Saturday, February 3, 2018


Chad wasn’t initially worried when his girlfriend Katie found a spell online to swap bodies. She asked to try it, and he laughed it off. He wasn’t laughing nearly as hard after it worked. Still, he tried not to let it get to him. He knew he had to train for the upcoming season of baseball, and he figured the fundamentals were the same regardless of what body he was in.

However, once he started to practice, he wondered if it wasn’t just bodies that he swapped with her but skills as well. He’d throw the ball into the air and then whiff. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t hit it. He had a certain sense that he was taking an incorrect stance or holding the bat wrong or just swinging poorly. However, as he tried to search his mind, he couldn’t quite remember the right way to do any of those things. In fact, part of him was feeling that baseball was just a little bit boring. Now he was starting to worry.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Don't Stare

It had been two days since the Great Shift, and Brett wasn’t exactly feeling great about his new body. He knew what he needed: a drink. After walking over to the liquor shelf, he turned sharply to his roommate to give him a sour stare.

“I know you’re enjoying this, Henry,” Brett said, “You always liked women with big breasts and big booties. Now that I happen to be one of those women, I know you’ve been staring at me!”

“Come on, Bro,” Henry replied, “Just admit you’re sexy as hell now. It’s not like I’m going to be doing anything about it. I swapped into a chick’s body as well.”

“Yeah, well, maybe I’m just not adapting to it as well as you are! I still bump things over with my butt because I’m not used to it yet! It’s weird, and I’m certainly NOT comfortable. It’d be help if you didn’t stare!”

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Confirmed Misplacement

Evan waited patiently as he looked at his phone while waiting for a call or a text from Exchange Island’s main desk. Apparently, it was becoming increasingly common for a guest to not swap back to their own body by the end of their vacation. When he was boarding his flight off the island, he had been told not to worry as it was just as common for people to swap in transit as it was for them to swap right after checking out. His concern grew after he landed. He was now waiting for his connecting flight back home, and he was still stuck in the body of the woman he had been in for the past two weeks.

The resort’s customer service line was supposed to send him a message with a few details, such as where his body was, if it had been misplaced, and his ETA for returning to it. He honestly didn’t mind keeping this body a little longer. He had enjoyed his time in it while on the island, but he also had to go back to work on Monday. If he showed up like this, he wasn’t sure how he was going to explain it. Exchange Island was a pretty well kept secret, and even people who he had told didn’t believe him. For now he could only wait...

And that’s when he got the text: “Location of body: unknown. Confirmed misplacement. ETA for return: 3 months.” Evan sighed. Work was not going to be easy on Monday.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

One Last Thing

Bethany and Harold had worked closely together in their grad program to develop their invention. Both were pleasantly surprised when they tested their brain swapping machine and found it worked perfectly. The problems only started when they tried to swap back. It didn’t take them long to discover the parts that had been fried. Replacements were quickly ordered, but they would take a few days to arrive. It meant that Bethany and Harold would be stuck in each other’s bodies for a few days. Bethany spent a few hours giving Harold detailed instructions about how to act, what to wear, and general tips on not revealing the swap. Harold nodded intently as he listened. She was pretty sure he was getting most of it. Then Bethany asked if she needed to know things about being a guy.

Harold shrugged and sat down, “Not much, I guess. Being a guy is pretty easy.”

Bethany couldn’t notice Harold’s mannerism and the way he sat. She sighed, “One last thing. Please cross your legs when you sit. Or at least put your knees together.”

“But I’ll totally crush my balls crossing my legs,” Harold objected before he realized the stupidity of his comment and laughed, “Oh, yeah, guess I don’t have those any more.”

“Not until we fix this machine. You’ll get used to it though.”

Harold frowned, “I don’t want to get used to it! I want the replacement parts to come, so we can repair our invention, and get back to normal!”

“We both do. Believe me...”

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Vance woke up in the morning with the taste of stale booze and cigarettes in his mouth. He tried to think back to the night before, but it was all a blur. As he trudged along to the bathroom he felt something was off, but he couldn’t quite place his finger on it. Then as he caught his reflection in the mirror, his jaw dropped. Looking back at him from the mirror was a gorgeous woman. His mind was in a panic, but he quickly decided to his the streets to look for some answers. Digging through her wardrobe, his selection seemed quite limited. With little choice, he tied his long hair up, put on some leather pants, and headed out.

He didn’t make it very far until he stumbled across a wall plastered with the covers of fashion magazines. Sure enough, he recognized a face on one of them. It was the one that had looked back at him from the mirror this morning. It seemed he was not just a woman, he was a model -- one famous enough to be on the cover of a magazine at that! None of this seemed to make him feel much better, but at least he knew a little more about who he now was...

Monday, January 29, 2018


Why do women smell so good? Particularly their hair? It was a question that Randall often asked himself. He would often take deep whiffs around his ex-girlfriends, and every single one of them had told him he was weird after he explained why he was doing it. Well, because of the Great Shift, he no longer had to depend on a girlfriend. He pulled a piece of hair, moved it in front of his nose, and inhaled deeply. He never got tired of it. He couldn’t believe how good his own hair smelled now that he was a woman. He still had no idea why any of his exes ever made him feel bad for enjoying this...

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Not Like This

It wasn’t often that Mark brought a woman he randomly met at a bar one night back to his place, but he had a feeling that Tiffany was different. He connected with her in a way that he couldn’t imagine, so he was a little disappointed when he awoke the morning after their one night stand to find her gone. He wondered why she had run off...that is until he got to the bathroom and saw his reflection. It seems Tiffany didn’t run off; instead, at some point in the night they had fused into a single person. He screamed in shock as he saw his face on Tiffany’s otherwise gorgeous body. He pulled up on her pink shirt to reveal more of his body. He felt like some sort of freak. He wanted to get close to Tiffany, but not like this! Not like this at all!