Saturday, June 17, 2017


After a very scary twelve hours trapped in each other’s bodies, Bill and Eliza wanted to get rid of the Medallion of Zulu for good. The next day, they waded out into the ocean, broke it against a rock, and dropped it in the water. When they returned to shore, the couple were shocked. Even without touching the medallion at the same time, they had somehow swapped from the waist down.

“I have a theory,” Bill suggested, “I think when we broke the medallion, we released the magic. Then when we dropped it in the ocean, the water somehow absorbed the magic, resulting in our swap.”

“Well, that’s all well and good,” Eliza replied, “But is it going to affect other people? And will we be able to come back later to switch back?”

“As far as everyone else, we can only hope no one goes out that far. And for us? I suppose we just have to hope that the water doesn’t dilute the magic before the time we are able to swap back.”

Friday, June 16, 2017


“You’re probably actually happy about this, aren’t you?” Dan scowled as he asked the cat next to him, “You always talked about how you thought the life of a cat was pretty great. Now thanks to your crazy father and his inventions, you’re stuck in the body of one, Sarah. And I’m stuck in your body -- not that I ever wanted to be. We should be out there looking for the device, but your dad also seems pretty happy to be young again in my body that I’m not sure he even has any interest in finding his own body or the device.”

Sarah knew Dan was talking to her, but she couldn’t really understand him. Now that she was in the body of her own cat, her brain just didn’t have the capacity to understand language any more. But she didn’t exactly care. Her diminished capacities also meant that a life of sleep, food, and lounging around seemed pretty good.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Guess We Are

Ronald had walked about a mile down the desolate dirt road wearing uncomfortably tight jeans and even more uncomfortable high heels before he finally came upon a shack. A woman sat in front, holding a beer and looking rather annoyed.

“You gunna complain ‘bout this damned Great Shift thang too?” She asked before Ronald could say a word.

“Great Shift?” Ronald asked, hearing his high pitched voice for the first time.

“Yep. Yer the third person walking by askin’ ‘bout it. Guess we’ve all just swapped bodies. Heck, this ain’t my body either. I just found myself in this cabin in this chick’s body. Ain’t no TV or phone inside, but there was a fridge. This is the last beer though, so don’t expect me to do no sharin’. But yer welcome to sit a spell. I’m guessin’ you ain’t no real chick either.”

“Well, I am now,” Ronald sighed, “I guess we both are.”

“Yep, guess we are.” The woman said as she took a big gulp of beer.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Jason’s eyes went wide when he saw his own face looking at him. It was like staring in a mirror, except the reflection wasn’t matching his own moves. It was shocking, but he could only figure out one logical conclusion: He must not be inside his own body anymore. Of course, if he wasn’t in his own body, he must be in someone else’s. There had only been one other person in the office with him, his assistant Rose. His eyes grew even larger with even more shock as he lifted his hand to see perfectly manicured nails at the tips of his fingers and a pink sleeve covering his arms. He couldn’t believe it. He was in Rose’s body, and she must be in his. All he could think now was hoping that the body swapping wouldn’t send a power trip to her head...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Better (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

It had been another successful day at the gym. Jeff decided to just put on his winter coat, and not even change out of his workout clothes. He actually wished he didn’t even need the coat. He wasn’t satisfied to simply show off his new body at the gym; he wanted to do it on the street as well. But now he guessed that he needed to wait for warmer weather to be able to do that. Still, he couldn’t stop thinking about how great his new was, and how amazing he had made it over the past two years.

Monday, June 12, 2017


It hadn’t been easy. When the Great Shift struck approximately two years ago, Jeff had found himself stuck in the body of a woman. She had a pretty face, but was a little overweight. Jeff decided to hit the gym every day. It took quite some time, but he was finally pleased with the results. He turned more than a few heads on the streets, but he was particularly proud of his new gym outfit. The shirt was cut to expose his belly and abs; the leggings were skin tight. He couldn’t believe how good he felt about himself. Not only did he feel better than he did since ending up in this body, but better than he ever did in his old body as well.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Aaron couldn’t believe he was going to be stuck in Kylie’s body for the next 48 hours. She had given him a pretty good run down of what he needed to know about being a woman and left him with a box filled with clothes and personal items. He lifted one of the items out of the box with a look of shock.

“What do you expect me to do with THIS?” He gulped.

“You’re going to be a woman for the next 48 hours. I certainly expect you to explore that.” Kylie replied.

“So this goes...”

“Exactly where you think it does. Enjoy!”