Saturday, November 19, 2016

Finale (Part 3)

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Between the period of shock and the conversations, enough time had passed for the room to start to clear out. Jason realized he hadn’t much of a plan for how to live this woman’s life or how to get his body back. The ‘first timer’ comment had struck him. He could return and get swapped again. If he coordinated with his former body, he could buy a lot of tickets, and play the odds until he was himself again. But his own body had already filtered out of the room. Plus, it had been difficult for his friends to get tickets to this show; they were sold out for months. That means he’d be stuck in this body for at least that long.

The gentleman who spoke to him before did so again, “You probably want to go down to the lobby and get your purse from the coat check. You’ll be kicked out of here soon, but I’m sure the contents of that will help you with any adjustment.”

Jason thanked the man for the advice, but he still felt this all seemed so strange.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Finale (Part 2)

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Jason stood there in shock. How was this possible? How was he suddenly in a different body? He didn’t have much time to think about it as a large, burly man approached him.

“That’s MY body,” The man growled.

Jason struggled for words, “I’m not...I don’t...uh...”

Another gentleman interrupted them, “You must both be first timers. This is ALWAYS what happens.”

“People switch bodies?” Jason finally blurted out, “How does this not get out?”

“There are punishments for telling...”

“But the press!”

“The people in the bodies of the press are no longer the press. Often times, it’s folks who can barely put two sentences together.”

“But why? How?”

“You are full of questions, aren’t you? Have you not heard the phrase that all the world is a stage? This isn’t the performance’s finale; it’s the beginning. And you have been given a new role to play. I can’t wait to see how you’ll act the part!”

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Finale (Part 1)

It was called an “immersive theatrical experience,” and tickets sold out months in advance. Jason’s friends had convinced him to go with them, and he had honestly forgotten about it until they reminded him the night before. He looked over many reviews to prepare. They all raved about the play but kept quite vague on the details. Arriving on Thursday night with his friends, he noted that many people waiting in line wore crazy, artsy outfits. Jason felt a little out of place in his t-shirt and jeans, but was thankful he was with his friends who were all dressed in a similar manner. That didn’t last long.

The organizers of the play insisted on splitting up all groups who entered. People were brought in randomly with others they didn’t know. Once inside, Jason felt like it didn’t seem much like a “play;” more like an abandoned warehouse with a strobe light here or there. There was just enough lighting to realize the warehouse actually had an elaborate set design, but certainly not enough light to appreciate it. And, sure enough, after some exploration, there were actors as well. Though much like it felt like a stretch calling this thing a “play;” it also felt like a stretch calling the people inside “actors.” They just seemed to run around, dance, or just do general odd things. For about an hour, Jason wandered around the dark, decorated warehouse before being lead to a large room. The entire audience must have been in there, but it was far too dark to recognize anyone. The strobes became quicker until it became blinding and a sharp noise rang out until it became piercing.

Then it was quiet and the lights were back on. But everything was different. Very different.

Everyone in the audience seemed to be feeling up their own bodies. It didn’t take long for Jason to figure out why. He looked down at his own body -- except it wasn’t HIS body. He was a woman! He was one of those people he had seen come in a crazy outfit. It was gold with tall black boots. Had he seen her come in? He tried to remember what she looked like.

Then an announcement shot out over a PA system declaring that the performance was over. It couldn’t end like this, could it? With a mass body swapping? It not only seemed crazy; it seemed completely impossible!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Throw Up

The Great Shift nearly brought Daniel to tears. He was in a panic when he found himself in someone else’s body. Being a woman was one thing.; he was sure he could deal with things like women’s clothing, makeup, and long hair. But this body was so frail and so thin. He felt weak, like his legs could barely hold up the rest of his body. And he was starving...just like really hungry. Being this skinny just wasn’t natural. He wanted to gorge out on some food, but he realized that things were now worse for him. The thought of doing so made him feel like he wanted to throw up.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sister's Clothes (Part 4)

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Edward hoped off his skateboard and began to walk back to his home again. A trip downtown would have to wait for now. Stilt, he was eager to see people reacting to their new bodies, but most people had cleared out of his neighborhood. He was beginning to think that he should do the same. And, in fact, while he expected to adjust with more time in this body, the opposite was actually true. He was feeling more and more weird as he became aware of all the differences.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sister's Clothes (Part 3)

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Edward knew traffic downtown would be awful right now, probably even worse if everyone had swapped bodies, so he decided the best way down would be to ride his skateboard. However, when he got on, he found riding to be difficult. His balance was all off, and he was sure he was going to fall off any minute if he kept going. He figured it actually made a lot of sense; a new body was going to take some getting used to. It’s muscle memory was different, and he’d have to learn to compensate for a different distribution of weight as well.

He thought back to the heels he had been wearing when he first swapped, realizing that he had walked back to his house in them without too much difficulty. Clearly, this body was used to heels but not a skateboard. He was a bit bummed about this, but he figured that he would have plenty of time to relearn.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sister's Clothes (Part 2)

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On his way home, Edward encountered plenty of other people who had swapped bodies. He was insanely curious about this whole thing, but he wanted to change clothes first. He let himself in with a hidden key and proceeded straight to his sister’s bag. The t-shirt inside was too revealing for his taste, but certainly better than that strange blue bra. The nylon pants seemed far too tight, but still preferable to a skirt. He was glad she had sneakers in there to replace the high heels that were on his feet. Then he grabbed his skateboard and one of his baseball hats and headed outside.

His neighborhood was pretty empty; most people had probably cleared out after the Shift had taken place. If he wanted to talk to other people, his best bet was probably heading to downtown or some place with more people.