Saturday, April 15, 2017

It Shouldn't Matter...

Mitch always tried to tell himself that it didn’t matter if you were black, white, male, or female; that everyone had the same chances in this world. Of course, as a straight, white male, it was easy for him to hold this belief. His friend, Tasha, disagreed. She told him he had no idea how difficult it was to be a black woman in this world, how she had to try twice as hard for half the results. She looked him right in the eye and told him he had to experience it for himself.

There was a bit of lightning in her eyes, like nothing he had ever seen before. Then in an instant, the eyes he was looking at weren’t Tasha’s. Instead of being brown, they were now blue. Then he looked down at his own hands, and he was surprised to see dark skin. Somehow he had swapped bodies with Tasha.

She smiled back from Mitch’s own face, “Spend a week as me. See if you still feel the same way.”

Mitch told himself it shouldn’t matter. They both attended the same college; took many of the same classes. He told himself that it shouldn’t matter that he was now her. But he soon found that many of his former peers did seem to ignore him or dismiss his ideas more easily. But perhaps the worst part of being Tasha was leaving her apartment every morning. There was always a guy out there waiting for her, hitting on her, yelling rude things. Mitch had never felt so awkward and helpless in his life. He suddenly felt like Tasha really did have it much harder than he did, and it was out of her control completely. He didn’t want to admit it to her; he really didn’t. But maybe if he did, she’d swap back early. He really didn’t want to have to keep dealing with this guy every morning for the entire week.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Country Club

Mort had managed the town’s country club for sixty years. In the early days, it had been pretty normal to discriminate against people of color. Despite the club’s changing policy over the years, Mort wasn’t exactly happy about it. He would often “lose” the paperwork of Jewish, Asian, or African American applicants. After years of discriminatory practices, Mort found that the Great Shift had a way of serving justice.

While working at his desk one day, Mort suddenly found himself in the women’s locker room. Even more shockingly, he found himself in the body of a woman. Mort’s true horror wasn’t his new gender, but the race of the body he was now in. He recalled when she first applied; he remembered intentionally losing her paperwork before she reapplied and he grudgingly accepted her.

Now he was her. He hoped he wouldn’t be treated as badly as he had treated her. He didn’t think about the hypocrisy of what he wanted from others now that the shoe was on the other foot. Considering how young his new body was, he’d have a long time to find out...

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Lacrosse wasn’t the most popular sport at the university, but a few locals and sometimes some family members would show up at games or practice. When Greg’s aunt showed up from out of town at one game, no one thought much of it. But she kept showing up day after day, sitting in the front row, and taking notes about the game. What seemed particular odd was the fact that she had to travel hundreds of miles each day from her home to attend. What no one knew was that Greg had swapped bodies with his aunt on the first day she showed up. He gave her the best training he could each night; he’d take notes about what to tell her to get better each time. And he kept hoping he’d swap back, but it never happened. In the meantime, he tried his best to keep up good appearances, smiling, and pretending to be his aunt as best he could.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

400 Pound Hacker from New Jersey

“Oh my God!” Yelled a scared voice on the other end of the phone, “Who are you? What did you do?”

Michael laughed, “Bitch, I’m the greatest hacker in the world. It was only a matter of time before I figured out how to transmit my consciousness over phone lines. I mean, hacking computers is fun, but being able to hack someone’s mind? Now that’s the kind of accomplishment that only I can pull off! You were just my test subject, a number dialed at random. But believe me, I have big plans for this.”

“Then you can give me my body back first, please?”

“Hardly. Though I don’t plan on staying in it for long, life over the next few days in your sexy body will be a hell of a lot better than spending it in my 400 pound body in New Jersey.”

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


This was a mixup like no other. Jason was heading back home to New York after a week long overseas business trip. Somewhere in the computer, his ticket got crossed in the system with another passenger. He had to explain several times to the ticket clerk that he wasn’t heading to some place called Exchange Island. By the time he got on the plane, he had thought it had all been sorted out. He settled into his seat, put his headphones on, and fell asleep.

He didn’t wake until he landed in New York. On the plus side, the plane had landed a half hour early; however, Jason was more than shocked when he realized he was now in someone else’s body. He didn’t even believe it at first; he thought he was dreaming. He wasn’t even sure if he should tell the attendant at the gate. He finally made up his mind to do so.

Oddly enough, they seemed to take the problem very seriously, and they explained that the problem may have had to do with one of the “perks” of visiting Exchange Island, which was swapping bodies with another guest. Jason didn’t understand why anyone would want to switch bodies with someone else or how suddenly being a blonde woman would be considered a “perk.” He demanded his body back, but they explained they couldn’t do anything until his own body was located. They suggested that he just head home, and they will contact him when his body was found. Jason didn’t want to leave without his body, but he didn’t see much point in staying at the airport either.

As he headed home, he felt the strangeness of being in someone else’s body. All he could do was hope they were able to locate his own body sooner rather than later.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Coming Home (Part 5)

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Years passed, and with still no way figured to get back to his own body, Ron still had the body of his female co-worker. At this point, he had gotten quite used to it; he didn’t think anything of it anymore. After a few months, his wife had stopped dressing him up in the morning and allowed Ron the freedom to do it on his own. At first, he stuck close to her advise. He continued to wear dresses and heels to the office for quite a while. But after a few more months passed, he let himself get more casual. He knew his office, after all, and wearing sneakers was perfectly okay there. He still maintained much of the femininity that his wife had pushed on him, but he was able to develop his own style at least. It was just as weird having to adjust to a different position within the company, but he eventually learned that as well. In fact, he hadn’t even spoken to the woman in his former body in weeks now. Things finally felt normal again.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Coming Home (Part 4)

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Ron’s day was difficult. He was sure that no one would believe that he swap with his co-worker, so they both agreed to help each other out doing their jobs. They both made it through with the other’s assistance, but their productivity was likely way down.

After it all, Ron returned home and waited in his kitchen for his wife. He didn’t know how to tell her that his efforts to swap back to his own body had been a failure, but he had a feeling that once she walked in and saw him, he might not have to explain a thing. Part of him thought that she was going to actually enjoy the news. She had seemed a bit too excited to pick his outfit and get him ready this morning. He sighed as he realized that was going to probably continue to the foreseeable future.