Saturday, July 15, 2017

I Can Do This

“I can do this. I can do this.” Frank repeated to himself quietly. He honestly couldn’t believe he was doing this. He had just swapped bodies with his sister and was about to go to a job interview in her place. She had complained to him the night before about always screwing up the interview. He joked that he would go in her place if he could. She casually pulled out a strange piece of jewelry and said she was going to take him up on the offer.

It still seemed very unreal to him that an odd looking medallion could swap two people’s bodies. But here he was in his sister’s body, wearing her skirt and heels about to head out. He was sure he could help her land this job. In fact, the only thing that gave him pause was the fact that his sister’s body was so unfamiliar that it was distracting. He had to continually tell himself that he could do this.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Peter heard a car in the driveway. His wife was home and much earlier than she had told him. He grabbed the laptop and rushed up to their bedroom. The long nails on his hand made it difficult to type in the web address. His heart raced when he saw a 404 not found error before he noticed a mistake caused by his frantic typing. He had to use the forgot password feature as he heard his wife’s footsteps walk up the stairs. She was turning the knob to the door when he finally clicked on the button marked “revert to normal.” Then the computer crashed. He knew he’d have to explain everything. He’d have to explain the website he found that allowed a user to transform their body in any way. Then he’d have to explain why he picked the body he did -- the body of this sexy woman. That is, if she would even let him explain. When she entered the room, he knew she would only see an unexplainable woman in their bed leaning over a laptop. She was probably going to be more than pissed. He was hoping he’d be able to get a word in edgewise.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Thom only went down to use the invention in his basement on the weekends. He’d pull the lever on the device and for the next 24 hours, he would be somewhere else in someone else’s body. It was random; he could never pick his target. His own body would stay comatose in the basement. Each time he pulled the lever, he knew it was a gamble, but this time, he may have won the jackpot. After swapping bodies on this go-around, the first thing he felt was cold. His arms were bare. Then he was blinded by all the flashing lights of cameras going off. Finally, he looked down. Well, this was interesting. He had never swapped into a woman’s body before. The cameras made him think he must be someone famous, and the jewelry around his neck made him wonder if he was rich. After a few minutes, he started to really enjoy this life -- and he enjoyed being a woman to his surprise. He knew he could stop the swap back to his own body if he just got into his basement and turned off his invention, but he’d have to shake the paparazzi first. It would all be worth it; he was sure. This body was a winner!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lookin' Good

Louie hated to admit it, but what happened to him was probably some form of twisted justice. Over the years, he had whistled or catcalled tons of women passing by his construction jobs. In fact, he was doing just that when the Great Shift struck. After a quick whistle, he shouted, “Hey, Babe, lookin’ good!” Except he soon realized he wasn’t shouting down at the blonde woman walking by, but up toward his fellow workers and saying it with a voice that was much higher pitched and more feminine than he was used to. He had swapped with the woman he had just been whistling at. For the first few weeks, he felt humiliated. But as time passed, he adapted. He never wore any of her fancy skirt suits -- often opting for the same kinds of overalls he used to wear. Still, even despite the clothes and despite the Shift that swapped all sorts of people around, just about anytime he walked down the street, he’d get a callcat or someone whistling at him. He hated it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Breaking News

As a travel reporter for the local paper, James had always looked for interesting places to write about. He had read a few rumors on the internet about a place called Exchange Island. There didn’t seem to be any reports on the place and finding out how to book a trip was difficult as well. He brought the idea to his editor, who laughed at him. An island where people swapped bodies on arrival? The editor couldn’t believe James even began to entertain such tall tales.

But James was convinced. He decided to use some of his own vacation time and his own money. Travel reporters weren’t known for breaking stories, but James was in anticipation as he waited for his trip.

And then the day arrived. The plane ride was long, and he was quite disappointed when he landed and nothing immediately happened. As he checked in, he asked about swapping. They told him it was different for everyone. Some did it right upon landing, other took a few hours. And that’s when James finally felt it. Instead of standing behind the desk, he was now on the beach. He felt woozy and light headed, and he was definitely in a different body; he was a woman! Even with the knowledge of what would happen, he was still shocked. He couldn’t wait to report this for his paper, but then he thought about it. What if he wanted to keep this secret to himself?

Monday, July 10, 2017


Guthrie had to admit this VR technology was pretty amazing. It not only looked like he was skiing down a mountain, but it felt like it too. There was wind blowing in his face, his fingers felt cold. Some joker had programmed him to have a woman’s body and he actually felt THAT too. It was all so realistic.

On one trip down the mountain, his tripped. The VR glasses broke. He expected this to short circuit the system or pull him out; it did not. He took them off, hoping to exit the simulation. However, this still didn’t work. He looked at the small crack. It didn’t seem that bad, but could it have caused a malfunction? Surely taking them off should’ve implemented some sort of fail-safe, right? Why was he still stuck in this simulation and in this body?

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Chris hated his job. He considered it beneath him. He was way too smart for this, and he was ready to prove it. It was a very devious virus he had been working on for months, built on the cutting-edge tech that the company was building. He sent an email to the CEO, eager to await the results the next morning.

But when the next morning came, things didn’t feel right. The virus was supposed to swap his body with the CEO’s. Instead, he looked in the bathroom mirror and saw a very different face -- the face of a woman. It took him a while to figure out who she was until it finally came to him. She was the CEO’s assistant. Of course, why would the CEO check his own emails? She probably was the one who opened and read it, which meant he swapped with her. As he continued to look at his face in the mirror, he felt much less smart.