Saturday, September 24, 2016

Time and a Half (Part 1)

On the day after the Great Shift, Tony wasn’t expecting any of his men to show up. Yet he was pleasantly surprised when he arrived early at the construction site to find Bruce there working. Tony was surprised how hard Bruce was working, especially considering the body he ended up with after the Shift. He was sure Bruce’s new body couldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds; it certainly couldn’t lift as much as his old body. But Bruce was still giving it as much as he could. He was lifting materials to get ready for some brickwork. Tony thought about telling him to go home, but he was honestly impressed by Bruce’s resolve. He was also convinced that Bruce was earning the time and half he had planned to pay everyone who showed up today.

Friday, September 23, 2016


Nate watched the timer in the app as it began to tick down to zero. He couldn’t believe this strange body swapping app actually worked, but at least he was only stuck in Rebecca’s body for a few more seconds. He counted along in his head, “Three...Two...One...” But then...nothing. He was still in Rebecca’s body! He looked at the app again. It was flashing zero; he should’ve switched back to his own body! He had been stuck like this for a day, and he didn’t want to be stuck any longer! He tried calling his own phone, but Rebecca didn’t answer. He looked for a help section of the app, but he couldn’t seem to find one. He kept telling himself that this just couldn’t possibly be happening.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Finding himself in a woman’s body all of a sudden was something Al was having trouble coming to grips with. He was in a bathroom wearing little more than a bikini and high heels. He took a deep breath, prepared to brave the outside world when someone began pounding on the door and yelling. He became a little unsure and hid behind the sink. The window wasn’t big enough to crawl through, and it was only a matter of time before the person shouting and pounding on the other side was able to break down the door. Al didn’t think this body seemed all that strong either. Maybe there was something in here he could use to defend himself...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

End of the Line

Jason usually drove home, but after a late night with too many beers at the bar, he opted for the train. He wasn’t exactly sure when it happened due to his drunken state, but he noticed it by the time he was halfway home -- he was himself anymore. Had he suddenly transformed into a woman? Had he swapped bodies with a woman on the train? He wasn’t exactly sure; he hadn’t been sober enough to be paying attention. He became curious about his new body. He shifted his position quite often just to feel the way it moved. He was probably making a scene, but there weren’t many people on at this hour, and it was late enough that hardly anyone cared about some weirdo on the train. He wasn’t even paying any attention when the train got to his stop. In fact, he continued to be fascinated by his new body until the end of the line. He knew he’d have to get off, but he could just hop on another one going back the opposite way.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Once androids became more mainstream in the world, it didn’t take long for Nigel to create a program that would allow a person to upload one’s consciousness into the network inside the robot. He was reluctant to release his work to the public, but with his own health failing, Nigel took a risky move by uploading his own brain into the nearest android connected to a network. Within moments, he was surprised to find himself in an artificial body. He was even more surprised that the body happened to be female. The robotic joints felts stiff and very mechanical, even though he was sure anyone watching would see them as fluid and almost a perfect mimicking of a human. Then there was the bigger problem of still being connected to a network! Whoever owned this android used her quite frequently. To make speeches at sales presentations, to wave like a model. Whenever the body was sent a command over the network, he had no way to stop himself -- he had to do it! If he were just given a chance to rest, he might be able to get to a computer and disconnect himself, but he never seemed to get a break long enough...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Shape (Part 3)

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It only got weirder for Jim once he finished up exercising and decided to shower off and get dressed. His closets and drawers were filled with women’s clothing -- and most of it was pretty sexy! The abilities of the piece of exercise equipment went from odd to just plain unbelievable. It just didn’t make sense for his clothing to be altered. Then again, he might not want to think too much into it. If his clothing had been changed, maybe his identity had been as well. He might not have to worry about explaining his sudden change of gender to the government of his financial institution. As he thought about it all, he was absent-mindedly getting dressed without any difficulty; he slathered on a coat of makeup as if he had been doing so for years. He checked himself out in the mirror and decided he had absolutely nothing to complain about.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Good Shape (Part 2)

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Jim got off to new piece of equipment and looked in the mirror. It seemed impossible, but he had been transformed into a woman! The other thing that seemed odd to him was that he didn’t seem to be in a panic; he felt strangely calm. And the longer he looked at his new body, the less he felt any need to worry. This new body looked good and felt good; it was attractive and in great shape. So what if he was female now? It seemed like a small price to pay. Did he really want to go back to his old body that was just about one Big Mac away from a heart attack? Sure it was weird, and he had no idea how he was going to explain this to places like the DMV or his bank, but he wasn’t complaining!