Saturday, January 7, 2017

Blind Date

Earlier in the day, Craig had gone to visit his sister, Gwen. She showed him a junky old medallion that she found at a yard sale. He wasn’t impressed; that is until the thing began to glow and the two of them ended up swapping bodies, to both their surprise. When they couldn’t use it again, Gwen suggested it may need to recharge. The only problem with waiting was a blind date that she had tonight that she refused to cancel.

Craig had been skeptical, but by the end of the dinner, he realized it wasn’t exactly a bad way to spend the evening. He hated to low cut top his sister insisted he wear, but was pleasantly surprised as the waitstaff cleared the table after dessert that Gwen’s date picked up the check. While a guy picking up the tab for a woman isn’t uncommon at all, after a few glasses of wine, Craig was often forgetting that he was the woman right now. The whole thing felt more like hanging out with a buddy instead of a romantic encounter.

Of course, after dinner in the cab home, he was reminded intensely about the gender of his present body when Gwen’s date tried to pull some moves. Craif did his best to rebuff them, but the situation still made him feel vulnerable and awkward. He sure hoped that medallion was recharged by the time he got back to his sister’s place.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Never Imagined (Part 2)

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It was a little bit of a shock for Brittany some time later when she ran into Ed some time later. She just couldn’t believe he could or would make her body look ... like ... THAT. She was almost at a loss for words when she walked up to him, before she finally burst out asked for an explanation about what he did to her body.

Ed just twirled his hair as he chewed on some gum, “I just brought out your natural beauty. I didn’t expect it either, but it all just sort of happened.”

Brittany wanted to react with anger -- especially when he mentioned “natural beauty” while looking down at what she obviously knew were implants -- but she held back. She knew there was nothing she could do. No one was going to reverse the Great Shift, and all the laws that ended up being passed post-Shift meant that Ed was the rightful owner of her body now. She knew there was no point in getting angry. It wouldn’t accomplish anything. So instead, she just nodded, hoping that she would never run into her old body ever again.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Never Imagined

Ed was really quite proud of himself. When he had first swapped with Brittany after the Great Shift, he was disappointed. She had been such a tomboy, but Ed had always held onto the belief that women should be, well, feminine. He wasn’t comfortable with the idea at first, but he kept telling himself that this was the way things were meant to be. It started out fairly simple, by wearing more skirts and dresses and adding a bit more pink to her wardrobe. It spiraled out of control quickly from there. He ditched any clothing that wasn’t pick, he never left the house without a thick coat of makeup, he wore corsets that eventually had a lasting impact on his figure, he always wore high heels, and he even got breast implants. After a year, his body was barely recognizable as the same Brittany he had swapped with during the Shift. And his previous personality from before the Shift was even less recognizable. After all, if he looked the part, he had to act the part as well, didn’t he? He flirted, he giggled; he was feminine. He never imagined he’d be doing any of this things in his lifetime; then again, he never imagined he’d be swapping with a woman at all to begin with.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Thomas had no words to describe how he was feeling. He had casually bumped into the woman on the street, and only a short time later he found that he had swapped bodies with her. He didn’t have any way to explain how it happened, and he was at a loss for words about just how good it felt to be in her body. He never would’ve expected it, but being a woman just felt right.

In fact, as soon as he was able to get off the street, he did so and began examining himself and snapping a few photos. The pants seemed way too tight, and he could tell that the underwear was riding up his ass crack, but that’s part of what made him feel so good. He snapped another photo of his butt in these tight white pants. Yes, he could get used to this butt. He really enjoyed this butt...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Final Visit (Part 3)

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And the next day, Herb left Exchange Island. While everyone else returned to their own bodies, Herb stayed in the body he had swapped into when he first arrived, Angela’s body. That was her name...or rather, his name now. And he had her life. There were a few forms that all visitors to Exchange Island had to fill out, but they didn’t contain very much least not when completely assuming someone else’s life. He knew his new name and where she lived. He also knew she was a yoga instructor and recently divorced. Details about social security numbers and maiden names would eventually help him uncover bank account numbers and passwords, but it would all take some time. He was impressed by the size of her house. He could only presume that her ex-husband was rich. After all, a yoga instructor couldn’t possibly make that much. And if he wanted to keep doing that, he realized he’d have to start to learn how to do yoga. This wasn’t going to be easy.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Final Visit (Part 2)

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On the day before he was scheduled to leave, Herb was called down to the resort’s lobby. The news wasn’t good. His body had a heart attack. There was no body for him to go back to, and no brain to return to the body he was currently in. Simply put, this woman’s body was now his. He left the lobby silent and went to a hill by the beach. For hours until the sun began to go down, he just looked out on the ocean and thought. He felt bad for the woman. He felt guilt, thinking he shouldn’t have come to the island at al this year. Then he felt fear; he’d have to assume this woman’s life that he knew nothing about. He knew he’d adjust; he had to.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Final Visit (Part 1)

Herb knew that it would probably be his last time on Exchange Island. He was nearly 70 now, and he was sure the yearly trip to the resort would be too much for him next year. And for his final trip, it was hard for him to imagine a better body to swap with. She was young, agile, and attractive. He spent the first day on the beach just enjoying her body’s flexibility. He knew he’d miss coming back here, enjoying the experience of a different body for a short time, but for now he was just enjoying and living in the now.