Saturday, April 28, 2018

About to Get Some Bad News

Leo remembered being younger. Thirty or so years ago flying was the only option for traveling long distances. But you waited in hour long security lines for a flight that itself could take several more hours. Now it was possible to travel around the globe in a matter of a few minutes thanks to bodyporting. Granted, it had its own drawbacks. Since only one’s brain was teleported to the new location, you’d be spending your trip in the body of someone else. Leo certainly didn’t mind this aspect. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for him to find himself in a body much younger than his own -- for instance, he couldn’t imagine the body he swapped with this time was any older than 25. You depending on them to pack their bags in accordance with your prior requests. Leo had instructed the person he swapped with to pack casual clothes, which she obliged with. Then there was the return trip. In order to swap back to your own body, you needed to visit a bodyporting hub. This depended on the person temporarily in your body also showing up on time. It was always possible for someone to be late. In this case, Leo had been waiting for quite a long time. It was even a more infrequent occurrence when your original body didn’t show and any attempts to get in touch were met with silence. Leo was about to be given that news any second now, and that he’d be stuck in this woman’s body until further notice...

Friday, April 27, 2018

Of Course

“How do...How do I look?” Ronald asked nervously while looking down at his feet. It had been tough for Ronald ever since the Great Shift. It was hard being swapped into the body of a woman, but not necessarily because of his gender. The body he swapped into had a chemical imbalance; he felt overly self-conscious with just about ever aspect of his body. He felt overweight and not pretty enough.

He kept looking to his wife to affirm how he looked. He tried wearing dresses and skirts to look prettier. He told himself that as long as he had he love, he could get through this.

In response to his question, his wife smiled and quickly came back with “Of course!”

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Intentional Malfunction

After Garret turned on his invention, everyone in the room was shocked to find themselves in someone else’s body -- even Garret! Jason didn’t seem to take being in Yumi’s body so well; he retreated to the corner to sulk and cry.

Garret, now in Amanda’s body, approached and tried to assure Jason that it was going to be okay. That he would find a way to fix things and get everyone back to normal.

Jason slowly turned his head and simply stared at Garret with an evil eye before moving it back in order to continue sulking. Jason knew he was playing this just right. With this attitude no one would suspect that he was the one that tampered with Garret’s invention to cause this swap. Garret may have been smart, but he was smarter. In fact, Jason had complete control over who everyone was going to swap with, and he knew Garret would never figure out his modifications or how to undo them. He’d get to keep Yumi’s body forever, and as long as he acted upset about it, no one would ever suspect him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reception (Part 3)

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Trevor soon found himself at a store, trying on various outfits. He picked out a few he could wear to work and a few things he could wear around the house. As he looked at himself in the mirror in the tight jeans, he really noticed how big Michelle’s booty was. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was what caused him to feel so uncomfortable with her body. But as he took more and more time to stare at it, he decided to embrace it. Heck, if Michelle could rock this bod every day, so could he.

Still, in back of his head, he hoped all of this shopping was for naught and that once he returned to the office, there would be some way for him to get back to his own body...

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Reception (Part 2)

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The company remained vague on any details, nor did they admit any responsibility. However, they did assure everyone that the swap seemed to be limited to the office and decided to send everyone home. Trevor asked Michelle if he could pick up some clothes at her place before he headed home, but she seemed hesitant to help him.

Trevor groaned. This meant he would have to go to the store on the way home to pick up some outfits. As he walked out, he thought about snapping a rude comment in Michelle’s direction. He even turned around to look at her, but he had to stop himself from doing so. He suddenly felt a little bit self-conscious about his own looks, and didn’t want to risk anyone snapping back at him.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Reception (Part 1)

It happened shortly after lunch. For some reason no one could explain at the time, the entire office just switched bodies with one another. Trevor found himself in the body of the company’s receptionist, Michelle. He returned to his own desk, feeling weird about the curves he now had.

The entire office had questions. Initially, they were about how it happened. Was the company experimenting with something? Was it more widespread? Then they began to wonder if they were all going to be sent home? And should they go to their own home? Or the home of the body they now had? For one, Trevor knew none of the clothes in his own home would fit Michelle’s body.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Appointment (Part 4)

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And so Jack sat down. A few minutes later another woman joined him. She was also dressed like a doctor, but Jack immediately wondered if she was another test subject swapping with one of Dr. Lee’s colleagues.

Before Jack could ask, the woman spoke, “Whoa, Bro, I still can’t believe this. I’m a freeking chick!”

“Pretty weird, right?” Jack asked. “It’s so different! I’m hot! Dr. Collin’s body is bangin’! I bet your bummed you got the dog’s body.”


“Look at me; then look at you. No contest, right? But you probably got last pick or something. I bet it’s still more interesting for you than nothing.”

Jack didn’t want to respond. He was starting to feel a little jealous. He had found Dr. Lee’s body to be cute, but Dr. Collin’s body was just plain hot. Could he have had that body? He was having a once in a lifetime experience of being a woman, but he was getting so distracted by the fact that he could’ve been a different woman. It didn’t make sense, but the jealousy was thee...