Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Little Worse

Two days before the biggest game of his life, and Ethan couldn’t believe he swapped bodies with his aunt. He needed to impress the recruiter in order to secure a college scholarship, and he couldn’t imagine it would go well with his aunt using his body to play. After giving his aunt a crash course, he came up with a plan to better increase his odds. On the day of the big game, he picked out the tightest jeans his aunt own, a skimpy top, and some heels. He sat in the stands and tried to pose in seductive ways. He hoped to distract the other players. It was extremely awkward for him. He hated being his aunt and being a woman; he hated acting feminine even more. However, he knew he couldn’t make his aunt play any better, but maybe he could make everyone else play just a little worse.

Friday, September 8, 2017


“So, I’ve run the numbers and if my calculations are correct, there is a possibility that we will be bale recreate the effects of the Great Shift,” Dr. Kenneth Watson explained to his colleagues. He certainly wasn’t happy about swapping into the body of his colleague, Dr. Ellen Kim, and his hopes of getting his own body back were greatly increased thanks to his research.

“There’s only one problem,” He continued, “While I know the exact conditions needed to cause another swap, the question is if we can actually pull any of it. And the other question is if we would be able to control it.”

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Just Two Weeks

Daniel looked back to the lab with a pensive expression. He knew he’d be back in two weeks to get his body back, but until then he was going to be stuck in Erika’s body. He knew he had agreed to the experiment to swap bodies with another person, but after seeing that it was Erika he’d be swapping with, he was less sure. He was a little unsure about spending the duration at a woman, something about that just seemed weird. However, there was no way for him to back out. He was going to be her for the next two weeks. Still, he looked back, hoping for it to all be over as fast as possible.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wake Up (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Walter continued exploring and picked up a paper that had been delivered to the front door. He brought it out back to the pool and began to read. The big headline on the front page was entitled “A Great Shift,” which detailed a body swapping event that took place worldwide. In some places, it had been the middle of the day. Where Walter was, it had taken place at night -- which certainly explained why he woke up as a woman this morning. He kept reading about all the details and all the chaos. He was actually pretty glad things happened on the over night where he lived, and he was also pretty happy with the body he ended up with -- after all, it could’ve been a whole lot worse.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wake Up

Waking up in someone else’s bed happens from time to time. Walter could remember a few times after drinking too much when it had happened to him. But waking up in someone else’s body? Well, that was a new one. He was having trouble getting his head around the fact that somehow he woke up as a woman. He pulled lightly at the pink pajamas, still not quite believing any of this was real, yet it didn’t feel like he was dreaming.

He started to explore the house. He decided that if he had to be a woman, this one didn’t exactly have a bad life. The house was big; there was a pool out back. He could probably get used to all this...

Monday, September 4, 2017


Ron had just bought a camera and decided to take it out into the neighborhood to try it out. After taking a few pictures of building, trees, and a few others, he aimed it at a pretty woman wearing a blue dress in the distance. Oddly enough, when he looked at the picture in his viewfinder after taking it, the woman was nowhere to be found and was instead replaced with a guy who looked, well, a lot like Ron. He looked up from the camera and squinted to look in the distance. She was gone, and that guy now in the distance really did look like him. It took a few more minutes for Ron to figure out where the woman had gone. It wasn’t until he looked down and saw the familiar blue dress. Somehow when he took a photo of this woman, it must have swapped his body with hers. She was long gone with his body now. Of course, if this camera could swap people’s bodies, he could now be anyone he wanted...or he could just enjoy this body for a while, which could be pretty fun...

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Ralph had been having a hard time lately with no job and no prospects. It was a moment of pure desperation when he decided to snatch a woman’s purse. He scoped her out for a few minutes as she walked into a department store. He figured he could go in, snatch it, and make a quick getaway outside. But just as he put his hand on it, the woman turned around and pointed a gun at him. He paused for a moment, but seeing that the gun was bright pink, he imagined it was a taser at worst and decided to risk it. Then she fired.

Ralph was shocked at what happened next. He was suddenly standing there with the pink gun in his hands, staring at himself. The gun must have been some sort of body swapper. He couldn’t imagine how or why this was supposed to work, but he didn’t waste another moment. Instead of continuing to stand there in shock, he still decided to make a break for it. He didn’t care whose body he had now, this life had to be better than his own. Judging from hearing his own voice scream in the distance to come back, he imagined the woman didn’t expect this reaction...