Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pool Rules (Part 1)

The pool rules were clear. All swimmers had to shower before and after getting in the pool. Jason had never really understood the point of the rule, so he shrugged as he briefly stepped under the spouts just beside the pool. A woman just getting out stood next to him and turned on the water. Just as he was about to turn of his own water, a strange jolt came out of both shower heads. Both Jason and the woman fell to the ground. He awoke with a crowd gathered around. Jason assured them he felt fine, but upon speaking the words, he heard something wrong with his voice. It took him a few minutes for it all to sink in, but once the commotion died down and people stopped crowding around, he realized what had really happened; he had swapped bodies with the woman that he had been standing next to!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Got It Down

Trent knew he would be stuck in Amber’s body for an entire week. It had been a few days so far, and he still had a few left. What struck him as odd was how well he handled it. He had no problems putting on high heels, wearing short dresses, and revealing some cleavage. In fact, it all seemed natural; almost too natural. As he got ready for work in the morning, he wondered if the outfit he picked was appropriate; if it wasn’t, a sense of some sort of modesty should kick in, shouldn’t it? He shrugged it off; he was sure it was fine. No one had complained to him so far; he had this whole “being a woman” thing down! Heck, if he wasn’t sure that he had to switch back at the end of this, he wouldn’t!

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Dan had been methodically checking the apartment he shared with his girlfriend for the past week. Ever since she did something to swap bodies with him. He knew she was into the occult; there had to be some sort of spell or potion recipe in a book or on a scrap of paper. It had to be somewhere. Any time she went out, he’d go about looking for it; so far he turned up nothing. Whenever she was home, he just went along with it; pretending not to be bothered by the swap. He knew better than to make her angry; she might do something even worse. Heck, he was pretty sure the reason that she swapped bodies with him in the first place was to punish him for something stupid he had said to piss her off.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

All Play and No Work

“I still can’t believe how drunk we got at the holiday party this year.” Brett told his co-worker, Rob.

“And I still can’t believe you were so hesitant when those chicks from the marketing department suggested we sneak down and use the body swapper the engineering team had been working on.” Rob shot back.

“I had no idea being in their bodies was going to be so much fun! I mean, how could I have known!?”

“Come on, you’ve never imagined anything like this? This is great!”

“No, I haven’t, but now that I know...heck, there’s no way in the world I am ever switching back.”

“...And we don’t have to either! These are our bodies now. Plus, I accidentally spilled beer on one of the consoles after we swapped. I got word it’s going to take them at least six months to get it back up and running.” “No complaints here...”

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Free App

It was purely by chance that Walter opened up the spam folder on his email to find the message titled “FREE App! Download NOW!!!” He still wasn’t sure why he clicked on it, but the premise made him chuckle. It was one of those photo faceswapping apps, but this one was promising that it would make those chances in real life. It seemed absurd, but Walter thought the marketing was clever enough. After agreeing to a very long Terms of Service page, Walter began exploring the app. There was just a simple camera interface with the text “Take a Picture of the Person You Wish to Swap with.” It didn’t seem to have the ability to import photos from the internet, so Walter went down to the park right by his house. There was a group of guys that always worked out there. He told himself that he certainly wouldn’t mind having a younger body, and the men weren’t exactly taking good care of themselves by smoking and drinking (which was banned in the park, but they did it anyway). Walter sat on a bench not far away and aimed his phone. He thought he had a good shot, and so he took a picture. The next thing he knew, he felt strange. He looked down at the photo; nothing about it had changed. However, while looking at his phone, he couldn’t ignore the two breasts hanging from his chest encased in a sports bra. The thing had actually worked! But for some odd reason, it had swapped him with a woman instead of the guy he aimed for. He tried to take another photo, but the Terms of Service came up again with two sections highlighted. The first stated that the app was good for one swap only. The second stated to be sure your subject was isolated and alone in the photo; not responsible for unintentional swaps! Walter was confused; he swore the photo was just of the guy. He looked back at the photo. It took a while to find her. She was in the background jogging, really just a blur of color. But the colors were equally matched to what Walter now wore when he loked down. He couldn’t believe the app would register that person. He couldn’t believe it actually worked and he swapped bodies with her! And he, of course, couldn’t believe he was a woman now from the neck down!

Monday, July 11, 2016

New Normal

Crap! Graham’s wife would be home any minute; he couldn’t let her see him like this. He had only intended to use the site to transform his body for a few moments; it just so quickly turned to an hour. Now he needed to find the site again in order to transform back. He didn’t remember closing out of the site, but it wasn’t open in any of the tabs on his browser. It didn’t appear to be in his history either. And, as a final kicker, he couldn’t recall the name of the website no matter how hard he tried. It was almost as if he hadn’t visited the site at all. His heart sank further when he loked over from his laptop to the shelf to see his wedding picture. Instead of he and his wife; it was the woman he now was an a man. Gwen realized her heart was now racing. She had to transform back before her husband got home. But transform back into what? What was she worrying about? Everything was normal, wasn’t it?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Total Pro

There were always some pros and cons when spending a vacation on Exchange Island. On a previous visit, Stan had figured out that you get the room of the person you swap with, so he knew to buy the cheapest one available. Sure enough, he swapped with someone who was spending two weeks in one of the villas with a private pool. It was a big pro in his book. On the con side, this person was a woman. He felt so uncomfortable with a curvy body and the way all her swimsuits felt like they showed off so much skin. At least who could keep to the private pool and avoid the crowds on the beach.

However, after a few days, he started to settle into this body. He was starting to think that being a woman for the duration of his vacation wasn’t a con at all, he was feeling like it was a very big pro. It was a chance to experience something truly different. And he was really beginning to enjoy this body. Now, if only he could brave being seen at the beach...