Saturday, February 24, 2018

Grand Scheme

Juan didn’t quite know how to react. He had a crush on Jessica for as long as he could remember. Finding out her boyfriend had just dumped her was a dream come true. Unfortunately, the only reason he knew this was because she was currently a crying mess on his shoulder. Well, it was actually even more complicated, since Juan had swapped bodies with Jessica’s best friend, Kiki about an hour ago. He tried to think of a plan to work this to his advantage.

Since Jessica thought he was Kiki, he knew he’d have to act sympathetic and help her get over it. At the same time, he couldn’t really empathize, because he had the goal of trying to now convince her to go into his arms. But if he pushed her to do that too much too soon, Kiki would still be the one in his body and she’d undoubtedly screw it up for him. Maybe for now he’d just enjoy being close to Jessica and figure out the grand scheme a little later...

Friday, February 23, 2018

Older (Part 3)

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Brandon felt a little embarrassed after hanging out with Tony, so he stopped wearing his sister’s old clothes and instead stuck with things borrowed from his mom. It certainly made him feel as old as Ms. Huang probably actually was.

When school finally started back up again, Brandon was among those with more dramatic changes called to the office to meet with the guidance counselor. He waited as the other students went in and out. One of his classmates was now a toddler and another an old man. As he sat and waited, the reality of it all was really beginning to set in. He was a middle aged woman sitting in a high school office. He felt more like a parent than a student at this point. He knew he wasn’t going to fit in with the kids in his class anymore, and he was just going to have to accept that.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Older (Part 2)

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It wasn’t all that surprising that school was canceled for some time after the Great Shift. This was supposed to allow people to adjust to their new bodies. But it was hard for someone like Brandon, stuck in a dramatically different body. He found himself borrowing clothes from his mom or digging through things his sister left behind when she went away to college. Wearing his mom’s clothes made him feel old, so he often prefered to wear his sister’s stuff even if it was often way more feminine or more revealing than he liked.

By the third day, he was getting a little bit of cabin fever, so he emailed his friend Tony about hanging out. Tony, who had swapped into a blond cheerleader’s body, agreed, so Brandon threw on one of his sister’s outfits and drove over. Tony was floored.

“Dude, what are you wearing?” Tony asked.

“It belonged to my sister,” Brandon explained, “I guess it’s kind of supposed to be fun and flirty.”

“Yeah, maybe if my new body wore it, but on Ms. Huang’s body, it just seems weird and gross. She’s so old, dude.”

“Yeah, well, I am in her body, so I guess I’m the old one. It sucks! It’s bad enough being stuck in a woman’s body, but being older as well is even worse!”

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Older (Part 1)

Brandon walked home from school just as he did every day. Except unlike every other day, today had been the day of the Great Shift. While most of the rest of his class swapped with other students in the school, Brandon ended up swapping with one of his teachers, Ms. Huang.

Ever since he turned 18 last month, he had wished his mom and dad would treat him like an adult instead of a kid. He sighed as he stood outside. He figured even now that he was inside of a woman’s body more than twice his age, they’d still treat him the same way.

And he could only imagine how bad the other kids were going to make fun of him once he went back to school. He heard a few of his classmates complain about swapping into the bodies of freshman, but he couldn’t imagine anything worse than swapping with a teacher!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


“Oh, come on, Gwen,” Harold sighed as a grin spread across his face, “You were showing that medallion to just about anyone; you had to expect something like this to happen sooner or later. You were just so eager to try it out that you didn’t care who you swapped bodies with...even someone a little older, a little overweight like myself. And once we swapped, did you really expect me to give you back your body after twelve hours? I don’t think so. And unlike you, I’m not going to flaunt that medallion everywhere I go. It’s tucked away safely locked up...and I’m only keeping the key around my neck! So good luck with your new body, Gwen; I know I’m going to enjoy yours...or should I say mine?”

Monday, February 19, 2018

Uneventful (Part 4)

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And so, Ralph began to walk back to the post office. He tried to keep his back straight and march with a purpose, but the pinching of his high heeled shoes soon got the better of him. Just about every block or so, he needed to find somewhere to sit and take a break. He had walked quite a bit in these shoes today, and they seemed to be finally getting the better of him. They certainly weren’t made for this much walking, but he suspected he had been able to last this long thanks to this body’s muscles just being used to them! It was going to take a long time to get back to the post office!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Uneventful (Part 3)

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For the next few hours, Ralph simply waited. He stood outside of his van hoping his own body would return here. It never did. Ultimately, Ralph knew he’d have to leave, but where would he go? He couldn’t go home; it would be locked and he didn’t have the keys. He had no idea where his current body lived. This only left one logical option in his mind; he’d return to the post office. He was sure it would still be open, and that someone would be there. After all, he wasn’t the only one dedicated to his job that worked there!