Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Spot (Part 1)

The locals would warn tourists not to visit, but it almost seemed like all that warning just drew people there even more. John had heard about that the spot would have a profound efect on a person but details were vague; previous visitors could only explain that it was magical and part of the magic made you unable to tell anyone what happened there. They shared the locals view that the place should be avoided; John didn’t listen.

It was just off the road. You parked on the side and walked up a small hill. John’s heart raced as he climbed, wondering what would happen at the top. He wasn’t alone. Several other people ignored all warning to figure out the mysterious spot. And when he reached the top, a strange flash of light engulfed them all.

A few seconds later, he found himself looking at his own face. Looking down, he saw he now had the body of a voluptuous woman.

His former body spoke first, “What happened?”

John replied, “We just --”

He knew they had swapped bodies, but he couldn’t say it. The words just couldn’t leave his lips. Sure enough, if he tried to warn anyone else, he’d be unable to explain what happened.

Friday, June 29, 2018

#Winning (Part 2)

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Lily then tricked two more of Miles’s friends over to complete her five member squad. She forced them to train for hours. When the tournament came, they achieved a perfect score, earning first place. It seemed the plan worked, except when it came time to get everyone back to normal, the device didn’t work.

“Lily used an untested device I created,” Miles explained to everyone, “There were still flaws to be worked out. I’m going to try to fix it, but I’ve got to be honest with everyone when I say I’m not sure I can. Much like we all have Lily’s muscle memory, we also have her mental capacity. I’m just not sure her brain holds as much as mine does; I feel like I’m losing my genius.”

“Hey!” Lily interjected, “Don’t make me sound like an idiot! Besides, I’ve been nice enough to let you wear some of my clothes. Don’t I get any credit for being a nice person here?”

The four boys around her responded with silence.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


When Lily became head cheerleader, she didn’t exactly treat the other girls with much respect. In fact, it wasn’t long before all the members became fed up with her and quit. With an upcming tournament, Lily became desperate. While she usually tuned her nerdy brother Miles out, a recent comment about an invention he had been working on in their basement had caught her ear. She swipped the device and used it on her brother and his two equally nerdy friends who were visiting.

She smiled at the result. The device worked exactly as her brother described and turned him and his two friends into copies of Lily. The only thing they each retained from their own bodies was their glasses. Miles put his hands on his hips. He knew his sister used his device without his permission.

“Look, Boys,” She demanded, “If you want your own bodies back, you are going to help me win my upcoming tournament. If I remember my brother’s description, you should have my muscle memory and my athleticism. A bit of training from me and you should be up to speed.” Miles knew his sister was serious, which meant he had to reluctantly go along with this. Meanwhile, his two friends had both secretly thought Lily was pretty hot. They didn’t quite care what the plan was, they were just happy to be able to explore her body a little closer -- even this close!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


James was the head of IT security at his company. He had been noticing a few attacks on the servers from Chinese hackers over the past few days. He thought he could outsmart them by posing as another hacker to learn their secrets. He went home and logged onto his laptop. It started out so well; they seemed so trusting at first, showing him much of what he needed to lock them out for good. That is until a message showed up on his screen reading, “You want to pretend to be one of us? We will make you Chinese! We will make you our bitch!”

James didn’t know exactly what that meant. It seemed sort of cryptic until his body started to transform. Despite the pain of his shifting body, he tried to logout, hit cancel or undo, but it was all for naught. In minutes he had been transformed into a Chinese woman. The hackers had been quite honest in their threats and despite being a woman now, James had to admit that he was very impressed with their tech and what they did...

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Promise

The Great Shift was fairly devastating for Kevin at first. He found himself in a body that was nearly twice his own age, and he was depressed to be over fifty years old. He grumbled for a few days as he searched for his girlfriend to find that she was now over three times her own age and in the body of a man in his eighties. She knew her days would be short, and she made sure to have him promise that he’d live his life to its fullest.

It sobered Kevin up. He no longer wallowed in self-pity, and he made sure he kept his new body in the best shape it could be in. He jogged every day and ate right. It sure sucked to lose a few decades of life, but he knew it could be worse. He owed it to his girlfriend to make the most of what he had, because she had even less.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Second Time's a Charm

Ethan was pretty excited to be taking a taxi today. Of course that was because he knew exactly what was special about this particular taxi -- it was magic! He had been the driver of this taxi about a month ago, right after the previous driver had used the magic of the taxi to steal his body. And in turn, he proceeded to steal the young woman’s body he currently possessed. It was a bit of an accident on his part. He hadn’t intended to swap with her; he hated being a woman. But now he was going to have a second chance.

He faked getting a phone call and started talking very loud about “daddy’s money” and the “big inheritance” he should be receiving any day when “daddy kicks the bucket.” It was all a lie, of course, but he wanted to seem rich, spoiled, and undeserving. He wanted to make this body desirable but also unworthy -- in essence, a perfect target for any good natured driver of this magic taxi. Heck, it’d even work for any bad-natured driver also.

But the ride came and went and Ethan arrived safely at his destination without swapping once again into the body of the taxi’s driver. There was no “Have a nice day,” no $50 tip. He just stood on the curb wondering what he did wrong, and it he would get a third shot at riding in the magic taxi.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


The Great Shift hadn’t been easy for Jason. He was having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he was now a woman. It wasn’t long before he turned to a hypnotist for a rather extreme solution. He asked to be hypnotized, to be made to believe that he had always been a woman. And sure enough, the hypnotist put Jason under and began to implant suggestions that he had always been a woman into his head. She told him about various memories he should have of growing up female, first dates, fashion, she even gave him a new name: Evelyn. Soon his body began to relax, and instead of squirming in his skim, he seemed to be comfortable in it. When she finally awoke him, he was a little surprised she was there. He wondered who she was and what she was doing. She told him that she had simply been hired to help relax him, and she wondered if it worked. Finally, she asked his name.

Jason looked puzzled. Surely, she knew after all this time together. Jason smiled and replied, “It’s Evelyn. How did you not know that?”