Saturday, July 23, 2016


Exchange Island was supposed to be a break; a place where Marc could forget all his troubles. Instead, it ended up creating a whole lot more. Marc had never questioned his sexuality or his gender before. But the body swapping that happened when he landed on Exchange Island put him in a woman’s body, and he had to admit that he was enjoying it more than he ever thought he would. He thought being someone else would provide him with an escape; instead, he was beginning to think that this body was the person he was always really meant to be. Could it be possible? Was he actually always meant to be a woman? He tried to put it out of his mind with a nice, relaxing walk on the beach. He smiled, knowing how good it felt. This was who he was really supposed to be; he knew it. But in another few days, he’d have to leave the island and this body and be back to his own. He knew he needed to find a way to stop that from happening.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Good Deal

Eugene looked out the window. Was he in a pent house? This place was pretty fancy. It took him a few more minutes for him to realize that he now had an entirely new body, which was also quite impressive. He was a woman now with a skinny build, a great figure, and very long legs. He’d come to learn that the Great Shift was responsible for the swap, and he couldn’t be happier about it. How could he complain about being gorgeous and rich? It seemed like a pretty good deal.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


When it first happened, Jack tried to hide it. He wore bulky clothes to hide the fact that from the neck down he now had the body of his co-worker, Martha. No matter what he did, people would call him “ma’am” or “miss.” He wondered how Martha was handling it, and was surprised to find that she had embraced his body. She cut her hair short and stopped wearing makeup. She looked, well, like a guy. Jack began to wonder if he should do the same. He thought about growing his hair out, he started making sure he was always clean shaven. He knew he wasn’t ready to start wearing skirts or dresses, so he started with some yoga pants and a top that showed off his figure instead of trying to hide it. He also wasn’t sure if he was ready for makeup. He may have still had his head, but he realized that he had to admit that he was a woman now. For all intents and purposes, he WAS a woman now. He hoped he’d be able to switch back one day, but for the time being, he was accepting this.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Ann had given Jeremy a strict set of instructions after the two had swapped bodies, but he honestly wasn’t sure if he was doing any of it right. He couldn’t have ever imagined hair, makeup, and clothes could be this complicated! He was already running late, and he hadn’t even gotten halfway through the “getting ready” list. Then there were the other lists about how to act in public, what to eat at each meal, and about a dozen others. He couldn’t wait to find out when they’d be able to switch back. Being Ann was a pain!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


When it happened, Alfie immediately looked back across the street to where he had just been standing a moment before. The woman who he swapped bodies with did the same. Her jaw dropped as she looked back at her former body and then down at Alfie’s body, which she now had. She darted across the street to her former body without looking both ways. A car swerved to avoid her, but to no avail. The driver had also just found himself in a new body behind the wheel, and he was shocked enough to be driving that he just couldn’t react fast enough to the woman in Alfie’s body sudden crossing. It was all so surreal for Alfie. As he watched his own body getting hit by a car, it felt like the afterlife rather than a body swap. He couldn’t even bring himself to rush over to help. He just stood there, staring. It probably wasn’t an uncommon way to react to the Great Shift...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Pool Rules (Part 3)

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As Jason sat slouched by the showers, he couldn’t help but wonder why the woman had chosen him. He was sure any number of men would’ve loved the opportunity to be a hot woman like this; he just happened to not be one of them.

As he sat and sulked, a few people returned, asking if he was sure he didn’t need any help.

Jason eventually relented. “I guess I could,” He said, still feeling weird with the pitch of his new voice, “My head just feels a little funny. I can’t remember which locker I put my clothes in or where I parked my car.”

Soon enough, about a half dozen people were helping him put together information about this new life he had been given. He wasn’t thankful for much today, but at least this pretty face was able to work a bunch of sympathy out of people.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pool Rules (Part 2)

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Jason got to his feet, and the reality of his new body was really setting in. He couldn’t describe how awkward he felt. It wasn’t just the obvious feminine features that were throwing him off either. Even things like the length of his arms and legs were causing him confusion. He tried not to make a big deal out of it. He had a feeling that if started to tell people that he had switch bodies, they’d think he was crazy. But then he looked around for his own body, figuring the woman now inside of it would be just as freaked out as he was. The strange thing was that she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Had she run off? Was she the one responsible for this somehow? Why would she want his body? How could she even do something like this? It didn’t seem to make much sense. He soon slumped back down, not wanting to deal with this, but he knew he’d have to accept it sooner or later..