Saturday, March 17, 2018

Scholarship (Part 2)

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As soon as Jerry saw Emily open a door to the science building, a smile crept across his face. It was probably the only time he had smiled all week. He also managed a meek wave. Emily did wave back, but she wasn’t smiling. In fact, while Jerry was glad to see his own face again, the expression Emily was giving him caused concern. His smile soon faded.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as he approached.

“I just did a scan of my brain,” She sighed, “I’m afraid we’re still too unstable to switch back. But there’s good news; we might not have to swap back at all.” “What!?”

“See, our brains are still in the same state of flux as when we first swapped. In fact, our brains are adapting to our new bodies. We are slowly becoming who we appear to be. In a few more weeks, your brain will be just like mine was. You’ll just start thinking of yourself as Emily. You’ll have my intellegence, my likes, and even my memories. And I’l have yours. For all intents and purposes, it wil be like we never swapped at all.”

“So I’m going to become you?”

“When you think about it, you already are. If it’s bothering you now, when it’s done, I’ll probably be the one actually bothered by the experience. Or rather, this body wil be. I can explain it in more detail if you want.” “My head already hurts enough...”

Friday, March 16, 2018


Jerry sulked as he walked through the parking lot of the science building at the university. He couldn’t believe how he had gotten himself in this situation. His freshman year started off very promising with a full athletic scholarship, but low grades over the course of several semesters ended up putting him on academic probation. By junior year, they had fallen low enough to put his scholarship in jeopardy. The last thing he wanted was to be kicked out of school, so he signed up for some extra credit at the science department.

That’s where he met Emily. She was a quiet girl in the graduate program, who often wore all black, had glasses, and also extremely smart. She had gotten permission to give extra credit to someone for helping her test an invention she had created. When she explained she had made a machine that could swap bodies, Jerry was very apprehensive, but he knew he needed the extra credit.

And so that’s how he ended up swapping bodies with Emily. He begged to switch back right away, but Emily explained it would be dangerous to do so; the brains needed time to settle. They could swap back again after a week. Jerry didn’t like the idea of missing a week of practice, but knew that would be better than getting kicked out completely.

And now after a week as Emily, he stood outside texting her, asking to be let into the science building so that they could finally swap back to normal.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Invitation (Part 6)

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Within a few days, General Winslow was prepared to lead a team back onto the alien ship. They wasted no time using Gerald Clark’s plan to sneak in. David was impressed by his new body’s flexibility and used it to avoid traps and perils aboard the ship. He knew he should probably look on the bright side of having this body, as he was probably stuck with it. If they managed to kill the aliens, it would be unlikely they’d be able to figure out their advanced technology to swap back. And even if they did capture some of the aliens alive, they’d probably just refuse to swap any of them back.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Invitation (Part 5)

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David didn’t have much more time to think before he heard a gun cock. He turned to see a woman pointing a gun at him.

“Drop it, alien scumbag,” the woman said.

“Clark?” David asked, recognizing the phrase as something one of his colleagues had said ever since the ship first landed, “Is that you? It’s me; it’s Winslow.”

“Damn. They did this to you too?”

“I’m pretty sure they did this to all of us. But we’ve got to fight back. If I could just get back on that ship, I’ll certainly make them regret putting me in this body. I just can’t think of a way back onto the ship.”

“I can get us on, but first I need you to confirm you are who you say you are...”

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Invitation (Part 4)

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General David Winslow took a moment to collect his thoughts. He was angry, but he needed to calm down and plan in order to figure an appropriate strategy. He held his gun by his side. His should probably first find the other people on the ship with him. They probably also were in the bodies of women -- though he saw bodies on the ship, he wasn’t sure if he’d recognize them. He’d need a way onto the alien ship as well; that could prove to be quite a challenge. So he might not be able to just show up there with guns blazing, but it was still nice to know that he wasn’t going to take being swapped into another body lying down! He was always known in the military for having a cool head and thinking logically; he wasn’t going to abandon that now.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Invitation (Part 3)

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Well, General Winslow wasn’t about to let these body swapping aliens get away with it. If they thought putting him in this body was going to make him docile, they were mistaken. In fact, this body may have been a different gender, but it was also probably about 30 years younger than his own was. He not only had his years of experience, but he also now had a body youthful enough to take advantage of it. He grabbed the nearest weapon, ready to take up arms to protect both his country and his planet. There was no guarantee he’d be able to get his body back, but he could at least take down those damned aliens.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Invitation (Part 2)

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David tried to think back to being aboard the ship. Had he seen anything that gave him clues about why they did this? Had he overheard anything?

Sure enough, he began to put some pieces together. The aliens had seemed to be a male-dominated species to an extreme. The only female aliens he had seen were quite subservient. The thought sent chills up the general’s spine. If they thought humans treated females of the species in the same way, it was possible the aliens swapped David and the other men into women’s bodies for some sort of strategic advantage. Of course, that would also mean they would need such an advantage for some reason. Were they planning an invasion?

He remembered hearing one of the women scream about being abducted. Why abduct them? It seemed like an extra step. Why didn’t the aliens just swap with David and the others themselves? If they had body swapping technology, this would seem like a far superior way to achieve a goal of conquest. Then again, maybe it didn’t work cross-species. Or maybe the aliens just didn’t trust the humans with their alien bodies for some reason.