Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Possessions

Sam wasn’t exactly sure how he ended up without a body of his own. Had he been killed somehow or did he just sort of turn into a magical spirit? Regardless, being such a spirit hasn’t actually been so bad, especially when he realized he could possess anyone. He started by possessing people fairly similar to himself, but two weeks ago, he possessed Lexi. It was the first time he had possessed a woman, and he hated to admit how much he enjoyed it. Two weeks was much longer than the usual two or three days he stayed in someone’s body. Still, it was time to move on. He slumped down and let his spirit pour out of Lexi’s mouth. He hated giving up her body, but he vowed the next body he possessed would also be a woman, and he was sure he could find one that was just as good, if not better, than Lexi’s.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Half Court (Part 2)

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Whatever sort of lesson Dave was supposed to learn from being in Daiyu’s body, he was clueless about. It was tough enough to piece together where she lived from the contents of her purse and by asking the friends she had gone to the gym with. Inside her off-campus apartment, he found a schedule. It seemed she was a teaching assistant in a class that started in an hour. He wasn’t very comfortable in any of her clothes. Pants were too tight, tops were to revealing. He eventually settled on a modest white dress. He wasn’t thrilled about wearing a dress, but at least it was loose and covered his body up! Once arriving at the class, he realized he knew nothing about the subject matter. It was some sort of advanced mix of Chinese and mathematics. For the most part, he just tried to smile and nod as the students talked about the problems to one another. All he could think about inside of his head was when he was going to get his own body back! He hoped it was soon...but how?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Half Court

Dave and his friends went to the university’s gym, hoping to shoot some hoops after classes. There was a group of women already playing on the court. Dave shouted at them to get off. The women felt pretty insulted, insisted that there was plenty of room for everyone. They eventually both agreed to each play on half the court. After a missed pass, Dave went running after the ball, eventually crashing into one of the women running the other way.

“I told you there wasn’t enough room for all of us on the court,” He snapped.

“What are you talking about, Daiyu?” One of the women asked, “It was your idea to let these guys join our game when they arrived.”

Dave looked down with fear. He had become the woman that ran into him! And it seemed like his own body was nowhere around. No one seemed to be concerned; it was like he never even existed. As it seems, without his presence, when his friends had shown up, everyone agreed to one big game instead of each going half court. He began to wonder if becoming this woman was supposed to teach him some sort of lesson about his pigheadedness. Maybe he was meant to understand women better and this was some sort of lesson...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Maid Man

For years, Vivian hated the way her boss had treated her. Hugo Crump had employed her as a maid, but he treated her terribly. He overworked her, underpaid her, and forced her to wear skimpy outfits while cleaning. If she spoke up, he threatened to call immigration and have her deported. There didn’t seem to be much she could do until she heard about a new technology that allowed two people to swap bodies. Struggling to put some money aside, she finally saved enough. Then when he least expected it, she swapped bodies with Mr. Crump. He didn’t seem too upset by the swap. In fact, he just sat down and slumped in one of his large leather chairs.

“You better start doing what I say now, Mr. Crump,” Vivian tried demanding, “Or else I’m going to be the one to call immigration and have YOU deported.” Hugo laughed, “Good luck with that. It’s not like body swapping technology is exactly a secret. I have myself protected with plenty of counter technology and tons of insurance just to deal with this type of situation. I can easily identify who I really am to the authorities. And I’m sure you could only afford a one way swap, which means your stuck in my fat over the hill body unless I decide to swap back with you...which I have no inclination to do. In fact, I’ll call immigration myself, and they’ll soon be deporting your ass. Well, actually your ass is going to stay right here with me inside of the body connected to it.  You see, Viv, I always get what I want.”

Vivian was horrified.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Feels So Right

Rob had dreamed of making out with Kristen ever since he first saw her in the hallway of their apartment building. He couldn’t believe he was about to fulfill his dreams...well, sort of. The circumstances leading to this moment were rather weird. She had approached him in the hallway, offering him anything he wanted as long as he met her condition. He jumped at the opportunity and confessed his secret crush. She smiled and told him that it was now time for the conditions. The next thing Rob knew, his head was atop her body and Kristen’s head was atop his. He was a little skeptical about making out with her like this, but Kristen’s body son betrayed him. He hated to admit it, but he was enjoying this. And not only that, he was enjoying the way Kristen’s body tingled so much better than his own would under these circumstances. He knew this was weird and wrong on so many levels, but it felt so right!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Time and a Half (Part 3)

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By the time lunch time rolled around, Bruce hadn’t made too much progress on the brick laying. He kept working even after Tony blew the whistle for lunch. He decided to call Bruce over. Bruce told Tony that he really needed the money for the day, and he knew he was falling behind quotas. Tony laughed. He told Bruce to take the rest of the day off. He’d still be paying him for the full day, and he’d be getting time and a half for the entire day. Bruce’s face lit up. He gave Tony a quick hug and told him that he’d be back bright and early the next morning. Tony thanked Bruce for his work and said that he wished all his workers had his sort of motivation.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Time and a Half (Part 2)

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Tony kept watching as Bruce continued his work. With Bruce being the only one on the job and with a much weaker body, it was taking him much longer to prepare than it would normally. While Bruce would let out the occasional grunt, Tony couldn’t help but think it sounded a little sing-songy thanks to the sweet feminine voice that Bruce now had. The whole sight was rather amusing. Tony wondered how many of the other men on the construction job were in a similar situation. When they all finally started filtering back after adjusting to their new post-Shift bodies, he kept wondering how odd it would all seem. Not that it wasn’t odd seeing Bruce with his new female body working all by itself, but who knew what sort of types of bodies the various workers might be in now?