Saturday, November 26, 2016


Michael sure hoped not all women’s clothes were this difficult to figure out. It had taken him almost twenty minutes to put on this swimsuit in the changing room. He told himself that he better get used to he. He was going to be on Exchange Island for the next two weeks, and this was the body he ended up with. His plan had been simple. After checking in, he was going to hit up the beach. He hadn’t expected to take so long getting ready. He realized it might be just as difficult to get out of this thing, and putting on things like a bra were going to be a challenge as well. But why worry about that right now? Now was a time to just go hit the beach and try to enjoy himself. With this great body, that task couldn’t be that hard!

Friday, November 25, 2016


Everyone in town thought Mr. Miller was simply a racist old man. The truth was much more complex. He had lived in the small suburban town long before it became a hip location for rich commuters to settle down. He didn’t grumble about the recent wave of wealthy Asian immigrants because he was racist; it was because he was jealous. He was jealous of their youth and jealous of their money. But he had a plan, and he was finally ready to enact it.

He walked to the train station one morning during the morning commute with a crumbled, tattered piece of paper in his hand. He eyed an Asian businessman on the platform and read the words on the paper. Unexpectedly, Mr. Miller found himself quite far from the station. The body swap spell he read couldn’t apparently be aimed so easily. Instead of swapping with the businessman, he found himself in the body of a woman heading to the gym for a game of tennis.

It wasn’t what he had intended at all, but he had no reason to complain. This woman was young, and if she was headed to the gym instead of a job, she probably had plenty of money. Or at least her husband did.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Just a few more drops should do it. Luke had to be careful to mix the exact right amount of the potion. Then he was going to have to figure out a way to slip half of it into Amber’s drink before downing the other half himself. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but he did have one small advantage. She didn’t know that he knew about the magic body swapping potion that caused their swap. Sure, she had done it fairly stealthily, but once he was in her body, he found her notes in her room, which lead to an internet with the instructions. It meant he could reverse this swap and get his body back. He just needed to get close enough to use it...

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Swapped Lives Matter

It seemed that just about every day in the news, there was a story about a young black man being shot by the police for no reason. It was always in the back of Jack’s mind each time he went out. He could tell the look on white people’s faces when they saw his tall stature, large frame, hip-hop style, and dark skin; they were afraid of him. It didn’t seem to matter how mild mannered he was; the preconceived notion was almost always there. He couldn’t imagine what might happen if he was in the wrong place late at night. It didn’t take much convincing to get him involved in demonstrations protesting police violence.

It was at one of these protests where something very strange happened. There was a bright light. Jack had assumed the police had shot some sort of flash grenade into the crowd, but it turned out to be something else, something very different. When the light dissipated, he was in a college dorm room. It got even weirder. Thnigs seemed slightly taller than what he was used to. He soon realized he was no longer 6 foot 4; he was now just a little over 5 feet. And he wasn’t 270 pounds anymore; he was probably closer to 100. And the weirdest part? He wasn’t a black man anymore; he was an Asian woman!

He rushed out of the dorm and back to his own home. He changed out of the dress she was wearing and into his own baggy clothes. Looking at himself in the mirror was a trip -- a small Asian woman dressed in his clothes! It was weird! He thought about heading back to the protest, but if he wasn’t the only one who swapped bodies, he was sure it would be quite chaotic at this point. He still want to support the cause, but he also doubted the police would ever give him any trouble with this body. But then again, being a woman did present a whole bunch of other things he had to be concerned about...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Mike was going to watch the big game with his buddies, so he headed to the store to pick up a case of beer. As he walked back to his truck with a case in his hand, he whistled as a woman in the parking lot. All of a sudden, the beer he was holding became an iced tea and the keys became a smartphone. On top of that, he was wearing the stripped shirt and tight shorts of the woman that he had just whistled at, but it wasn’t just that -- he had her body. He had swapped bodies with her! It seemed impossible! You couldn’t just swap bodies with some chick, right? He couldn’t hang out with his friends looking like either. It would likely be more than awkward; they’d be hitting on him all night. He had to fix this. He quickly rushed to the woman now in his body. He begged for her to fix this; to reverse it. She just smiled as she got into his truck, telling him that he just needed to learn to respect women. He’d get his own body back once he learned that lesson.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Open Mic

Taking the stage at the comedy club’s open mic night always took a bit of courage, but Evan had decided to brave it. His first few jokes had bombed, but he was starting to feel like he was building is stride. Then he looked out into the audience and froze. He couldn’t quite believe it, but there was a couple in the front row where a woman’s head was on a man’s body and a man’s head was on a woman’s body. It didn’t stop there either. Above another table was a man’s torso that was clearly attached to long feminine legs in a skirt beneath it. The woman next to him had two very different legs. It didn’t take long before Evan realized that he wasn’t immune from the body part swapping that had hit the room. He was completely changed with all of his new body parts seemingly taken exclusively from female members of the audience. One leg was from a woman wearing a short skirt and black boots; the other (along with the pelvic area)was from a woman wearing black pants and white boots. He had the head of an Asian woman. He wasn’t sure where his torso was from, but he noted that the sleeves on it didn’t match each other along with different color nail polish on each hand meant he probably had the arms of two different people as well. A quick heckle caused him to continue his routine. But he couldn’t help wonder that if no one was freaking out, was he the only one who noticed this all?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Finale (Part 4)

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Jason discovered the claim slip for his new body’s purse tucked in his bosom. After checking the info inside, he walked to her apartment in a bit of a daze. It wasn’t far from where the “play” had been held, and it turned out to be quite spacious.

At first, he just wanted to go to bed. But as he looked around for pajamas, he was drawn to the rest of her wardrobe. There were plenty of wild outfits like the one she had chosen to wear tonight, but there was plenty of other things too -- though it seemed she mostly wore skirts and dresses. He tried a few things on, feeling a bit more comfortable now than in the outfit he had been in earlier.

He began to dig through papers and bank statement. Jason wanted to know everything about his new life. It luckily seemed that money wouldn’t be a problem; it seemed she had enough investments to simply live off the dividends. A pay stub revealed a job working as a graphic designer -- though this was much lower than the dividend payments. As he explored more and more, he told himself that he could do this. He could live this life. And the more he did this, the more he began to believe it.