Saturday, September 30, 2017


“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Beth screamed, “What just happened? How did we switch bodies? How are we going to switch back?”

Derek slouched down a little in his seat and took a deep breath, “Relax. Look, I don’t know how or why this just happened either, but let’s not panic. Maybe whatever caused it will just sort of undo itself in a few minutes or days or whatever. In any case, there’s not much we can really do about this, unless you’re aware of some sort of mind swapping technology that the rest of humanity isn’t. I think I can handle being you for a while.”

“But there’s so much you don’t know about being a woman, let alone being me! I’ll have to give you tips and lessons, and make sure you don’t wreck my life. And you’ll have to tell me about being you too!”

Derek shrugged, “I’m sure you’ll be fine; just don’t stress and you’ve pretty much mastered being me. I’m sure I’ll be fine too, but whatever you want to tell me, feel free. I’ll do my best to listen...”

Friday, September 29, 2017

No Way Back

After using the strange device he had to steal a woman’s body, James ran as fast as he could. Even though he was stumbling in unfamiliar heels, he kept running. Finally, when he made it to a bridge, he threw the device into the river to ensure there would be way to ever swap back to his own body.

He turned back to where he had run from, expecting to see his own body approaching and chasing him. To his surprise, it wasn’t there.

She had to have been angry at him for taking her body, right? She had to be upset about losing such a great body; didn’t she?

James tried to put it out of his mind. Did he really care if she wanted her body back or not? No, he was just glad this body was his now. And, really, now that he had dropped the device in the water, there was nothing she could do about it even if she did want it back.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


When Tim’s girlfriend, Amy, asked if he’d switch bodies with her for a day, he agreed without much fuss. While a little surprised body swapping was even possible, he tried to brush it off and just enjoy his time as a woman. He was a little surprised when he ran into Amy’s best friend, Fiona, to find out that inside Fiona’s body was actually her boyfriend, Greg. As Greg and Tim talked about their surprisingly similar situations of being swapped with their girlfriends, Tim received a text. It was from his girlfriend.

When he looked at it, his jaw dropped.

She had sent him a photo in which Tim saw his own body making out with Greg’s body.

“They couldn’t. I mean, if people find out...” Tim stammered, “Can we ever go back to our own bodies knowing this exists.”

“It’s actually a little funny,” Greg confessed, “But you may be right. We can’t go back. I mean, I’ve actually enjoyed being Fiona, and this is going to be my excuse for not switching back. I guess they enjoy being in our bodies as well.”

“I’ve enjoyed being Amy, but I don’t want to stay as her! I want to be me again! I’ll never be able to go back to my normal life if she shows this to everyone.”

Then he got another text with another picture. Tim screamed. This one was worse...

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Maid of Honor

Adam had a tendency to jump into things and then try to find a way to back out. In fact, that’s how he got into this mess in the first place. He had only been dating Maureen for three months before he proposed, then he wanted out. Her maid of honor, Allie, gave him a way. She confessed to him one night that she was a lesbian and secretly in love with Maureen. She further went on that she had a way to swap their bodies, making her to be the one to go through with the wedding while also giving Adam a way out of the upcoming marriage. Now he was in Allie’s body giving the maid of honor speech at his own wedding. He couldn’t believe how much he crying. At first, he thought he was doing so because he realized he was going to be losing his own body for good. But another part of him felt just a little jealous. He wished he was the one getting married. But he could have been -- he should have been -- he would have been -- if he hadn’t swapped bodies to try to get out of it. He was having a hard time processing all of this.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Work (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

When John finally arrived back home, his wife noted that he still had a scowl on his face. She had hoped getting back to work would cheer him up after the Great Shift swapped him into a woman’s body.

“How did it go?” She asked him.

John sighed, “I got a promotion.”

She was confused. That didn’t seem like anything to be upset about. John picked up on her confusion and continued, “I never knew what a jerk my boss was. I think he only gave me the promotion because of my new body. The way he looked at me all day was really awkward. It got worse when he grabbed my ass. He claimed it was an ‘accident,’ but it really didn’t feel like an accident...”

John’s wife was unsure of how to take any of this. In some ways, her husband was learning about the type of stuff so many women in the workplace had felt before. She figured it was a good lesson for him in some ways. At the same time, she didn’t like that it was her husband being the one treated like that!

Monday, September 25, 2017


“You look great, John,” His wife smiled as said after his clomped down the stairs awkwardly wearing her skirt suit and heels, “I’m sure your first day back after the Shift will go fine.”

John sighed. It had only been a week since the Great Shift placed him into the body of a woman. His office had allowed everyone to work from home for a few days, but now it was time to go back. His wife had let him borrow anything he needed, but he certainly felt awkward standing there wearing her clothes.

“This still feels so weird,” He complained to her, “It’s just all so uncomfortable.”

“You need to get used to the clothes.” She paused before she thought a little bit about it, “Or you may just be getting your period. You might want to bring some tampons with you to the office. Since you don’t know your cycle yet, it could happen at any time.”

This made John even more uncomfortable. There were aspects about being a woman that he hadn’t even thought about yet, and that was one of them. He just wished this day was over already. He also just wished things could be normal again...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Transformation Booth

The booths looked like something out of the distant past. When they started popping up in cities, everyone began to wonder what they were. Cell phones had long killed the need for telephones booths, and these retro-looking ones didn’t even have a telephone inside. Instead, they just had a single large button where a telephone would have been in the past. Many were curious, but few ever dared to enter and press the button.

Finally, one day, curiosity got the better of Mark. He got into one of the booths, closed the door, and pressed the button. There was a flash of light and the next moments were filled with a rush that was more intense than the best amusement park ride, more colorful than the wildest light show. There was a sense of euphoria and joy until it all faded, leaving him feeling a little disoriented as he left the booth.

His first thoughts were about telling his friends they should try it or even thinking about going again himself. That is, until the disorientation faded. He realized the lights and the joy were all just distractions from what the booth really did to him -- it transformed him. He was now a woman, and he was in an entirely different location! The booth had swapped his consciousness with another user in another booth somewhere. He was now her, and she was probably now him. He thought about going right back in again -- no longer because of amazing experience, but because he desperately wanted to try to get his own body back.