it was because he and his sister didn’t actually look all too different. Of course, as the week went on and David’s facial hair started to grow in, he was sure his sister’s husband would notice something...except he didn’t. David realized he probably should’ve said something right away, but the more he kept quiet, the more it felt awkward to bring it up. He just kept on pretending he was his own sister, no matter how weird it got!

Friday, June 24, 2016


Josh couldn’t believe he’d be heading back to the office today. He thought they’d have figured out how to reverse the effects of the Great Shift before having to go back, but it was becoming apparent that no one was going to be able to undo any of this. That meant he was going to be stuck in this woman’s body. He had no idea how to handle life as a woman; luckily, he had his wife. She gave him plenty of advice, especially about what to wear for his first day back. He felt a little weird about it. Heels? A bare midriff? She assured him he looked professional, feminine, and fantastic. Josh managed a slight grin, though that middle one made him uncomfortable. Feminine? He guessed he was now, but he didn’t like to think about it. This outfit didn’t help. It felt almost too feminine for him. And he wasn’t sure about how professional it was either, but he realized he had no idea! Women’s fashion really wasn’t his thing!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Breakup

Once Lisa told him that they needed “to talk,” Trevor knew their relationship would be over. The whole break up went mostly as he expected. That is, until he started to walk away. Lisa muttered something under her breath, and soon Trevor realized he was now the one sitting where they had their talk. He looked down to see the leather pants Lisa had been wearing, and he looked up to see...himself? Lisa smirked as she walked away. Trevor was devastated. He could deal with breaking up easy enough, but swapping bodies with Lisa? He couldn’t do it! He began to cry, but he stopped himself. He rushed up to her to demand she swap them back. Lisa’s smirk turned into a laugh. The spell would only work once. She told him that he’d just have to learn to deal with being her from now on.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Jeff looked down to the floor to see the toothbrush that he had forced Angie’s conscious into. He had been trying to use the spell to steal her body for weeks now, but he kept getting forced out by Angie’s spirit. That’s when he figured out a plan to get her spirit out of there first. Sure, a toothbrush was an odd choice, but it was right there, available to use. He looked down at it; he wondered if she could still see or hear...or even if she could now feel or think. After all, her soul was now in the body of an inanimate object. And, meanwhile, he was now inside her body, and very ready to enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Too Big

“Come on, Mike, you KNOW my mom’s boobs aren’t that big.” Travis protested.

“Oh, come on, they are like half the size I made them last time.” Mike responded, “And I don’t know how much charge that weird device has in it. I don’t want to use it to alter this body yet again just because you aren’t 100% happy with it. If it runs out of power, do you think I want to be stuck in a copy of your mom’s body?”

“Yeah, but no one at the school is going to believe you.”

“Why not? I sound like her. I look like her...well, mostly, except for the boobs, of course...and thanks to that weird device, technically I am indistinguishable from her genetically. They aren’t going to know any better. I just go to this parent-teacher thing, tell them I’m going to discipline you, then we come back home and switch me back to my own body. Not that I won’t enjoy my time with your mom’s body.” Mike gave a smile.

Travis rolled his eyes, “Stop being weird, and let’s just get this over with.”

Monday, June 20, 2016

Leaving (Part 2)

Keith watched as the cab drove away; he wanted to make sure it went away. He sighed as it disappeared beyond the trees in the distance. He had made his choice; this was his body now. It was just a mater of where he was going. He didn’t exactly care where, so long as it was far from this city and that taxi. He found the tickets in one of the bags...New York. It would be a long flight, but it was was pretty good fate that he’d be going back here. New York was his home; it where the company he worked for was centered. He wondered if he could get a job there still with this body. What was this body’s skills? Or it’s training? He didn’t know. Surely, he still had plenty of his own attributes, but without the resume to back it up, he just didn’t know what he was going to do.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


After a frustrating week trying to encourage another round of funding from the firm’s Asian investors, Keith was ready to go home. The driver seemed in good spirits on the way to the airport, despite the heavy traffic. The man kept smiling as he dropped Keith off and helped with the luggage. Then he got back into the cab and stared at Keith directly in the eyes and saying a phrase that roughly translated to “Have a nice day.” Suddenly, Keith found himself behind the wheel and in the body of the middle aged Asian cab driver. He felt compelled to drive for a while and take a few fares before pulling up to a run down apartment in the town slums. Keith found a journal detailing the magic taxi and it’s body swapping curse. So many different drivers writing so many different notes in so many languages. Keith waited for the right fare. It wasn’t so much a matter of who as a matter of where. It took about a month before the young woman stepped in and asked to go to the airport. Keith smiled the entire way. Much like his own trip, there was traffic. He didn’t care that he was soon going to be a woman; he just wanted out of this place. When they finally arrived at the airport, he was ready as he spoke the same words. “Have a nice day,” He said with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. In the next instant, he swapped with the woman. He didn’t know anything about her, but he was excited as he thought about leaving.