Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sideline (Part 4)

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Colin was glad his other former teammates were much more supportive than Jerome. Of course, many of them ha to be. When Tyler arrived on the field, he was glad to see a smile on his face. Colin just had to smile back. Tyler probably had among the worst luck of any player. He had swapped with a fan in the crowd, an 80 year old woman. He had gone from being a fit, young man to needing a walker and an oxygen tank. Tyler seemed to be in good spirits today though.

Then there was Justin, who was now in the body of a baby. It took a few days for anyone to even figure out what body Justin had swapped into. And of course Justin came with Kyle, who had swapped into the body of Justin’s mom. And when Kyle needed to feed Justin, the only one who made an sort of comment was (of course) Jerome. Colin sort of wish Jerome had swapped with someone, just to get a taste of what he seemed to be enjoying dishing out. What he didn’t know was that Jerome had, in fact, swapped, but the person inside Jerome’s body was doing a great job pretending he hadn’t...

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sideline (Part 3)

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The conversation was soon interrupted by Jerome, one of Colin’s teammates who hadn’t been Shifted, “Naw, man, get back on the field.”

“I really don’t think I can play ball like this,” Colin stammered.

“Who said anything about playing ball? Go down to the locker rooms, grab some pom poms and one of those short skirts, come on out here, and shake that ass.”

Colin tried to smile, but it was forced. He felt quite uncomfortable. He finally muttered out an answer, “I have no clue how to do any of the choreography.”

“Ain’t nobody care about the choreography, Man. People who come to the game just want to see pretty girls dance on the sidelines. And whether you want to admit it or not, that’s what you are now. You ain’t a ball player no more, so don’t even try to front...”

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sideline (Part 2)

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“Hey, Colin, heads up!”

Colin turned to the familiar voice, but soon found a buzzing football in his face. He caught it with a smile as he saw his old teammate, Patrick. Of course, inside Patrick’s body was another one of his teammates, Martin.

“Nice catch, Bud,” Martin said.

“I still got my skills. Plus, this body is still pretty athletic. She was a cheerleader, you know?”

“With reflexes like that, you could probably still play this week, Man.”

Colin laughed, “Yeah, right. This body is about 100 pounds when wet. I’d get crushed out there.”

“You seen some of the other guys who have opted in this week? It’s going to be a crazy one.”

“I’ll pass. I’d prefer not to spend the next few weeks in intensive care.’

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sideline (Part 1)

It was last Sunday when the Great Shift struck and Colin went from being a rising star in the world of professional football to being on the sidelines -- quite literally. Moments after catching a game-winning touchdown, he swapped bodies with one of the cheerleaders. The whole stadium had erupted in chaos. Colin realized he had it pretty good. Sure, he wasn’t going to be a star athlete anymore, but he had a few million in the bank that could easily float him for the rest of his life; he was still young and healthy. He was sure many in the crowd weren’t so lucky. Even those now in the bodies of people on the field seemed mostly scared and confused.

A few days later, the team’s owner called him up. Colin explained that his new body wasn’t suited for the sport anymore, but he was welcomed back to watch from the sidelines anytime he wanted. Despite the chaos of the Shift, the league didn’t plan on skipping a single week. Colin decided that he wouldn’t either and showed up early to greet many of his former teammates and friends. He didn’t imagine the stands would be all that full this week. People likely still wanted time to adjust to their new bodies. Colin honestly didn’t mind his; in fact, he felt like he adjusted pretty well already...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How to Dress

Olivia had given Jason plenty of instructions about how to dress for work after the two had swapped bodies. She told him to be professional yet feminine, to wear makeup and heels, to show a little leg with a skirt. After getting ready in the morning, Jason just felt silly. Olivia had shown him how to put on makeup, but he wondered if when he did it himself, it was a little thick. He picked out a silk blouse because to him it seemed professional, but he made sure it was pick because that seemed feminine. He felt the skirt was a little short, but she had said to show a little leg. He also figured since she told him heels that the higher they were, the better. When he walked into Olivia’s office, he turned more than a few heads, most of whom couldn’t believe the way she was dressed. He overheard a couple of rude comments, but Jason just figured that came with being a woman. The whole day was just awkward for him. Of course, Olivia wasn’t doing much better going to work at a construction site in Jason’s body. She made him look more like one of the Village People instead of a worker. They could both only hope to swap back soon...

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Guts

The cold water rushed down over Ben. He screamed, but it wasn’t due to the chill of the water; it was due his transformation into a woman. Each summer he bought a day pass at Bikini Beach to enjoy the temporary experience of being a woman. While he enjoyed actually being a woman, the actual transformation of becoming one was often quite painful. His body literally had to rearrange itself, and Ben had to feel every second. In the end, it was worth it. He always loved his time at Bikini Beach. In fact, each time he considered buying a lifetime pass, but so far he didn’t have the guts...

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Eddie checked his watch. There was only a few hours left before the medallion would work again and allow he and Caroline to swap back to normal. He was going to do everything in his power to make sure that wasn’t going to happen. A last minute flight was too expensive; renting a car was too traceable. So Eddie headed to the marina. He’d take a boat to an exotic island. It’d be impossible for Caroline to find him. If she couldn’t find him, she wouldn’t be able to swap back with him. If she didn’t swap back with him, he’d get to keep her body for good. Plus, on an island, he’d get to lounge around in her body while wearing a bikini. That seemed like fun. He turned back one last time. Was he sure he wanted to keep Caroline’s body for good. He turned back to the boats. Yes, yes he was.