Saturday, March 25, 2017

Those Who Can't Do

Just about every student in class hated Miss Wang. Sure, the guys would admit that she was nice to look at, but she assigned a heavy workload and she was very strict. Warren didn’t even think she was that smart. He knew it was pretty arrogant, but he was pretty certain that he knew just about everything she was teaching and that he could do a better job than she could. He was prepared to test his theory with a spell he found on the internet. He mumbled it quietly at the end of class, and he soon found himself swapped into her body. He was hoping to have the evening to prepare before starting to teach class the next day, but before he could leave, another teacher informed him that he was handling detention duty today.

Warren groaned. He didn’t want to spend the next two hours looking after the biggest slackers in school. He forgot that teachers had to do this kind of crap from time to time. As the few students filed into Miss Wang’s classroom, he was a little surprised that they all just took out books and started studying. About fifteen minutes in, one of the students raised their hands with a question. Warren saw this as the first opportunity to show off. He understood the question, but explaining the hows and whys to the student was a lot tougher. Warren was humming and hawing with difficulty. Being a teacher was about more than understanding; it was being able to articulate that understanding. Warren’s heart began to race. The spell would last a week. How was he ever going to lead a class if he couldn’t teach?

Friday, March 24, 2017


Martin ran down to the corner to buy a bouquet. He knew it wouldn’t be enough to make up for his mistake, but it was a start. He didn’t know how he was ever going to apologize enough to Kim to make up for losing the medallion. He was the one that pressured her to try it, to experiment with swapping bodies for a bit. And he was the one that was supposed to keep it safe; he was keeping it around his neck while they were swapped. He wasn’t sure how or when it fell off, but when he returned home and realized it was no longer there, he knew what that meant.

It meant he’d be in Kim’s body for the rest of his life, and she’d be in his. They were stuck as each other. He knew he’d be spending a lot of time over the next few days trying to retrace his steps, trying to see if he could find it again. He also knew he’d been spending a lot of time saying “I’m sorry.” And he’d be saying it again and again in as many different ways as possible. Flowers were a start, but he still had a LONG way to go before she’d forgive him.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


The coffee machine beeped repeatedly. Charlie turned around with a scowl on his face.

“This is all your fault, Anna,” He said addressing the coffee machine, “That weird magical charm you brought into the office that could switch people’s souls. You thought it was hilarious when you swapped us and we ended up in each other’s bodies. You weren’t laughing so hard when you then went to accidentally swap your soul into the coffee machine.

”I left the thing on your desk for a few minutes because I had to go the bathroom, and now it’s gone.”

Anna quieted down for a few minutes. With her soul stuck inside the body of the coffee machine, all she could do was beep. She knew who took the charm from her desk, but she had no idea how to express that to Charlie. Unless she could figure out a way, she knew she’d be stuck like this; and Charlie would be stuck too. At least he was still human though; however, she was worried what he might do if left in control of her body for a long time.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Derek had heard many stories about the Medallion of Zulu, but he never expected to actually find it himself. It had just been sitting there on the side of the road. It didn’t seem possible, but soon enough he had transformed himself into a gorgeous woman. Since he had heard the tales, he was also aware of the medallion’s tendency to get lost, leaving a person trapped in a different body. Derek knew he had to be careful. It might be fun to be a woman for a while, but he still wanted his own body back soon enough. He was sure to put it in a place where he couldn’t lose it. He placed the medallion in a small safe and put that inside the second drawer of his dresser.

And after twelve hours in the body of a woman, he was more than ready to go back to normal. Sure enough, the safe was still in the drawer. But where had the key gone? He had lost it! He was going to have to call a locksmith, but his heart was racing. It didn’t make any sense, but for some reason he couldn’t help but wonder if the medallion was going to still be inside when he opened it...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


It was in the 90s when Jim made a ton of money off the dotcom bubble. It was easy for him to retire early and sail around the world on his yacht with his beautiful girlfriend. Unfortunately, while in the middle of the ocean, they hit a reef. Jim was sure he could fix it if they were on land; luckily, they spied an uncharted island in the distance. However, as they approached, things got weird. Quite unexpectantly, Jim and his girlfriend ended up swapping bodies. It was more than disorienting for Jim, and it inhibited his ability to repair the boat. His girlfriend’s body wasn’t strong enough to lift a lot of the materials, so he had to bark orders at her as she did the work.

A few days passed before they were able to fix the yacht up well enough to leave the island. After they got a safe enough distance off, they swapped back to their own bodies. Out of curiosity, Jim turned the boat back toward the island. When they got close enough, they swapped again. It seemed crazy, but there was only one possible conclusion, something about the island swapped people’s bodies. Jim thought about what he could do. He could build a one-of-a-kind resort. It might be hard to convince construction workers to build something here, but he was sure he could charge people a lot of money for a vacation where they literally spent time off as someone else. He jotted down the coordinates, eager to return to the place he and his girlfriend had called “Exchange Island.”

Monday, March 20, 2017

Making Up for Lost Time

In the moments after the Great Shift, Kevin wondered if he was going to forever traumatized by his new body. He had been in his dorm room studying for an exam when he suddenly found himself shopping at a grocery store instead. Looking at the hands pushing a cart, he wasn’t just horrified because of the manicured nails or small, feminine size; it was also because they were clearly older than his own. He rushed to a bathroom to have his fears confirmed. He was a woman now who appeared to be around 40. In an instant, he had around 20 years of his life. It was scary; he began to cry.

A few months later, any fear of potential trauma had disappeared from Kevin’s mind. He had finished up his degree and begun a career. He had gotten used to being a woman, and he had to admit to himself that he was fairly attractive. But he knew that due to his body’s age, he’d have to work to keep it that way; it’d be pretty easy to let himself go. But working out every day just made him feel better about himself and his situation. Sure, he was older now, but did he really lose 20 years of life? He was sure the way he was motivated to take care of this new body could add that much time to his life plus some.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Quiet Girl

For as long as Jacquie could remember, she always had a crush on her best friend Maya. Of course, she could hardly admit to herself that she was a lesbian, let along Maya. She just sort of pushed those feelings down even as Maya started dating Paul.

Jacquie hated being a quiet girl who couldn’t express this aloud. She even had a stereotypical job at a library. But one day as she was reshelving books, a piece of paper came out of one. A handwritten note inside claimed to be a body swapping spell. It was easy to be skeptical, but Jacquie was also a little bit curious. She went into the bathroom and read the spell with a clear target in mind: Paul.

She was surprised when it instantly worked, and she suddenly found herself in Paul’s body. The first few days were like a dream. She made out with Maya, they watched movies together on the couch, and they even made love. Jacquie was in heaven. But cracks soon began to appear. Maya started to become distant, their intimate sessions soon stopped, and Maya often decided to sneak off. One day, Jacquie decided to follow Maya. It wasn’t much of a surprise that she went to the club; Maya was always a bit of a party girl. What did surprise her was that Maya was there dancing and making out with Paul in her old body. Maya saw Jacquie, turned and smiled.

“Did you really think Maya would be fooled for long?” Paul asked, “Come on. She knew something was off almost the day after we first swapped.”

“I can’t believe you never told me you were a lesbian, Jacquie. Didn’t you know I was bi?” Maya added, “But it’s about your body; it’s about who you are. You are just too gentle, too meek. It’s just not my type. I’m staying with Paul...even if he has your body now.”