Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hipster (Part 4)

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Yeah, sure, Jason ended up picking a dress, but at least it was’t nearly as loud as most of Miyoko’s other outfits. A cold front also had come in overnight, so he ended up wearing one of her coats when he went out on Sunday. He just kept telling himself it was only for a day; it was only while he went out shopping. He wanted pants; he wanted something more normal. More than anything, he hoped he’d be able to swap back to his own body at some point. Of course, he still had no idea how he swapped with Miyoko in the first place, and he had no idea how he was going to swap back.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Hipster (Part 3)

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Jason dug a little deeper and found a pair of pants...well, sort of. It actually seemed to be a full bodysuit. If he thought the last thing was colorful, this was one was colorful AND busy. It was comfortable fitting, but when he looked in the mirror, the reflection seemed crazy. He couldn’t go out like this, could he? No, he’d probably have to try again.

But still outfit after outfit and none of them felt quite right to be seen in. Of course, her closet was pretty big. He still had a lot to go through. He was convinced that there had to be SOMETHING in here. That’s when he saw it in the back. He wasn’t going to like it, but it was going to be reasonable. Like the leather skirt she had been wearing when they swapped.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hipster (Part 2)

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After getting the full rundown, Jason went to Miyoko’s apartment in order to try to adjust as best he could to the fact that he now had her body, which meant he’d have to live her life. Based on her talk about things like Reiki, there was nothing about her place that surprised him. It was filled with a bunch of new age mystic Asian stuff. Then there was the closet. The t-shirt and leather skirt that he had been wearing was normal enough, but the stuff in the closet was downright weird. He couldn’t resist the urge to try on a few things. Picking out an outfit that was very colorful, he looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t imagine wearing this sort of thing outside. In fact, he was pretty sure he couldn’t actually use much of the clothes in the closet. He’d probably have to go out and buy some other things that he’d feel a bit more comfortable in. Of course, that meant finding something to wear to the store tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hipster (Part 1)

Without a care in the world, Jason wandered down the street on the sunny Saturday. His up-and-coming neighborhood was filled with hipster parents, recent graduates who were working in the finance industry like him, and plenty of weirdos. He spied a blond woman in a short dress and did a double take to check out her ass. In that moment, he wasn’t looking where he was going and he ran into someone else. The bump must’ve done something extremely weird, as he was shocked to learn that it somehow caused him to swap bodies with the person he had run into, a weird Asian woman with dyed tips and a leather skirt. As he examined his new long hair, his jaw dropped in shock.

The woman he swapped with seemed to be very calm about the whole thing. She began to surmise about Reiki, the life force, and other hippie-esque nonsense.

Jason did his best not to criticize her, as she explained some basic things about herself. Her name was Miyoko; she lived about a block away; she didn’t have a job, but her parents were rich, so it really wasn’t a problem. Jason explained his own life as well. He lived a few blocks in the other direction. He feared describing his job, thinking Miyoko would never be able to cut it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


“Don’t you own ANY shoes without a heel?” Greg chuckled as he held two different shoes up, “I mean, come on, these are sneakers, and they still have a heel!”

“They’re called wedges,” Laura answered flatly, “You’ll need to learn that sort of thing if you don’t want to arouse any suspicion while we’re swapped. And, yes, every shoe I own has some sort of heel to it. Now that you’re in my body, you can probably tell how short it is. I need the extra height.”

“Believe me, no one want to swap bodies back more than I do. But who cares if you are short? Women are short! That’s just the way it is! And who cares if I don’t know the different between a pump and a wedge or a heel or whatever!?”

“Because, trust me, everyone I know will realize something is up. You’re the one who wanted to keep this body swap secret, so make the effort to keep it secret! It’s going to be a long two days otherwise.”

Monday, December 5, 2016


Carter stood in front of the lecture hall frozen. He was thinking about how this happened; it still seemed impossible. He had shown up to Professor Pak’s office hours yesterday for help in her Astronomy class. She could see he was struggling and decided to offer some advice. After reaching up a shelf, she pulled down a small rock, explaining that it was the piece of a meteorite she had gotten to study. They were still unsure of its origins and even the material didn’t seem natural. Then the rock did something that shocked both of them; it began to glow. Then the glow engulfed both of them, swapping their bodies.

Carter was in a panic as he suddenly found himself in Professor Pak’s body. She was a bit more measured, examining the rock as if it had just given up a revelation. She told Carter that she’d bring the rock to an associate for further study, in hopes of figuring how they triggered this and how to control it. Further, she explained that Carter would have to pretend to be her in the interim and not speak a word to anyone about the swap. He protested. How could he pull off being her. He was so close to failing the class; how could he possibly teach it! She quipped back that she had full faith in his ability to understand the material; he just lacked the confidence. What better way to apply the proper pressure than to have him teach it?

It was difficult for Carter to fall asleep. He felt so awkward with Professor Pak’s feminine body. It was even more awkward to shower and get dressed the next morning. However, all of that awkwardness paled in comparison to standing up in front of that lecture hall trying to figure out how to deliver the daily lesson.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Captain James Buegler was quite proud of himself. In a normal news cycle, he knew his actions would probably be portrayed as heroic. Of course, he realized his actions would be overshadowed in the media by the Great Shift, which caused his need to act in the first place. He was flying when the Shift struck, swapping him into the body of a stewardess. The plane began to nosedive. He rushed up front and gained control just in time. After his adrenaline calmed, the fact that he was now in the body of someone else began to sink in. He was in the body of a stewardess -- a woman! Then he realized the plan he was now in wasn’t his own either. He must’ve swapped into the body of a stewardess on a different plane! He began to wonder how it all happened, and how many other planes had been saved by people like him. Or the worse thought, how many had been lost? He maintained his happiness. He had done his part to help; he saved lives.