Saturday, March 3, 2018

Winter Market (Part 2)

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It had to be around here somewhere. John couldn’t recall quite where the stand was, but he was sure t was nearby. He tried to remember some of the details. There had been an old man with a beard working the booth, and the name was something like Spellsarous. He wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but he was sure he could find it. It had to be here. He was pretty sure it was right here, yet it was nowhere in sight.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Winter Market (Part 1)

With just a little bit of time before the holidays, John was feeling a little depressed. His girlfriend had recently dumped him, and he had no one. He thought buying her a gift might convince her to come back, and he headed to an outdoor holiday market to find something.

He eventually spied a few rings at one of the booths. He picked it up and looked at it. For a moment, he thought it would be perfect. Then his heart sank. He knew she wasn’t coming back. He’d need a fresh start. The only way he’d ever have a chance was to be a completely different person. And just for a second, he wished he was.

He felt strange and suddenly realized he was no longer at the market. It would seem his passing wish had actually come true, and he was now, in fact, a completely different person! Even odder, the person he now was happened to be a woman! It had to be that ring! He needed to get back to that stand and wish for his own body back!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Roll with It

“Well, this is sure to be fun,” Rowan thought while laying on the bed in his dorm and staring at his feet. He had just arrived for his freshman year at college when the Great Shift occurred, swapping him into the body of a female classmate. Classes were canceled for the time being, and kids were welcome to return home if they wanted. Rowan decided to stick around. He was actually pretty happy about his new body and was ready to roll with it...

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Common Technology

When his wife first bought the odd device, Thomas was a little nervous. A few weeks later when she actually wanted to use it, he was even more worried. He reluctantly agreed, put a part of the device on his head, and sat across the room for his wife, who put a similar part on her own head.

It took a few minutes before Thomas realized he was now, in fact, looking at the other side of the room and was staring into his own eyes. It had worked exactly as advertised, and now he and his wife were in each other’s bodies.

“How long do we have to stay like this?” Thomas groaned while trying to hide his displeasure with an awkward smile.

“Just a few days,” His wife replied, “I bought it so you could learn just how hard it is to be a woman.”

“Brain switchers are pretty common technology these days. I doubt the guys are the office are going to even flinch at the fact that I’m going to be a woman for a few days.”

“You might be surprised. Some guys just can’t help it.” “I’m already regretting this...”

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Guard Duty

Adam had been assigned late night guard duty at the base all week. For the most part, it had been pretty calm. It wasn’t until his final night of duty that he saw something headed for the base. Before he could react in any way, there was a flash of light followed by darkness. A few moments later, he heard classical music. Then he opened his eyes to find himself at a fancy party. His jaw dropped when he looked down and saw a dress; he was a woman!

A woman in a green dress approached him quickly. “Calm down, Adam,” She whispered to him, “Allow me to explain. It’s me; it’s Chris. We were on guard together, and they attacked the base, but I saved us.”

“B-b-but, we’re women now! How?”

“I know a little magic. The attack was so fast; I didn’t have time to be picky. I just used a body swap spell to get us as far away from there as possible. I had no idea where we’d end up or who we’d end up being.”

“But the base -- ?”

“Everyone is dead. They got the drop on us. Everyone except for us...”

Monday, February 26, 2018


James looked down, quite surprised to see a pair of breasts along with tight leather pants on his legs and high heels on his feet. He was quite shocked that he didn’t notice several other women surrounding him wearing the exact same thing.

“Okay, this is super weird, right?” Kevin, who was in the body of one of the other women, said.

“I can’t believe I’m a chick!” Victor exclaimed.

“You were both guys before?” Megan asked tilting her head over, “I can’t complain. This is like an upgrade for me.”

“I was a guy, too,” James finally piped in, “Does anyone know what happened?”

Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Lot to Learn

Jason was a little nervous when he signed up for the experiment at the science institute. The marketing materials talked about living in another person’s shoes and offered a lot of cash, but when the scientist at the facility explained it was a brain transplant surgery Jason was shocked. When they refused to tell him what body he’d end up in, he thought about backing out. However, he really needed the cash, and ultimately went with it.

When he awoke from the experiment, he was shocked by his new slender, feminine body. They had put his brain in the body of a woman! Strangely, they were rushing him to put on the woman’s clothes and have just a few tests done before heading back to her house. He sort of expected a little more recovery time, but as he stood up and walked, it seemed that he didn’t need it. Everything seemed normal...almost too normal.

Jason learned about his new life. She had been a model, but she didn’t get enough work to pay the bills. The money from the experiment would be more than enough though. What still bothered him was how simple and easy the surgery had been. What the scientists never told him was that brain transplantation had been perfected long ago; where research was still lagging was about the psychological effects of a more extreme transplant. The variable in Jason’s case was gender, and they weren’t done studying him either. They had implanted a chip in his brain to monitor his location, his mood, and his reactions. There was a lot to learn.