Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nothing He Could Do

The commotion surrounding Lucas was understandable. The Great Shift had just struck, swapping everyone’s bodies. For his own part, Lucas was just trying not to freak out. He slouched down in his chair and manspread out his legs. It actually felt really weird, considering his new body. A lot of familiar sensations were gone; they were replaced by others that didn’t seem quite right. He didn’t want to be a woman, but considering the confusion in the room, there didn’t seem to be anything he could do about it either...

Friday, October 21, 2016

Shift Selfies

After the Great Shift, Dennis didn’t think it was unreasonable for Laura to check up on her body. He would send her a selfie every day, so that she knew it was okay and that he was treating it right. He took today’s during his morning jog. He broke out his cell phone, smiled, and sent it to her. She replied back quickly and thanked him for the daily text. He knew he was lucky to end up with such a good body after the Shift, others he knew weren’t quite so fortunate. The selfie was the least he could do for the former owner of this body. He’d take photos of himself after buying a new outfit or a haircut. And Laura would always thank him. She missed her body, but she was glad that Dennis was taking god care of it.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Whatever I Want

John was shocked when it happened. He looked down to see a ballooning under his shirt.

“What the heck?” He asked as he became curious as he began to take the shirt off to investigate.

A sudden voice stopped him, “Becky! What are you doing?”

John froze, “Who? Me? I’m not Becky. I’m a man! Or I was until a few seconds ago. Now I’m suddenly a woman...and I’m curious!”

“That’s my sister’s body! You can’t do that!”

“It’s my body now, and I can do whatever I want!”

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Forest Dance

Luke was convinced this was all a strange and wonderful dream. He was dancing in a forest, but he didn’t have his own body. The body he had was female; it was flexible. He could move it in ways that he just couldn’t imagine. He lifted a leg over his head with no effort; it was amazing. His head swam with delight as well. What he didn’t realize was that he wasn’t dreaming. He was one of the countless victims of the Great Shift, a world wide body swapping phenomenon. Luke just happened to swap with a ballerina, who had taken a few too many recreational drugs and was dancing in the woods when the Shift took place. His mind was swimming with her high, and he couldn’t quite grasp what was actually real; that this body was actually his now...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Lab Accident (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

The next day, Martin’s heart skipped throughout the day as he hoped his wife would be normal when he arrived home. He wasn’t hopeful when he found her sitting outside in the same chair with her head down. He let out a sigh of relief when she lifted it. She had her own face.

“You might not want to be too thankful,” She said, “I may look like your wife, but I ain’t your wife. It’s Raj. We solved the problems with our faces, but, well, as you can see, I’m her. And she’s me. She thought you’d take the news better if you heard it from her body, which I guess is going to be mine for the next couple days until we can take care of this all for good down at the lab...”

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Lab Accident

Martin got a call from his wife telling him to rush home immediately, that there had been an accident at the lab she worked at. He ran into the backyard where she was sitting on a chair, then she looked up. He was shocked to see that her face wasn’t her own. He recognized it. The face belonged to her co-worker, Raj. She attempted a rough smile, telling Martin it was going to be okay. It should be temporary; it was an accident; everyone was working very hard to fix it. Martin felt like vomiting. There was his wife’s beautiful body sitting there with Raj’s ugly face. It was horrifying. He could only hope that she was right, and that it would all be fixed as soon as possible.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


It had been a pretty difficult two years at college for Jamal. He was one of the few African American students at the otherwise white school, and he often felt racial discrimination from his peers. They often mocked him, saying the only reason he got in was because of affirmative action. Jamal knew his grades were better than most, but he knew logic never seemed to get through to any of them. He would take advantage of his size and their prejudices by making a low growl to get them to shut up. Things got really bad at the end of sophomore year when a female student falsely accused him of rape. He wasn’t sure why she did it. Maybe she mistook him for someone else or maybe she was just out to get him, but he wasn’t happy about having to face the school’s judicial board to defend himself. On the night before the hearing, he wished he benefited from the same sort of privilege these white, female students did.

He woke up feeling strange. Something felt different. He made his way over to a mirror and was shocked. Instead of being a 255 pound, six foot tall, African American male; he was now a 110 pound, five foot four, white woman! He decided there was probably an upside to this. He wouldn’t have to be mocked by his classmates anymore; he’d probably get a fairer shake at school. But when he put on a black hoodie, he did totally miss the feeling of knowing he could intimidate the other students. He was pretty sure no one was going to cowering in fear of this body!