Saturday, August 26, 2017


Alan Sanchez had worked as a correspondent at the local news station for a few years now, but he was ready to quit. He was only ever assigned minor stories about mundane topics. But it was one of these mundane stories that would allow him to be in the right place at the right time. He was covering the opening of a local restaurant when the Great Shift happened. He found himself just two blocks away in the body of a woman getting married. He rushed back to the news van, called into the station, and set the camera up so he could begin reporting. He was one of the first newsmen on the scene reporting about the Shift -- even if he was doing it in a wedding dress, and even if he could hardly call himself a “man” anymore. As he interviewed all sorts of people who had been swapped, he was sure this was going to be his big break...

Friday, August 25, 2017

Don't Tell

Nick arrived back home to his apartment and was shocked that instead of his roommate, the woman from upstairs was sitting in one of living room chairs. She was wearing a bikini and tall boots. Nick didn’t quite know what to say before he spat out a stuttered hello.

“It’s just me, Bro. It’s your roommate, Todd,” The woman said, “I got this weird box in the mail. I opened it downstairs in the lobby, and there was this device inside. Karen was down there when I did. We ended up activating it, and, well, we ended up swapping bodies. The thing is in my room charging now. One’s the battery is full, I think we can charge back. Oh, but, shhh, don’t tell her I dressed her body up like this. Heck, she’d probably be pissed I changed clothes at all. It meant that I obviously saw, well, you know. Anyway, I probably should change back and head upstairs. The thing is almost charged. We could have a lot of fun with it if your interested...”

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Eddie rolled his eyes. He couldn’t believe Katie was asking again. He had refused to swap back to his own body twice already. He knew the spell wouldn’t work unless both parties agreed. He had been the one hesitant to agree to swapping initially, but once he had Katie’s body, he loved it. There was nothing she could offer him that would ever make him give it up. She just kept hoping that he would eventually find something that would make him want his own body back, since she wanted hers back so badly. She had been more than a little curious about what it would be like to be a man, but she never would have expected Eddie of all people to grow to love being a woman so quickly...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The Great Shift was a little hard for Dawn to adjust to. She had gone from being a mousy woman to an attractive, muscle-bound guy. She spent the first few months as a bit of a homebody, mostly trying to research online about what had happened to her own body with not much luck. At the urging of a few friends, she started going out more and more. It wasn’t uncommon for women to hit on Dawn when she went out. She knew she was an attractive man now, but it still made her uncomfortable. It was one of these outings when a woman came up to her. She smiled and began flirting. Dawn didn’t realize it at first, but something about this woman was different. Then it hit her. She was looking at herself, or her former self -- her old body. She was shocked.

The woman just smiled back, “Don’t you like what I’ve done to your body? The dyed hair? The book job? The surgeons were hesitant to perform that operation since I wanted it so soon after the Shift. They thought I was just being a typical guy overwhelmed with being a woman. But I like the changes I’ve made to your body. I think I made it look good...don’t you?”

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Capable of...

Derek could tell some guy was checking out his butt. It wasn’t the first time since he stole Sarah’s body that it happened, but it was the first time he decided to say something about it.

“If you like it so much, take a picture. It lasts longer,” He sneered, “Or...

”You could do what I did,” His sneer turned to a smile, “You could go online, find a body swapping spell, and steal one of your own. In fact, I still have that spell, and if you are so intent at staring, I guess I could cast it again. Then all you’d have to do to get a good is to find a mirror. Oh, but you don’t want it in THAT way. I get it; I do. But stop staring. Seriously. You don’t know want to now what I’m capable of.”

The guy who had been staring couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but he knew he didn’t want to mess with this, dude? He quickly ran as fast as possible in the other direction.

Monday, August 21, 2017

In the Way

Mack had awoken from his nap with an odd feeling, a strange weight on his chest, and a pain in his back. It didn’t take him more than a minute to realize he was no longer in his own body. A television was fortunately on, and he quickly learned about the Great Shift from news reports. He sighed. He was obviously affected, much like the rest of the world, by the body swapping event. He was sure he could deal with being a woman. He wasn’t sure he could deal with being one with such massively oversized breasts. They were comically large, and now they were his. And, of course, they got in the way of just about everything he tried to do...

Sunday, August 20, 2017


“She’s not picking up my phone,” Rick said nervously.

“Wait, I think I see us,” Josh pointed, “I think our bodies are over there.”

“Are you sure? I don’t see us.”

“No, I’m not sure. I’ve never looked for myself in a crowd before! And I’ve never had to walk in heels before either. And, of course, I’ve never been a woman before. But we’re never going to able to swap back until we find Janice and Kelly with our bodies. I don’t why they’re not picking up, but if they think they can just run off with our bodies, they’ve got a lot to learn. You can keep calling if you want, but I’m going to do some searching...”