Saturday, July 2, 2016


Sam knew it was hard to go back to the office after a vacation. He knew it was even more difficult when that vacation was on an exotic tropical island. Sam’s trip to Exchange Island compounded the difficulty even further by placing his mind into the body of a gorgeous woman for the duration of his trip. It was only his second day here, and he was already dreading having to leave in two weeks. If only he could stay here forever in this body, it would be a dream come true. He knew that was impossible; he knew the contracts he had signed when he came, promising to return this body at the end of this vacation. But he could still dream, couldn’t he? And he could still enjoy these two weeks to their fullest. He was hoping for a mixup, that somehow at the end of this he’d wind up stuck in this body, trapped on the island. It wasn’t very likely, but it sure was nice to think about.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Scary (Part 3)

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When Cody finally had a chance to see what he looked like from head to toe, he smiled. It wasn’t a bad body; in fact, it was a quite wonderful body. He wasn’t just good-looking, he was downright gorgeous. If this was the face staring back at him each morning in the mirror, he wasn’t going to complain one bit. In hindsight, screaming about the whole Great Shift was sort of silly. There was nothing he could’ve done about it; he just had to let fate fall where it would. There was nothing to be scared of, nothing to be afraid of.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Scary (Part 2)

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As the screams of people settled down, Cody did as well. He was no longer yelling at the top of his lungs, and instead he began to assess his situation. He blinked his eyes, feeling the long lashed he now had. He looked around to get a better sense of his body; it really didn’t seem so bad at all. In fact, as far as bodies go, he was pretty sure he lucked out. One thing was still troubling him -- he couldn’t see his own face. It may seem obvious, but there is an expectation that you can see a face that isn’t you own. Even though this face was his now, it still didn’t FEEL like his, and he kept moving his eyes around hoping to catch a peek somehow. He looked over, down, up; it didn’t really matter. He needed a mirror.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Scary (Part 1)

It was probably a pretty normal reaction to the Great Shift. After all, suddenly finding yourself in a different body was probably terrifying. Cody was no exception. When he found himself inside of a woman’s body, he screamed. Mostly everyone around him was doing the same thing; it seemed normal and natural to share the experience with everyone else. After the strange flash of light, his heart was racing much faster and he was trying to adjust to new feelings of balance. He didn’t know anything about his new body; all he knew was that he wasn’t himself. And that was scary enough.


Antonio had never been too concerned with his physical prowess, but he always thought he could take someone down if they messed with him. When walking home alone one night, he was proven wrong. The guy attacked him from behind; Antonio went down almost instantly. He struggled to get back on his feet, but there was little he could do as he was dragged into an alley and tied up.

Antonio hoped the guy was only going to take his wallet, but the odd attacker had something very unexpected up his sleeve. He stabbed Antonio with a strange needle that seemed to be glowing. There were no words for the pain, but it did feel like he was being drained. His vision slowly faded and he passed out.

It only felt like a few seconds before his vision returned. He was now strapped down in a white room with bright lights, as a different person removed a glowing needle from his body. The realization came slowly. The needle had, in fact, swapped his body with someone else. He was in a new place, and he was a new person -- a woman, to be exact. He was probably have a foot shorter now, and at least 70 pounds lighter. He didn’t want to seem sexist, but being a woman made him feel weak.

But he told himself he would never be weak. He hit up the gym, took self-defense courses, and trained this body. It may have been smaller, but he was determined to make it tougher...

Monday, June 27, 2016


“Oh, come on, Jenn,” Ichiro groaned, “You don’t have to do this; I am fully capable of dressing myself.”

“I’m not so sure.” Jenn retorted, “I saw how you dressed my body yesterday. Until we can figure out how to reverse this body swap, I am going to be picking your outfits everyday...and I’m making sure that you’re wearing them.”

“Oh, come on, it wasn’t that bad.”

“You attended my business meeting in little more than a bikini and a wrap. I’m lucky you didn’t get me fired.”

“Not only did you not get fired, but I totally landed that deal! How am I supposed to work it at your job looking like this?”

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Drug Store

Jim sighed as he looked through the various hair products. It was all so much easier before the Great Shift. He used to just run into the store and buy whatever was cheapest. Now he had to care about his hair type, the ingredients, and all sorts of other stuff. His new long locks quickly became so unmanageable if he didn’t. It was one of the many reasons he dreaded going to the drug store these days. As he looked down the aisle of feminine hygiene products, he knew that was another...