Saturday, June 3, 2017


Ralph had been coming to Exchange Island for well over forty years now, but nothing like this had ever happened before. Sure, he had been swapped with women before; that was nothing new. But it was very strange that he still needed his glasses to see properly. After landing on the resort, he found his vision blurry. He quickly found the woman he swapped with and asked if she had any vision problems of her own. She frowned, saying she did not, and gave Ralph his glasses. Sure enough, with his own glasses on, he could see quite clearly. Though it was a bit of a pain, since they didn’t quite fit his borrowed face, so he kept having to push them back on.

Still, he wondered why he needed them at all. He had never needed to use his own glasses while in someone else’s body on Exchange Island before. Those sorts of physical traits generally stayed with a person’s body, not swap with their minds. He wondered if something had gone wrong this time...if for some reason the swap wasn’t quite complete. And, worse still, if there would be any problems swapping back as a result. He certainly wouldn’t mind staying in this body, but the woman he swapped with probably wouldn’t want to remain a 60 year old man any longer than she had to...

Friday, June 2, 2017

Fear (Part 3)

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By the end of the day, Arthur was feeling pretty confident in his math skills -- not only with his ability to understand them, but with his ability to teach them as well. He was also starting to feel quite comfortable in Miss Pultz’s body. In fact, he was beginning to abandon the idea of even attempting to get back to his own body and just keep her body as his own. Her life didn’t seem so bad. She had a good job, and she was quite attractive. He was pretty sure he would have no trouble living her life, and he had to admit that it was actually quite appealing.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fear (Part 2)

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After the class finished shuffling in, Arthur was completely unaware of where to start. He hummed and hawed for a few minutes as he shuffled awkwardly in the uncomfortable heels on his feet. He took off his glasses and bit on the end.

“Uhhh...” He finally spoke up, “Who can tell me where we left off yesterday?”

The class responded with a long silence until a lone student finally raised their hand. Arthur breathed a sigh of relief as the student rattled on about yesterday’s lesson. Suddenly, it was like a spark in the back of Arthur’s brain. He realized he actually knew what to do. The rest of the class went rather smoothly.

Then he began to think about it. Maybe Miss Pultz was still somewhere in the back of his brain. Maybe she never made it into his body. It all made sense. If she was in here helping push out math facts, maybe she’d also be able to help him reverse her invention to allow him to get back into his own body!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fear (Part 1)

Arthur stood in front of the class, trying to exude a sense of confidence. Sure, he had Miss Pultz’s body, but he certainly didn’t have her math skills. He wasn’t sure how he was going to get through the day as her...or potentially longer. It was all this crazy math stuff that had caused this problem in the first place. She had been tutoring him after class, showing him a particularly difficult equation. He couldn’t imagine an application. She attempted to show him a program she had been working on. One that, when utilized with the correct hardware, could swap two people’s bodies. He expressed his skepticism, and immediately she attempted to refute him by showing off her work.

In one sense, her invention worked perfectly. Quite shocked, Arthur found himself in Miss Pultz’s body. In another sense, it was a complete failure. Arthur’s body lay sprawled on the desk lifeless. His consciousness may have transfered into her, but hers didn’t seem to go into him. He knew he’d have to pretend to be her until he could figure this all out. And he knew it wasn’t going to be easy. As he stood up in front of the class, that fear was really starting to sink in.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Plan (Part 2)

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Gabriel leaned back in his chair. He heard his wife come in the door. He couldn’t wait to rub the news of his new body in her face. When she arrived, he was floored; a smile quickly crept across his face. This situation was way too perfect. While Gabriel was in the body of a young, beautiful woman. His wife was now in the body of an elderly old man. He watched as she shuffled along sadly. He knew what pains her body was probably feeling, but moreso, he couldn’t stop thinking about how the tables were turned and how her plan was totally ruined. The Great Shift provided him some cosmic justice, and it was pretty clear that he was going to be the one to outlive her. No one was going to be taking his money any time soon.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Plan (Part 1)

Gabriel had learned two weeks ago that his wife had only married him for his money. It made sense. He was old and rich, and she was young and beautiful. But still, he never wanted to believe it. He could’ve died at any moment, and it would’ve all been hers. But thanks to the Great Shift, her plans would be ruined. Gabriel found himself in the body of a young woman. He returned back to his home, changed into one of his wife’s outfits, and grabbed himself a glass of scotch. He smiled as he enjoyed the drink. This was certainly going to throw a wrench in her plans. He was no longer on death’s door; in fact, he probably had many years of life left with this new body.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Frank had been to Exchange Island for business plenty of times before. He was used to switching bodies with one of the guests for the duration of his trip. But this time there had been a mix up. He was supposed to call his wife when he landed; this time he had to give her some bad news.

“Hey, Honey. It’s me. It’s Frank,” He began, “You know how it works here.”

He paused.

“Yeah, this time I’m a woman. You’d probably tell me that I deserve the body I got this time around. I’ll send you some pictures. You’ll laugh.”

He paused again.

“But I got some some bad news. There was a mix up with the computers. Somehow my reservation got marked as two years instead of two days. They’re going to try to fix it, but they don’t expect me to be out of here by Friday like I was supposed to be. And while I usually wouldn’t mind a few extra days at this place, this isn’t exactly the body I would want to be in, you know?”

He paused yet again.

“Like I said, I’ll send you pictures, but if I had to describe what I look like right now in a word? I’d probably say ‘bimbo-esque.’”