Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sent Home (Part 2)

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Two years later; the company was still no closer to figuring out what had caused all their employees to switch bodies, nor were they any closer to figuring out how swap everyone back. Earl was quite used to being in Lee’s body by this point, and he had actually adapted quicker to the change than his wife Julia had.

For the first few month’s, she just had a feeling of mistrust, thinking he wasn’t actually who he said he was. Then she started to miss his broad shoulders and their regular intimacy. But after she got over what she was missing, she started to see what she was gaining.

She wondered if it was the new hormones running through him, but she couldn’t help but notice that he was more apt to express his emotion; he was also often warmer when speaking to their kids on the phone (who were away at college), regularly telling them he loved them and her. She realized they could also share things like shoes and bags.

But then the jealousy started. She knew he husband’s body was younger, skinnier, and prettier than he own. She couldn’t fully explain the jealousy, as they weren’t competing over anything, but she could tell it was there. Sure, she was mostly happy, but it was a feeling that was hard to shake.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sent Home

When Julia arrived home to find a nervous Asian woman pacing in her living room, she demanded answers. The woman quietly responded by pushing a strand of hair behind her ear and taking a deep breath until finally she spoke with a stammer.

“It’s because...I’m your husband.”

Julia’s jaw dropped.

The woman continued, “There was an work. But all of us...we all are...we’re all someone different now. I swapped into this woman’s body...her name is Lee. She’s entry level in the accounting department. Chuck, my supervisor, he’s in my body. Everyone is all mixed up. They don’t even know what caused it. But they sent us all home early. We didn’t even know what home to go to. Should I have gone to Lee’s home or here, for instance? It’s all just really weird...and awkward.”

Julia stood speechless. She couldn’t believe the woman in front of her was actually her husband. Instead of being the tall, middle aged man with broad shoulders that she married, he was now a petite Asian woman. It didn’t even seem possible, but it was way to outrageous for this woman to make up. So she had to actually be him...right?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Perfect Crime

Victor was pretty sure he had everything planned perfectly. Step one was robbing the bank. Step two was stashing a good amount of the cash in a hiding place before the cops were onto him. Then he made his getaway. He knew he’d be caught; it was all part of the plan. He ran down a street with the cops in hot pursuit. He was a little nervous that it was all going to fall apart when he didn’t see a single person on the street. Then he saw a distant figure on a balcony. She would do.

He clutched the small trinket in his hand, and just as he knew it was working, he let it go onto the street below. Suddenly, he wasn’t running anymore. Instead, he was looking down at the street from the balcony, hearing the sirens and the shouts. He knew his former body was now being arrested. Then he looked down at his new body. The magic trinket sure had done the trick; he actually swapped into someone else’s body.

Granted, this body wouldn’t have been his first choice, but it really didn’t matter. After the cops arrested his former self, he’d go down and collect it -- after all, it looked like little more than a piece of trash on the street. Then he’d collect the money that he stashed. He’d deposit just a little bit in an offshore account, stash the rest in a new location, then use the trinket to swap again. With each new body, he’d deposit just a little bit more. No one transaction from any person would ever be enough to arouse suspicion. When it was all gone, he’d swap once more, then take a plane to an exotic locale where he could live off that money quite comfortably for the rest of his life...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


“Look,” Abe sighed as he explained to his friend Martin, “I know I agreed to let you use that weird device to transform me into a copy of your wife while she’s away, so you’d have a date for that science convention thing, but it’s been three days now. When is she coming back, so I can transform back to myself? A guy can only take so much of high heels and short skirts, you know?”

Martin rolled his eyes back into his head, “Actually, she’s not coming back. I have become so engrossed with creating my device that I took her for granted. She said she was going to leave me...and...well...she did. Please stay like this just a little bit longer!”

“That’s pretty messed up, dude.” Abe wanted to demand to be returned to normal immediately, but he saw the pain in his friend’s eyes, “But I guess I can stay like this just a little bit longer.”

Martin didn’t quite have the heart to tell Abe that he hadn’t perfected his device well enough. He could use it to transform it into someone else, but getting that person back to normal? Well, he hadn’t quite been able to figure that out. And, truth be told, he had actually experimented on his wife, turning her into a copy of his best friend, Abe. She hadn’t been too happy when he was unable to change her back.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Future Depends on It

It all happened with a quick flash. Then suddenly, Rick was pushed against the wall. His jaw dropped when he saw who was confronting him.

“Why do you have my face?” He asked. Realizing his voice was now higher pitched, the true weirdness of his situation set in, “Why am I a woman? How did you get into my apartment? Why did you do this?”

“Look,” His own body was now explaining to him, “I’m a police officer from the future. I needed to come back in time and inhabit your body for a while. I don’t have much time to explain. You just need to stay right here in my body. Don’t go anywhere. Just stay here, where it’s safe. You were going to be murdered today, but the future depends on that not happening. So I’m came back in time and swapped with you. I’m going to be you for the day, and I’m going to make sure nothing bad happens to your body. You need to trust me. I’ve done this a hundred times. I know what I’m doing.”

It didn’t seem real, but Rick just nodded in agreement.

Monday, June 19, 2017

For the Summer...

When he arrived at work in the morning, Ryan couldn’t have possibly imagined what the day would bring. He worked at a pretty boring retail job at a big box store that was typically routine on a day-to-day basis. Today wasn’t one of those days. No one knew how or why it happened, but when everyone inside the store swapped bodies, the staff was shocked.

Ryan found himself swapped into Becky’s body. She was a college student who took a job on a register to earn some extra cash over the summer. She seemed mostly calm as she explained to him that she had plans to go out after work, and that she had some clothes stashed in her locker in the back room if Ryan wanted to change out of her work uniform.

Ryan was a little surprised by the tight gold dress in Becky’s locker. It was a little more outgoing than what he expected of her. Also in her locker was Becky’s phone, which was blowing up from her friends texting asking where she was. It appears they weren’t going to take “no” for an answer in regards to their plans to go out tonight.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Trent had always considered himself pretty progressive. He had tried to support causes that fought misogyny and racism. But it was the Great Shift that truly caused him to take a look inside of himself.

He had been born a white man, yet was now inside of the body of an African American woman. He would try to tell other people neither his new race nor gender mattered much, but inside of his own head, it was much different.

When he got dressed in the morning, he felt uncomfortable with his body in ways he couldn’t describe. At first, he tried to dismiss it as just due to the fact that he was adjusting to a new body. As time when on, he couldn’t help but wonder if it continued to be awkward for him because deep down he truly had some prejudice that he never admitted to before...