Saturday, February 4, 2017


Susan had been looking forward to vacationing with her husband on Exchange Island for months. She couldn’t wait to spend a week in someone else’s body -- to be someone completely different for a while. But when they arrived, she was disappointed. The body she swapped with wasn’t much different than her own. It was the same body type and about the same weight as hers was. Even the skin tone and hair length were remarkably similar. Technically, she may have swapped bodies, but she wasn’t exactly going to be getting a whole new set of experiences while she was here. Then she looked over at her husband, and suddenly she didn’t feel disappointed as much anymore.

Friday, February 3, 2017


Chris was trying to do anything he could to get his mind off the fact that he had swapped bodies with his sister. He invited his friend, Todd, over to just chill and play some video games. It seemed like a good distraction, but Chris picked up the controller and tried to play. He couldn’t even seem to get passed the first level.

“Dude, what the hell is wrong with me?” He asked with a dropped jaw.

“I have a theory,” Todd replied, “You’re wearing makeup. How’d you put that on this morning?”

“I dunno. I didn’t even think about it. My sister just told me I have to wear it.”

“Right, it was effortless. I think you got more from your sister than just her body from that swap. You also have some of her learned putting on makeup. But she probably has your video game playing skills.”

“No way. This can’t be happening. If I can’t play games, what am I? And, if I know how to put on makeup, I’m just a chick! Not just the physical body, but I’m like a legit chick. God, if I start liking sappy romance movies or obsessing about shoes, just shoot me, please!”

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pull Over (Part 4)

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It didn’t take Phillip too long to find his own car. Whoever ended up with his body had actually left it not far away with the keys in the ignition. Once he got in, Phillip became very aware of his new body when his feet didn’t reach the pedals. He was apparently a lot shorter now. As he adjusted the seat, he began to think of how far reaching this body swapping might have been. Was it just the city? Or did it affect the whole country? Or maybe the world? He thought about his ex-wife. He began to wonder if she had swapped and who she had swapped with. He sort of hoped she ended up swapping with a dog, if that was possibly. He chuckled at the thought of this, but he realized it probably sounded more like a bubbly giggle with the body he was now in and the pitch of his new voice. His new body was going to take some getting used to.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pull Over (Part 3)

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Phillip was only standing outside the car about a minute when a stout middle aged man approached.

“Thank God your okay, Honey!” The man said.

“Um...what?” Phillip laughed inquisitively.

The man’s hopeful face frowned, “If affected you too, didn’t it? You’re not actually my wife, are you?”

“i think it affected everyone.” Phillip paused as he put a few pieces together in his head, “Whoever wound up in your body parked the car safely before he ran off.”

“He didn’t leave any information?”


“Well, let me give you my card. There are some in the glove box. And write your information down as well. You should probably try to go find your own car and head home. I’ll make sure my wife gets in touch with you and gives you any information you need to know. I’m going to wait for her right here.”

“Thanks,” Phillip was a little taken aback about how this man seemed to be treating swapping bodies like getting in a car accident. He supposed it made some sense. He said goodbye as he began to look for his own car.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pull Over (Part 2)

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After about fifteen minutes of waiting in the front seat, Phillip switched to the back, just to try to break up the monotony. That’s when he began to notice how confused people nearby seemed to be acting. People were examining their bodies, as if they had swapped bodies just like he had with this woman and the driver had with whoever. What if everyone in the world had swapped bodies?

It seemed plausible, though Phillip would’ve expected people to be freaking out a whole lot more if they did. It’s not that people didn’t seem panicked, but he would’ve expected outright chaos if everyone was now someone else. He decided to stand next to the car in order to get a better look at people’s reactions...

Monday, January 30, 2017

Pull Over (Part 1)

It was quite terrifying for Phillip to go from being behind the wheel to suddenly find himself on the passenger side instead. He heart was pounding as he tried to slam on pedals that just weren’t there. Luckily, whoever was driving pulled off the road and into a parking lot.

The Asian man in the driver’s seat turned to Phillip and spoke, “I’m guessing you aren’t in your own body either.”

Phillip didn’t understand the statement at first. Then he looked down to see a pink sweater, white skirt, and smooth legs. He didn’t suddenly find himself just in the passenger seat of a different vehicle; he was in an entirely different body! A woman’s body. Phillip was speechless as the man left the car; he seemed to be searching for something.

Phillip began to wonder if that might not be a bad idea. Looking for his own car and his own body might not be such a bad idea. But if he waited here, maybe he could get some answers about the body he was currently in, which also wouldn’t hurt.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Game

Mick had waved goodbye to his girlfriend before heading out to see the ball game with his buds. They had great seats, and things got even better when some hot women sat down beside them. Mick knew he had a girlfriend, but he couldn’t help but flirt with these women. He was getting a little too close with one of them when...

The next thing Mick knew, he was far from the stadium. He looked down. The skimpy outfit looked familiar, as did the jewelry, but that didn’t seem even remotely possible. Was he now inside the body of his own girlfriend? He began to panic a little. Was she inside of his body? It seemed like such poor timing. If she had become him, she was going to kill him for flirting with that woman at the game. This was making him more nervous than the fact that he was now a woman himself.

He tried calming himself down. Maybe she swapped bodies too, but maybe she swapped with someone else, a third party! In fact, Mick’s hope was more than likely, it was the truth. He wasn’t the only one who had swapped with someone. Most of the world had swapped with someone else thanks to the effects of The Great Shift.