Saturday, November 18, 2017


Jeff sighed as he struggled to walk in the high heeled shoes on his feet. “I can’t believe I have to be a bridesmaid at your sister’s wedding,” He sighed.

“It’s your own fault,” Carrie replied, “You wanted to try out that weird magic totem that swapped our heads onto each other’s bodies. Then we just couldn’t seem to switch back! You know how my sister has been obsessing over these dresses for months, and you know I’d never be able to squeeze your body into that thing. That left one option. You were going to be the one to wear the dress and stand up there with her.”

Jeff sighed again, “I know. I know. And, honestly, when we couldn’t switch back. I thought I could handle it. Having a woman’s body didn’t seem so tough when we swapped while wearing jeans and sweatshirts. But I can’t begin to describe the feeling of discomfort I get wearing these clothes.”

“Welcome to being a woman,” Carrie smiled.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Earl had only left his home town once or twice in his entire life, and, in all honesty, he was actually a bit of a xenophobe. But something inside him changed when the Great Shift struck. Part of it was undoubtedly due to finding himself in a different body -- with a different gender and a different ethnicity. He was also one of the few to swap bodies with someone thousands of miles away. As a result, he was not only exposed to a different culture for the first time in his life -- he was immersed in it. It didn’t take him long to embrace the culture he found himself in, and for him to embrace his new body as well.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


“So, you’re saying everyone swapped bodies, not just me?” Isaac asked his buddy Brian on the phone.

“Yep, yours truly included. I’ve got to say that it’s cool being 6 foot 5. That’s probably how you’ll recognize me, in fact. You’re at the corner of 8th and Elm, right?”

“Yeah, I’m looking around for you. I’m in the body of some chick in a blue dress...a little bit fat.”

“Okay, yeah, I see you. Just turn around. And I don’t think you’re fat...I think your pregnant.”

“Wait...what? Pregnant?”

And that’s when Isaac felt his belly something was kicking him from the inside.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


“What the heck did you do, Lisa?” James asked angrily.

“I’m -- I’m sorry,” Lisa apologized as she held her head, “It felt like we were drifting apart in our relationship, so I cast a spell that was supposed to bring us closer together. I didn’t expect that it would swap our bodies.”

“Well, it did. And now, you wanted us to be closer; well, we couldn’t possibly be any closer physically. But, honestly, the last thing I want to do right now is even look at your face. The only problem is that no matter how much distance I try to get or space I need away from you, I am going to end up just seeing you every time I look in the mirror! It’s only going to make me want to be further away from you emotionally.”